Bissell SpotClean Pro portable carpet cleaner deep black/blue review


Does Bissell SpotClean Pro have strong suction? It uses powerful suction, special cleaning solution and a scrubbing action to remove stubborn dirt and tough stains from areas in your home or car where it may be hard to bring in a full-size carpet cleaner. Spot Clean Pro removes stains like wine, tea, coffee, urine, mud, blood, and vomit. Find everything details in Bissell SpotClean Pro portable carpet cleaner deep black/blue review.

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In the box

  • Carpet cleaner,
  • stair tool,
  • stain tool,
  • 8 oz. Professional Deep Cleaning formula

Pros & Cons


  • Large water tank
  • Easy to use
  • Two handy attachments
  • Compact size and easy storage
  • Comes with 8oz bottle of formula
  • +3 year guarantee


  • Not great on certain stains
  • Few attachments


  • Name: SpotClean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner
  • Spot cleaner: 356 x 360 x 250mm, 5.9kg
  • Small and large brushes
  • 2.9-litre detergent tank
  • 3.5-litre waste tank
  • Weight: 13 lbs.
  • Hose Length: 5 ft
  • Cord Length: 22 ft.
  • Tank Capacity: 3/4 gallon
  • Warranty: 2 years, limited
  • Power Rating: 5.7 amps
  • 3 inch attachment for stain removal
  • 6 inch attachment for the stairs
  • 22 foot power cord
  • Long hose for deep cleaning
  • It has a carry handle


There are some full-size carpet cleaners that cost around $150 and can be used on full carpets, as well as with a hand tool for spot cleaning. The Bissell SpotClean retails for around $140.

Bissell SpotClean Pro portable carpet cleaner deep black/blue review


The SpotClean pro has a very compact and lightweight design that offers superior portability. It’s quite a lump (356 x 360 x 250mm, 5.9kg). It has 1.5m hose that will let you reach into the areas you need to clean. Its 6.5m power cable also makes it easy to cover a decent area without having to stop and replug the cleaner in a different socket. The carpet cleaner comes with a 6” stair tool, a 3” tough stain tool, and a trial-size bottle of the cleaning solution.


The Bissell SpotClean comes with two heads that you can attach to the hose—a 3-inch tough stain tool and a 6-inch stair tool. However, the attachments are almost the exact same thing, except one is bigger than the other. 

Bissell provides two brushes in the box: one large, one small. You don’t get any other cleaning heads, such as a squeegee for dealing with hard floors.

Water tanks

There are two large lift-out water tanks. The first is a 2.9-litre detergent tank, which takes a mixture of water and detergent. A starter bottle is provided in the box to get you through the first few cleans. The second 3.5-litre tank at the rear is for dirty water. It’s nice to have such a big tank, as it means you can deal with wet stains, as well as dry ones, without constantly having to empty it.


While the Bissell is small, it is still capable of offering superior suctioning power. The 5.7 amp motor will not bog down, even under the most extreme conditions. This is an electrical powered machine that will produce continuous suctioning power which is unlike the battery charged carpet cleaner, which tends to lose power, even when put under light stress and as the battery level decreases.

Bissell SpotClean Pro portable carpet cleaner deep black/blue cleaning performance review

Just press the power button to turn it on (there’s only one mode), then squeeze the handle on the trigger to spray detergent on any marks and stains. You then just rub your chosen brush over the affected area and dirt and water will be sucked up and away.

It’s easy to pull out the tank, slipping the handle over the back to remove the lid and pour out the dirty water. Just give this tank a wash when you’re done to keep it clean, and clean out the internal filter, too.

Bissell SpotClean Pro portable carpet cleaner deep black/blue customer review

Totally exceeded my expectations

I expected a great steam cleaner from the other reviews i read before purchasing this but this steam cleaner exceeded my expectations . Easy to start and fill. Nice locking feature on dirty water tank. The directions explain all that .

The 6 inch brush has such great coverage. Sprays a little more than 6 inches but its the mist from it coming out. So hard. Thats a given. I used it to clean stains off my mattress and the cushions on the couch .The solution that came with it says its for upright cleaners but i used it with no problems or extra bubbles.

The best part was cleaning it. The brush can come completely apart so no debris or build up has to stay. The plastic covering pops off as well as the bristles you can wiggle out. rinse all the pieces individually and everything fits back together nicely. I fill the soap tank with hot water and cautiously put the brush under the faucet to suck up clean hot water to rinse the hose out and the soap line then empty the dirty tank water again.

Wrap the hose then the cord in the generously spacious designated areas and bing bang boom .ALL DONE. Ready for the next use. Im going to try it in my car next. Its light weight and the cord is SUPER long so i don’t see any issues that can arise other than having to fill and empty the tanks up but the garden hose should suffice. I plan on doing the entire car.

I have 3 toddlers and this definitely has the suction power to get their daily spills up and set in stains with the right solution. I use a tad bit of bleach in just about every cleaning solution i use but that’s just me. I haven’t tried any other solutions from bissell other than the one it came with and their pet one in the dark blue bottle i used before with another machine but they have worked great in my opinion. I would most definitely buy this again and again. Ide even gift it that’s how confident i am in it. I tried uploading video to show cleaning of brush head , wouldn’t upload WATCH YOUTUBE FOR THAT its helpful

By Lacy at BISSELL

Bissell SpotClean Pro portable carpet cleaner deep black/blue review alternative

Hoover Smartwash Automatic Carpet Cleaner

  • Pre-mixed solution makes for fool-proof cleaning
  • One-step removable nozzle to clean brushes
  • Can be awkward to carry

The Hoover Smart Wash is a convenient full-sized carpet cleaning machine at a great price. This budget-friendly model offers convenient features to get the job done without extra hassle. To use, push the cleaner forward and it washes the carpet with a premixed combo of water and cleaning formula. Pull the appliance back and it removes the moisture to dry the carpet.

By automatically dispensing the correct combination of solution and water, it’s one less thing you have to do. If you’re worried your carpet is too wet, select the “dry only” setting and give it a few more passes. It also comes with a 12-foot hose, 2-in-1 pet tool, and stair tool. The 22-foot cord and gallon sized tank means you can cover a lot of ground.

We found this cleaner to be easy to maneuver, convenient to use, and an overall great performer.

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