Teamgee portable monitor for laptop review – does it support trio laptop screen?


Can you use Teamgee portable monitor for laptop as trio laptop screen? The portable triple laptop screen has very strong compatibility. 11.6-inch 1080P IPS anti-glare display with adjustable brightness; compatible with USB Type-C, Type-A, Windows, Mac, Chromebook laptops, Android, and Switch. Discover details in Teamgee portable monitor for laptop review.

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Compare Teamgee portable monitor for laptop vs SideTrak Swivel Triple Portable Monitor for Laptop

Teamgee Portable Monitor for Laptop, Monitor Extender for Dual Monitor Display, Laptop Screen Laptop WorkstationSideTrak Swivel Triple Portable Monitor for Laptop | Attachable 12.5” FHD IPS Rotating Three Screen Laptop
Aspect Ratio16:916:9
Display Resolution Maximum1920×1080 pixels1920×1080
Screen Size11.6 inches12.50 inches
Display TypeLCDTFT LCD
Item Dimensions12.4 x 8.46 x 1.54 inches24.26 x 14.8 x 1.4 inches
Mounting TypePanel MountLaptop
Refresh Rate60 hertz60 hertz

Teamgee portable monitor for laptop review


The housing of the monitor is probably one of the cool aspect of this unit as it’s able to stand on it’s own and you’re able to position the screen so that you could use the external screens as a presentation performer in meetings or such.


There is a little “kickstand” included that will prevent the extra weight from making the monitor tip backwards, and everything is well made. This is a solid setup!


It has compact design; 2.97 pounds light and 1.38-inch ultra-thin display; suitable for office use in airplanes and coffee houses, convenient storage and simple installation.


The screens are a little small but they are efficient and get the job done. Picture quality is also up to par unless you’re gaming. The brightness is okay; definitely not the same as your laptop screen. It seems to make the display more fluorescent than it does bright when you try increase the brightness.

Display mode

It has full 270°rotation and 180°display mode to share the same laptop screen; slide to any side of the laptop display


 he monitors are powered through their usb c ports- and possibly the usb 3.0 at bottom. Given the variety of laptops that this is able to support, it is hard to see this improving. I’m hoping that I can eliminate two cables for 1 via a laptop dp to monitor usb c. These are ideal for a user with two c ports


The built in speakers work but aren’t wonderful and I didn’t expect them to be since the screens are so slim, but I am happy with the sound out of my laptop so the speakers on the extension monitors are just a bonus.

Alternate of Teamgee portable monitor for laptop

Duex Pro Upgraded 2.0 with Kickstand Combo, 12.5 Inch Full HD IPS Screen for laptops

Duex Pro Upgraded 2.0 with Kickstand Combo, 12.5 Inch Full HD IPS Screen for laptops alternate of Teamgee portable monitor for laptop review


Mobile Pixels invented this 12.5 inch 1920x1080P IPS monitor which offers rich and vivid colors from all viewing angles. Anti-glare Eye Care Brightness Adjustable second monitor attached to your laptop for easy travel, compatible with USB Type-C, Type-A ,Windows, Macbook, Chromebook laptops

Toggling between windows is a killer to efficiency when working on laptops. Portable dual monitor increases your producitivy by 50% according to research. Duex Pro dual screen monitor integrated work with entertainment in one laptop.

Attach,Slide and Work! Collapse this lightweight(1.6lbs) portable display to your laptop,compact(0.48 inch slim) to save space, play and work anywhere you go, on airplane, coffee shops, co-working spaces,etc.

Energy Star(up to 8 hours for Macbook Pro), BSMI, CE, FCC, KCC, RoHS, UL, WEEE, CA65 certified, high quality plastic and screen withstand the wear and tear that comes with transporting your laptop around.

Full 270 Rotation Mode to save use space; 180 presentation Mirror Mode to share the same screen in meetings; Landscape Viewing Mode; Portrait Viewing option for any situation; Kickstand supports this additional display to use on table; Slide DUEX to either side of your laptop monitor as you prefer.

Brand: Duex   |   Manufacturer: Mobile Pixels

Dimensions: 0.48 x 12.80 x 8.60 Inches   |   Weight: 1.60 Pounds

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