KKL Height Adjustable electric standing desk review


What is special about the upgraded motor lifting system? The LED screen provides 4 programmable memory modes, which automatically locks your desire height and automatically descend 2cm when obstructed. Unplug and wait for 20 seconds, the adjustable desk will automatically reset.. This standing desk adjusts height from 27″ to 45″ at a speed of 1 inch/sec under 50 dB noise level. More faster, smoother and quieter. Get details in KKL Height Adjustable electric standing desk review.

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Specs – KKL Height Adjustable electric standing desk

  • Color: Vintage Brown, Black, Greige, Bamboo, Yellow
  • Material: Metal, Particle Board
  • Size: 48″L x 24″D x 27.6″ – 47.3″H
  • Go from sitting to standing
  • Programmable memory modes
  • Memory system locks your desire height
  • LED screen for easy operation
  • Anti-Collision Technology

KKL Height Adjustable electric standing desk review


Thicker metal table legs bring stronger load-bearing capacity and a more stable office experience.  It is very sturdy the box said 85 lbs and bet It is that heavy which is good as it makes it more robust. The plastic motor casing was a bit off-kilter. It doesn’t affect performance, but I’d say this is my least-favorite defect. 


It is very heavy, but its sturdy and durable! It comes in one package the tabletop and the legs in one box. The tabletop is split half along the horizontal the two slabs needs to be placed next to each other so one will notice the split line but the vintage color makes it less noticeable 


The LED screen provides 4 programmable memory modes, which automatically locks your desire height and automatically descend 2cm when obstructed. Unplug and wait for 20 seconds, the adjustable desk will automatically reset.


The up and down motion is smooth and the noise is not very loud. The memory function is good to have as it saves the preset height setting.  The best part is that is really is quick to assemble. It took about 20 minutes for my to build, it is basically made of a few large pieces that attach effortlessly. The hardest part was flipping it over, due to its weight. I also really like the controls for it. It does not stick out too far or get in the way. It has simple controls and programmable settings!! 


The desk is sturdy, the electronics are easy to use. I purchased a clamp on monitor stand for my 2 monitors and still have space for my laptop to be used as a 3rd. The desk is so quite, goes up and down very smooth, and even has a basket under the desk to hold chargers and cords so you can have a ton of foot room.

Alternate of KKL Height Adjustable electric standing desk

FlexiSpot EF – Best affordable motorized standing desk


  • Type: Motorized
  • Height range: 29-inches – 48.6-inches
  • Desktop size: 48-inches x 30-inches


+Budget-friendly option

+Quiet motor lift

+Three height presets


-Not so stable at full height

If you want your best standing desk to be motorized, but you don’t want to pay too much, then check out the FlexiSpot EF (formerly known as the FlexiSpot EN1). It benefits from a quiet motor lift, with a keypad that allows for three height presets that can be customized. There’s also a programmable alarm to let you know when it’s time to change from sitting to standing (or vice versa), which is quite nifty.

This FlexiSpot standing desk is impressively cheap compared to rival motorized products, providing some great features at this wallet-friendly level, plus the company backs the desk with a five-year guarantee (and the motor gets a slightly shorter three-year guarantee).

The frame is built using double-steel tubing and is pretty solid, but may suffer from a touch of the wobbles when extended to its very highest levels.

Uplift E7 Electric Standing Desk Converter – Best standing desk converter


  • Type: Motorized
  • Height range: 0 – 21-inches (on top of existing desk)
  • Desktop size: 30-inches x 21.5-inches


+Use on existing desk

+Includes keyboard tray

+One-touch height adjustment

+Memory function for settings


-Not a full standing desk

If you don’t want a fully-fledged standing desk for whatever reason, you can always turn your existing desk into one by using a converter solution such as the Uplift E7 Standing Desk Converter.

There are a number of similar products, but Uplift gets the nod as the overall champ because it is not only a fantastically built affair – just like the company’s Uplift V2 full desk – but it has a nifty keyboard tray. This hangs down lower than the main platform, meaning you’re in the right ergonomic position to type and use your mouse, while looking comfortably at the monitor on the platform at eye-level (the same being true when you’re sat down).

You also get a neatly integrated keypad for one-touch adjusting of the height, and a memory function so you can save your sitting/standing settings. This can be a much more compact – and indeed somewhat cheaper – solution than a full standing desk.

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