What is the difference between – FlexiSpot EN1 vs EC1?


FlexiSpot EN1 vs EC1 – which is better? In EN1, A 6-button controller with 4 programmable memory presets lets you set 4 desired desk heights for convenient switching from sitting to standing throughout the day. On other side in EC1, The motor lift mechanism offers smooth and quiet(noise under 50dbs) height adjustments from 27.6″ to 47.6″. Each desk leg goes through 20,000 lift tests. Explore more in FlexiSpot EN1 vs EC1 comparison.

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Pros & Cons – FlexiSpot EN1 vs EC1


  • Solid build quality
  • Large and sturdy
  • Simple to raise and lower
  • Multiple finishes for the top and legs
  • Ability to set up to three height presets
  • Set an alarm to remind you to stand or sit
  • Makes minor noise
  • Instructions for building it could be clearer

FlexiSpot EC1

  • Motorized standing desk
  • Variable size
  • Smooth, relatively silent electric adjusting
  • No memory feature to preset ideal heights
  • No built-in cable management solution

Specs – FlexiSpot EN1 vs EC1

Flexispot EN1 electric white standing desk

  • FlexiSpot EN1 Adjustable Standing Desk
  • Desk Width 33.5″ – 50.8″ adjustable width
  • Desk Height 27.9″ – 47.6″ adjustable height
  • Desktop Sizes 55″ x 28″, 42″ x 24″, 48″ x 30″
  • Adjustable height (without table top): 27.9”-47.6”
  •  Adjustable width: 33.5”-50.8”
  •  Fit for table top: 39-63 inch (W), 19.6- 31.4 inch (D)
  • Lift speed: 1”/s
  • No. of leg stage: 2-stage
  • Weight capacity:154LBS
  • Controls Up/Down
  • 3 programmable presets – Sit-Stand Reminder,
  • Desktop Colors Black, White, Mahogany, Maple, Graphite, Grey Wood Grain, Marble Grey & Special Walnut
  • Frame Colors Black, White & Grey
  • Lifting Mechanism Electric Motor with 154 lbs capacity
  • Lift Rate 1″ per second


The Flexispot Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk (EN1B+R4830B) retails for $349, but you can purchase the standalone EN1 frame for a more modest $269. The only difference between the EN1 and EC1 frame is the touchpad, which comes at a $50 premium.

Compare FlexiSpot EN1 vs EC1

EC1 (Eco 2-stage)EN1 (Eco 2-stage)
Lifting MechanismSingle MotorSingle Motor
No. of Leg StageInverted 2-stageInverted 2-stage
Height Range(Without Top)28″ – 47.6″28″ – 47.6″
Please note the thickness (1”)  of desktop will be added into height range in keypad. For example, the height range in EC1 keypad will be 29”-48.6”.
Horizontal Adjustments33.5″ – 50.8″33.5″ – 50.8″
Lift Speed1″/sec1″/sec
Memory PresetsNoYes, 3 memory presets
Sit-Stand ReminderNo0-99 mins customized reminder setting
Weight Capacity154 lbs154 lbs
Applied Desktop Size39.3″ – 63″ (W)39.3″ – 63″ (W)
Noise LevelUnder 50 dBs

Customer review – FlexiSpot EN1 vs EC1



When built, the Flexispot EN1 feels sturdy, doesn’t make creaking noises when you’re typing on top of it, and looks well made. We got the mahogany color desktop with the black frame and it looks ok – not the most luxury, nor the cheapest we’ve seen. It isn’t beautifully designed, but is very practical and functional. The adjustable feet on the bottom of the frame are a nice touch for levelling out on an uneven surface.


The desktop is made from bamboo sourced from sustainable forests. Construction is fairly simple, albeit quite the workout as the legs and particleboard desktop are both incredibly heavy. Easy enough to put together though which is a great plus point.



For starters, the look of the desk is very nice. As I came from a very large desk that measured 65″ x 30″, I went with the largest option I could and got the 55″ x 28″ in mahogany with grey legs.

This desk has an electric motor capable of lifting up to 154 pounds to move the workspace, including equipment up and down, you’ll want the controls in a comfortable location for smooth transitions.


My EC1 model is the 48″ x 24″ desktop size – for only two dollars more you can get eight extra inches of depth, but you may not need it, as the desk space is pretty expansive. It features an industrial-grade steel frame and an extremely solid desktop that can hold up to 154-pounds of weight. It’s designed for working from home and allowing independent and remote workers to stay active, healthy, and productive while they work remotely.

Height adjustable


There is a good range of adjustments that can be made by the simple press of a button. It can be set as low as 27.9″ up to 47.6″ with small adjustments of .1″ per button press. To make it even easier to go from sitting to standing, there are three programmable presets for a quick change-up.

A little whine comes out when you press the up or down arrow on the controls to change heights at up to 1″ per second. 


I was really impressed with the range of motion this standing desk has. It can lift and lower from 28-inches off of the ground to 48-inches off of the ground. The tallest setting is really tall and could comfortably accommodate people that are six feet and over.

You plug it into the wall to turn on the electric motor. It’s outfitted with a tiny little remote box that has up and down arrows on it. Obviously, pressing the upward arrow makes it rise, and the downward arrow lowers the desktop.



The desk arrived in two separate boxes a couple of days apart. The EN1 frame, including the legs, feet, and controller, was in one box and the desktop was contained in another box. The EN1 frame box was quite heavy as the legs and motor are pretty dense, helping to make the desk quite stable at the full height.

The legs and top were well protected in the boxes and were in perfect condition. The box with the legs includes the directions, bolts, screws, allen wrenches needed to install the bolts, measuring tape, and a basic wrench to tighten the drive shaft. You will need a Phillips screwdriver or even better, an electric drill to drive in the wood screws to secure the frame to the bottom of the desk.

The directions were easy to follow and assemble.

After connecting everything together, plug in the desk to activate it. There are three programmable memory settings, up/down arrows with a LED display showing the current height in green, a memory save button, and a reminder settings button. 


At first glance, the setup process for my new workstation was mildly intimidating. The rock-solid frames are darn heavy all by themselves: 47 pounds for the EN1 frame (81.8 pounds with the desktop installed) and 47.2 pounds for the EC1 frame. I was able to set them up on my own, but depending on your upper-body strength, you might need a hand mounting the frame to the desktop and flipping the desk into an upright position.

Aside from a power drill (for attaching the desktop) and a Phillips-head screwdriver, all the necessary hardware comes in the box. Having never built a standing desk before, it took me just under an hour to assemble the EN1B; the included installation guide is easy enough to follow, and the detailed illustrations eliminate guesswork. One thing’s for sure: Ikea can’t hold a candle to this kind of simplicity.

How to use


Programming buttons are simple. All that’s needed is to use the up or down arrow to get your preferred desktop-level within a tenth of an inch, then press the memory button — M.

The other button on the control pad with an A on it is for setting a reminder to sit or stand. Pressing that button lets you set a time from 99 seconds down to 1 minute. The LED display will then start counting down the time, and once it runs out, you’ll hear a beeping sound coming from the control pad so you can push your programmed sit or stand button to change positions. This has helped make me remember that oh yeah, I do have the option to sit or stand to work.


There are two buttons for raising and lowering the desk with the motor that’s on the left front of the desktop – they’re easy to reach and respond to quickly. The desk comes with clips that will let you hide the cord that connects the motor to the desktop, and any other dangling cords that may irk you (and they will dangle, especially at max height).

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