HAUSCHEN HOME LED lighted mirror review – how to change brightness?


How good is its brightness? The light is available to be adjusted from 20% – 100% of brightness, also you can select 3000K warm white, 4200K neutral white light or 5500K daylight as you need. Comfortable visual lighting, no flicker. Anti-fog function help to keep always clear reflection image. Know more in HAUSCHEN HOME LED lighted mirror review.

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Pros & Cons


  • Brightness levels are awesome
  • Defogger area is wide enough
  • Selectable color tones are a nice feature
  • Simple instructions
  • Looks fantastic, with the black frame
  • Have it set to turn on via a light switch
  • Packaged fantastically


  • I feel the mounting could be better. 


  • THICKNESS: 1.4 inch
  • MOUNTING TYPE: Wall Mount
  • CRI: 95+
  • VOLTAGE: 110V wiring plug
  • Support Wall Switch Controller
  • Integrated anti-fog function
  • No flicker, no UV, copper-free
  • Memory touch sensor
  • Approx 180,000 Hours Lifetime
  • UL-listed electronic parts
  • Hanged Horizontally or Vertically.

Compare HAUSCHEN HOME LED lighted mirror

Spectro 48Helios 36Amber 40Frame40
Size36x48x1.4 inches36x28x1.4 inches32x40x1.4 inches32x40x1.4 inches
Copper-free mirror
Touch sensor
Color temperature3000K/4200K/5500K5500K3000K3000K/4200K/5500K
Support wall switch

HAUSCHEN HOME LED lighted mirror review

Build design

The mirror is well built and packed perfectly in a protective cocoon.. It has sturdy aluminum frame and good components. Touch switch on face is functional and brightness is easy to adjust by just holding your finger on the switch. Can be hard wired, switched or plugged in to 120v receptacle.

Display Size

It possesses High quality craftsmanship, bright and beautiful. Its 32-inch by 40-inch rectangular dimensions make it possible to hang the mirror vertically or horizontally, depending on which complements your vanity best. The electrical components are housed in a waterproof backing that only protrudes 1¼ inches away from your wall. 


The mirror is beautiful and the lighting is great. We still used an overhead light but in the bathroom, more light is better. 

Excellent led back light, CRI 95 and maximum 6540 lumens in 5500K, brings super bright illumination in your bathroom, even no need any more lighting. Comfortable visual lighting, no flicker.

Control feature

Defogging technology ensures a clear reflection, so a steamy shower won’t slow down your mornings.

The LED lights around the perimeter are seamless with no light and dark areas. The one button to control light brightness and on/off is so cool and intuitive to use. Push once to turn on or off or hold to change brightness. 

Easy use

Mounting will be critical. Super easy to control with a light switch and then adjust from the mirror itself. I personally like the 3000k setting but you can go up to 5k on the light temp. 


You can contact a professional electrician in your area if you need help installing the wiring. Tools required include a screwdriver, drill, level, pencil, and electrician’s tape. Instructions also come with your mirror. ED mirrors from HAUSCHEN HOME are easy to install on your own. Additionally, the mirror will connect to your home’s wiring through your 110V cabling (much like a ceiling fan) from the back of the mirror.

HAUSCHEN HOME LED lighted mirror customer review

This product comes packed ready for the worst shipping possible. Wooden crate, first layer of foam, second layer of styrafoam, cardboard box nestled inside. Almost harder to get out of packaging than to hang(a really good thing). It comes with instructions and link to Youtube install video. Comes with horizontal and vertical plastic guide for screw holes(just need to know where on wall and guide does the hole measuring for you). Electrical connector is simple, strip your three wire romax and insert till it clicks. Done wiring. Comes with large drywall insert and screws. Shows you how far to screw into wall, leaving enough screw head to hang mirror. Definitely a two person job once you’ve got the wall ready and wires ready. Its heavy, I bought the largest one, and you have to have it close to install area to get wiring done. Then getting the screws to match the cutout on back of the mirror is not trivial(like hanging heavy picture). Don’t remove plastic from mirror until happy with install(may need to remove once if not perfect). One person to hold, one to guide, get both side in and you’re done. I’m handy and it took us roughly 30minutes to install once we read and unpacked. Part of that 30minutes is just figuring our where on the wall to place it. Anyway, excellent product, very happy with look, feel, brightness(we have a large master with two of these, plenty of light). You can make it cool or warm, bright or soft and defog function is nice though we don’t need it much in Florida. Will definitely buy again should we remodel other bathrooms.


Alternate of HAUSCHEN HOME LED lighted mirror

Bonnlo 32×24in. Dimmable Led Illuminated Mirror

If you demand more from your bathroom mirror than merely seeing your reflection, then Bonnlo’s rectangular mirror will add technological innovation and aesthetic transformation to your bathroom.

You can adjust the brightness of the LED lights, and even save your preferred brightness settings with the touch of a button. Since it’s designed for your bathroom, the electrical components are rated for water resistance.

The 32-inch by 24-inch mirror features energy-efficient, LED backlighting; bluetooth compatibility and integrated speakers; and an anti-fog feature—all easily operated with the included wall switch.

Despite these factors, which are common amongst most bathroom mirrors in this category, this advanced mirror offers advanced technological features at a reasonably affordable price.

Like most high-tech mirrors, the primary disadvantage is that it’s a little pricey, but is still more affordable than comparable options. Also like mirrors within this category, it might require a professional electrician to install into your home’s electrical wiring.

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