SHW Electric Height Adjustable mobile standing desk review


What is the height adjustment in SHW Electric Height Adjustable mobile standing desk?  Fully motorized lift from 28 to 46 Inches height. It comes with 2 hanging hooks, cable management organizer and a multi-purposed center drawer. Mobility – ease to move between working space with 4 lockable wheels. Find here everything that you want to know in SHW Electric Height Adjustable mobile standing desk review.

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Pros & Cons


  • The height presets all work perfectly
  • The motor works really well
  • Feels pretty sturdy for lighter 
  • Built-in sliding drawer stores stationery items like pens and erasers
  • Features cable management basket that avoids messy wires and cables hanging from the desk
  • Made of high-grade industrial steel that offers an extended durability


  • Pre-drilled holes may not align well
  • Only con is the cable management rack below the desk is poorly engineered.


  • Digital Display Handset – 4 memory preset options for easy adjustment.
  • Electric Lift System – Fully motorized lift from 28 to 46 Inches height.
  • Telescopic Height Adjustment – The strong legs use telescopic adjustment transitioning from sitting to standing from 28″ to 46″.
  • High-grade industrial steel, Desk Top has the grommets to organize your cords.
  • Measures – 40″ W x 24″ D x 28-46 ” H
  • Item Weight: 63.9 pounds


At just over $200, nearly 300 reviewers describe the price as affordable, including one who was shocked he could get this desk 

SHW Electric Height Adjustable mobile standing desk review


Solid steel legs used to support height adjustment, transitioning from sitting to standing from 28″ to 46″. The top is not metal and it is 2 pieces of “wood”, not real wood but sturdy. The rest of the desk is metal, pretty heavy but the casters makes it so easy to move around.


The four rolling caster wheels were sturdy enough to move the whole desk while still seated! The plastic pull-out drawer has two compartments measuring 16 inches by 3.5 inches each. But eight plastic dividers/separators are included to create smaller compartments of office supplies! There are TWO side hooks for cable management or hanging baseball caps or headphones. There are four locations for hook-up: two up front and two out back.

Height adjustment

The adjustable height mechanisms work very well.  I can sit comfortably with it at 29″ or stand to do some work with the table at 40″.


Step 1. Press and hold the “Up + Down” Keys for a few seconds.

Step 2. The LED Display will start to flash “000” and the table will slowly lower at the same time. After the table reaches the lowest height setting, the controller will beep twice.

The Initialization Process is now completed.

Height Adjustment Controller

UP Key: Press and hold the UP key to raise the desk.

DOWN Key: Press and hold the DOWN key to lower the desk

To save the current height setting: Press and hold BOTH the M key and any Number key (1, 2, 3, 4) together until the LED flashes twice.

Wire Management

Grommet available to keep your desk clean and organized.


I am able to fit my laptop on a riser, a monitor, keyboard, mouse and some documents/books on it comfortably.. while still being able to have a bottle of water or whatever else while working. Controls are great and work well


It assembled like a dream. Everything was included and fit together beautifully. Instructions were clear. The electronics worked perfectly out of the box.

It also has 4 buttons for presets so you can set preset heights that you use regularly and it will remember them and automatically adjust when you want it to. The control panel is pretty sleek and blends in with the rest of the desk but it’s right there at your fingertips.

The motor runs very quietly and the motion is relatively smooth. It doesn’t jerk enough to knock stuff over. It also doesn’t jerk to a stop when you release the buttons, it slows to a stop. The control panel is simple and responsive and best of all it has a small screen that counts up and down to indicate the height setting so you can easily bring it back to the same setting later of you need to.

Alternate of SHW Electric Height Adjustable mobile standing desk

Flexispot EG1


+Easy and fast assembly

+Multiple size and color options available

+Sturdy, T-shaped legs


-No height presets

The Flexispot EG1 is our pick for the best budget standing desk as this motorized desk provides the benefit of being able to work from a seated or standing position at a very affordable price. 

There are also a variety of width and depth options for the desktop starting at 48-inches x 24-inches and going all the way up to 55-inches x 28-inches. The Flexispot EG1 has a minimum height of 28-inches and can be raised up to 47.6-inches. Meanwhile, the desktop has a thickness of 1-inch and the two T-style legs help hold this desk firmly in place.

In addition to a wide variety of desktop sizes, the Flexispot EG1 comes in maple, black and white, walnut, white and black and black so you can find a color combination to match your office or home workspace. According to Flexispot, the EG1 can be assembled in under one hour so you’ll be up and running in no time.

Unlike the FlexiSpot EF and other more expensive electric standing desks, the Flexispot EG1 features a two button controller. This more simple controller will allow you to raise or lower the desk’s height but there are no programmable preset buttons. As a result, you’ll have to remember or write down your preferred standing and sitting heights instead.

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