Smartwatch Amazfit Zepp E Circle 42mm moon grey review


How accurate is Smartwatch Amazfit Zepp E Circle? With Zepp E, you can measure your current blood-oxygen saturation instantly from your wrist. Monitor light sleep, deep sleep, rapid eye movement (REM), and awake time. It also provides you a score on sleep quality and breathing quality. It even monitors your 20-minute nap during the day. reveal more in Smartwatch Amazfit Zepp E Circle 42mm moon grey review.

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Pros & Cons


  • AMOLED display
  • SpO2, stress tracking
  • Two distinct styles
  • Multiple health tracking features
  • PAI system works fine


  • No third-party app support
  • App notifications need some work
  • Poor quality strap
  • Heart rate sensor is not too precise


  • Item: Smartwatch Amazfit Zepp E Circle 42mm moon grey
  • Band: 20mm, Universal connector
  • Display: 1.28-inch AMOLED, 416 x 416 resolution 326ppi
  • Case: 42.2 x 42.2 x 9.1mm, ~32g, Stainless steel construction
  • Sensors: Acceleration, Geomagnetic, Ambient light
  • Power: 188mAh battery, Proprietary magnetic charger, No wireless charging
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 LE, No NFC, No built-in GPS
  • Tracking: Heart rate, Blood-oxygen (SpO2), Stress, Steps, Sleep, Workouts
  • Durability: 5ATM water resistance

Price – Smartwatch Amazfit Zepp E Circle 42mm moon grey

The Zepp E comes in two versions: Zepp E Circle and Zepp E Square. the recommended retail price for both is £209 / $249. At that price it’s definitely not the cheapest smartwatch worth considering, but it’s more affordable than the likes of the Apple Watch 6 or Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 which start at $399 / £379 / AU$599 and $399 / £399 / AU$649 respectively.

At $250, the Zepp E Circle is no budget watch. For about $45 more, you can get the Fossil Gen 5, which has NFC, built-in GPS, accessible memory for music storage, and much more. And for $20 less, you can get the Fitbit Versa 3, which will likely give you more accurate data tracking while providing most of the same features as the Zepp E.

Compare Smartwatch Amazfit Zepp E Circle 42mm moon grey

SpecZepp E – SquareZepp E – Circle
Size43.3 x 35.7 x 9.0mm42.2 x 42.2 x 9.1mm
MaterialStainless SteelStainless Steel
Water Resistance5ATM5ATM
Display1.65″ AMOLED @ 348 x 442px1.28″ AMOLED @ 416 x 416px
Battery Capacity188mAh188mAh
SensorsHeart-rate/SpO2AccelerometerGeomagnetic SensorAmbient Light SensorHeart-rate/SpO2AccelerometerGeomagnetic SensorAmbient Light Sensor
Bluetooth5.0 BLE5.0 BLE

Smartwatch Amazfit Zepp E Circle 42mm moon grey review


The circular Zepp E has a 1.28-inch screen with a 416 x 416 resolution, while the square model has a 1.65-inch 348 x 442 screen. The bezelless design, coupled with the curved lens, is definitely the main appeal of the watch. The case of the Zeep E is made of stainless steel but it doesn’t compromise the overall lightness of the watch.


The circular Zepp E weighs 32g (without a strap), and the square one is 36g – the smartwatch is very lightweight, and we frequently forgot it was even on our wrist since it weighed so little. The watch is 9.1mm thick 


There is only one physical button on the side of the case: pressing it once will grant access to the quick link menu, long pressing it will take you to the workout screen. You can also swipe the screen left or right to access the different widgets including the summary of your daily activities, heart rate, PAI etc. 


The circular model sports a 1.28in display with a 416 x 416 resolution while the square variant sports a slightly larger 1.65in display at 348 x 442. Regardless of the model you opt for, you’ll be getting access to AMOLED display tech that helps colours pop and keep blacks looking deep and dark. The inclusion of AMOLED tech isn’t as crucial as with a smartphone or TV, but it certainly makes the watch more eye-catching and vibrant.

Sports tracking

There are 11 pre-loaded sport modes available on the Zepp E and most of them are centred around endurance sports such as running, cycling and interestingly, pool swimming. The data screens on the watch are pretty basic and definitely not on-par with leading market fitness tracker.

The watch returns a few different useful metrics depending on the workout, including time, pace, calories burnt, average heart rate, cadence, stride, steps, and more, and there are graphs of most of the above available through the app too. 

Sleep tracking

The Zepp E’s sleep tracking is fairly useful – it’s not quite at Fitbit levels of depth, but it’s close. After a night of sleep you get a sleep score and a breakdown of the different types of sleep (deep, light, REM), a sleep breathing quality score, comparisons of the night compared to previous nights, and advice on how to improve your sleep.


There’s also automatic heart rate charting and built-in Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI) tracking, which takes a bit of research to understand but can be useful once you do.

Battery life & Changing

The magnetic charger works fine and the charging time is relatively short too (approx. two hours). When we used the watch normally, it lasted five and a half days before needing to be recharged – not quite the seven days, but still admirable compared to the many smartwatches that only last around a day. The average drop was about 20% for every day, and that’s including sleep tracking at night, though when we took the watch for a long workout it drained more power.


The Zepp E is waterproof to 5ATM, which is pretty vital given there’s a swim-tracking mode, but if you want to use this you can’t really buy a version with a leather strap, as leather shouldn’t get wet.

App – Smartwatch Amazfit Zepp E Circle 42mm moon grey

It’s easy to use and provides a good overview of your activities and day. As well as collecting data from the watch, you can also feed data manually into the app such as weight and chest circumference. 

It provides decent insights and the readings from the watch were similar to the data provided by the Withings ScanWatch. Just like the Fitbit App, the Zepp App also gives you a sleep score based on the quality and duration of your slumber, gamifying health in the process. And also similar to the Fitbit experience, the Zepp E monitors sleep breathing quality too.

Smartwatch Amazfit Zepp E Circle 42mm moon grey review alternative

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

  • Cohesive, mature design
  • Rotating bezel is intuitive
  • One Watch UI is neat and logical
  • Comprehensive health tracking
  • Choice of style and size
  • Battery doesn’t last two full days
  • Wear OS 3 software lacks polish
  • Too large to wear at night

Why you should buy this: It’s the best smartwatch if you own an Android phone.

Who it’s for: Anyone who values a great user interface on a slick smartwatch.

Why we picked the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic: The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is the best smartwatch available for your Android phone. It updates the operating system with Watch OS 3 but retains favorite features like scrolling menus and customizable Tiles. There’s a mix of Samsung and Google apps, like Samsung Pay and Google Maps. The key feature for the Watch 4 Classic is the incredibly useful rotating bezel that lets you scroll through apps and screens in a natural, ergonomic way.

The Watch 4 Classic comes in 42mm and 46mm case sizes for smaller and bigger wrists, with a sharp and colorful round AMOLED screen. With an IP68 water resistance rating, plus a MIL-STD-810 G-rated case, you won’t have any trouble working out, swimming, or showering with it on.

It’s packed with an impressive array of health and fitness tracking features in addition to standard notifications, media control, and sleep tracking. You can measure your heart rate, electrocardiogram (ECG), Body Mass Index (BMI), Basel Metabolic Rate (BMR), stress levels, and more. The Exynos W920 processor comes with 1.5GB of RAM and 16GB of storage, allowing apps to open with no noticeable lag, and supports offline playback for Spotify and YouTube Music. Battery life is one day in our testing.

The rich array of features, smooth and responsive OS, and comfortable design and ergonomic controls make the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic the best smartwatch on the market for Android users. iPhone users can also use it with the Samsung Wear app, but you’ll be missing a lot of features so we don’t recommend it.

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