Tesvor S6 laser navigation 2700pa auto-charging robot vacuum cleaner review


Tesvor S6 robotic vacuum cleaner uses 3.95 inches ultra-thin & S-shaped high efficient cleaning design, no dust can escape. With the update of OTA service, S6 can save the maps, scheduling, custom cleaning, remote control, 3 suction levels, spot cleaning, etc. All these are done through the “free APP” are done through the “free APP”. With its high quality lasers, S6 can detect obstacles accurately and record all areas to create a map of the room, clean it by plan to avoid leaving uncleaned areas. Get details in Tesvor S6 laser navigation 2700pa auto-charging robot vacuum cleaner review.

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Pros & Cons


Great 2,700Pa suction
Extended mopping
Good mapping and navigation
Straightforward operation


Basic feature set
Battery life could be better

Specifications – Tesvor S6 laser navigation 2700pa auto-charging robot vacuum cleaner

Main Features

  • Mapping / Path planning yes
  • Mapping Sensor Type LDS
  • High-Precision Map yes
  • Objects recognition (front camera) no
  • Recharge & Resume yes
  • Automatically Docks and Recharges yes
  • Noise Level N/A
  • LCD Display no
  • Side Brushes (one or two) 2 pcs
  • Voice Prompts N/A

Cleaning Features

Suction Power 2700 Pa
Сleaning Area N/A
Dustbin Capacity N/A
Automatic Dirt Disposal no
Wet Mopping yes
Electric water flow control yes
Water Tank Capacity 350 ml
Barrier-cross Height N/A
HEPA Filter yes
Washable Filter no


  • Battery Capacity 2500 mAh
  • Run time 100 min
  • Charging Time 240 min
  • Rated Power (Watts) N/A


  • Scheduling yes
  • IR Remote Control yes
  • Wi-Fi / Smartphone App yes
  • Wi-Fi Frequency Bands 2.4 GHz
  • Amazon Alexa Support yes
  • Google Assistant Support yes
  • Magnetic/Optical Virtual Walls no

App Features

  • Real-time tracking yes
  • Digital Blocked Area yes
  • Zoned cleaning yes
  • Multi-floor maps no
  • Manual movement control yes
  • Selected Room Cleaning no
  • No-mop zones no


  • Carpet Boost yes
  • Anti-drop / Cliff Sensor yes
  • Dirt Detect no
  • Full Bin Indicator no
  • Other Specifications
  • Robot Weight N/A
  • Robot Width N/A
  • Robot Height N/A
  • Release Date Aug 2020
  • Warranty 12 months

Tesvor S6 laser navigation 2700pa auto-charging robot vacuum cleaner review


The housing is black in color, with a matte top surface and a glossy plastic bumper around the circumference. The bumper is raised slightly above the top of the unit, to help prevent crushing damage. Most controls are operated through the smartphone app.

Size & Dimensions

The S6 robot is a moderately sized robot with a low profile.

  • Diameter: 13.4″
  • Height: 3.9″
  • Weight: 7.7 pounds


Like most robot vacuums, the Tesvor S6 is disc-shaped. It measures 13.39 inches in diameter, so it’s fairly beefy. It also measures 3.86 inches in thickness. This is a bit fat for a robot vac, and can be too big to fit under most furniture. 


Towards the back of the bottom, there’s a large roller brush. This is where the actual suction comes in, and pulls dust and dirt into the vacuum. Inside, it’s collected into an 0.5-liter dust bin. When the bin is full, it’s easy to pop out and dump into the trash. Towards the front of the unit, there are two large sweeper brushes on the bottom. These are designed to gather dust from the sides and pull them towards the center of the vacuum. 

What’s on the underside?

The underside of the vacuum has a standard-sized central brushroll

  • Brushroll: The brushroll uses a rubberized paddle and spiral bristles to agitate and sweep debris into the dust bin.
  • Spinning brushes: Spinning side brushes on the left and right edge of the vacuum are designed to capture debris along edges and in corners.
Tesvor S6 laser navigation 2700pa auto-charging robot vacuum cleaner review
Tesvor S6 laser navigation 2700pa auto-charging robot vacuum cleaner review
  • Wheels: There are three wheels in this vacuum—2 large wheels for traversing different floor types as well as a small navigational wheel for making tight turns and steering.
  • Contact chargers: The two metal squares to the left and right of the front wheel are charging contact pads. These pads let the vacuum know when it has successfully reached the charger.
  • Edge sensors: Sensors along the edge of the Tesvor keep this vacuum from dropping off the edges of areas, like stairs or other lofted spaces.
  • Filter housing: Lastly, is the compartment that houses the filter. Similar to other models like Roomba, the Tesvor has a button on the side of the vacuum that releases the HEPA filter housing.

Suction mode

The Tesvor S6 Robot Vacuum can operate in three different suction modes.

Automatic mode – In this mode, it will default to normal power to save battery life. As needed, it will ramp up to max or boost power to tackle dirtier areas.

At boost power, the S6 supplies 2,700Pa of suction. This is more than most automatic vacuums, and can handle most messes. You can clean up spilled rice or beans as easily as everyday dust.

Sensor & mapping

The Tesvor S6 combines a laser sensor with AI technology to clean your home better. The laser helps it scan the environment and identify obstacles. On its first run, it will appear to move randomly, like a cheap robot vac. What it’s actually doing is making a map of your space. Once it’s drawn a map, it will generate an efficient, S-shaped pattern for cleaning.

Battery life

When the internal battery is fully charged, it will run for about 100 minutes on normal mode. Keep in mind that this is highly variable. For instance, if your vacuum keeps having to go into boost mode for tough spots, the battery life will suffer.

  • Low Suction: 120-minute run time
  • Normal Suction: 100-minute run time
  • Max Suction: 90-minute run time

Voice enabled

the S6 also works with Alexa and Google Home. No matter where you are, you can vacuum with a simple voice command. Suppose you’re at work, and end up planning an impromptu gathering at your house. You can tell the S6 to vacuum before you get there. That’s one less thing you have to fit into your busy schedule.

Apps – Tesvor S6 laser navigation 2700pa auto-charging robot vacuum cleaner

The Tesvor S6 is designed to operate while connected to your home’s WiFi network. Just press the WPS button on the vacuum to create a connection. You can then pair with the vacuum with your smartphone, and use the Tesvor app. The app allows you to perform a variety of functions.

From the app, you can:

  • Start / stop a cleaning
  • Change cleaning mode
  • Send the robot back to the charging base
  • View digital map of current or past cleaning cycle
  • Draw “No Go Lines” for custom boundary cleaning

Tesvor S6 laser navigation 2700pa auto-charging robot vacuum cleaner Performance review

Low Pile Carpet Cleaning

When testing on low pile carpet, this vacuum was able to clean about 90% of the debris on low pile carpet.

Tesvor S6 laser navigation 2700pa auto-charging robot vacuum cleaner review
Tesvor cleaning performance on low pile carpet floors

Visually, it looked good and was able to capture all of the larger debris or debris on the surface. But finer debris or particles sunken deeper into the carpet fibers were not as easily cleaned.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

When cleaning hardwoods, the Tesvor did an excellent job, removing up to 99% of all debris that was tested. It left a small bit of sugar where the vacuum stopped cleaning, but for the most part, it’s very minor.

Tesvor cleaning performance on hardwood floors
Tesvor cleaning performance on hardwood floors

High Pile Carpet Cleaning

When tested on high carpet, the results were pretty consistent with the results from the low carpet. Overall good performance, but struggled with fine debris (mainly sugar).

Tesvor cleaning performance on high pile carpet floors
Tesvor cleaning performance on high pile carpet floors

Overall, the Tesvor cleaned 95% of debris from the high pile carpet.

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