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Tineco Pure One S12 plus review 2020
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Tineco Pure One S12 plus review 2020

Our home appliances are evolving and becoming smarter. This Tineco Pure One S12 Plus vacuum is powerful enough to handle shedding from 2 long-haired cats and the mess tracked in from my backyard horse stable — it’s not cheap, but it’s extremely powerful. It’s composed of three components: the main body—which consists of the handle, a digital display, and a 0.6-liter dustbin—the tube, and the brush/tool attachment. The S12 comes with several of the last, each suited to a particular job. Get everything from Tineco Pure One S12 plus review 2020. How much is Tineco Pure One S12 plus price?

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Tineco Pure One S12 plus review comparison

Detachable Li-ion Batteries2pcs 2000mAh2pcs 2500mAh2pcs 2500mAh
RuntimeUp to 80 minutes with non-motorized toolUp to 100 minutes with non-motorized toolUp to 100 minutes with non-motorized tool
Brush HeadFull-size LED multi-tasker power brushDirect-drive LED multi-tasker power brushDirect-drive LED multi-tasker power brush, LED soft-roller power brush
Rinse-free pre-filter cleaning toolManualPoweredPowered
Charger and StorageDual charging wall mount with 3 accessories onboardDual charging wall mount with 3 accessories onboardDual charging wall mount with 3 accessories onboard
LED display
App integration
Mini power brush, 2-in-1 Dusting brush, Crevice tool, Flexible long crevice tool
LED soft-roller power brush for hard floors

Do you really need this

  • Cleaning a large area – though S12 is a cordless vacuum, it has long run time allowing you to tackle larger areas with ease.
  • If you want a quiet unit – this one has Smart Noise Optimization, which means controlled noise levels at all times. The unit won’t disturb your household or next-door neighbors regardless of when you decide to clean.
  • Easier operation – Tineco Pure One S12 features Wi-Fi connectivity, auto mode, and a LED display making it easier to receive updates and reports, as well as useful accessories such as the crevice tool, and the mini power brush.

Tineco Pure One S12 plus full review


Tineco Pure ONE S12 vacuum is a cordless stick vacuum with a lightweight body style and in-hand motor and dustbin. This Tineco cordless vacuum seems to take some design inspiration from the Dyson V-Series cordless stick vacuums.Tineco Pure ONE S12 cordless stick vacuum

Similar to the Dyson V-Series, the Tineco Pure ONE S12 Plus cordless vacuum consists of three main parts:

  1. The cleaning head
  2. The wand
  3. The in-hand dustbin and motor

These three parts easily connect and disconnect between each other to form different configurations, depending on your cleaning job.

2-in-1 Design

The Tineco Pure ONE S12 Plus is designed to run as a cordless stick vacuum or as a portable handheld vacuum. It uses the same body base and simply changes the attachments to create a variety of different configurations.

Smart Design

Tineco S12 Plus has quite a few smart features that help to separate this vacuum from the pack (Tineco Pure One S12 plus review). The most notable smart features on this vacuum include:

  • Intelligent Suction: Smart sensors allow the Tineco to automatically adjust suction depending on the level of debris. The suction can also be adjusted manually by a simple sliding control on the body of the vacuum.
  • Wifi Control: The Tineco S12 Plus is wifi-enabled which shows cleaning performance, battery info, and filter maintenance directly from your smartphone (when connected to the Tineco app).
  • LED Display: There is an LED display on the in-hand portion of this vacuum which shows all the details of a cleaning cycle as well as filter maintenance and other performance specs.

Tineco S12 Plus Size

The Tineco S12 is a reasonable size for a cordless stick vacuum. It is 10″ wide, 6″ deep, and 47″ tall (when in upright stick mode.)

  • Width: 10″
  • Depth: 6″
  • Height: 47″
  • Weight: 6.6 pounds

Accessory – Tineco Pure One S12 Plus

The first thing that you notice when opening the box is just how many accessories you get. Aside from the main unit, you get an extension pole, a direct-drive multi-tasker power brush with LED lights, a mini motorised floor head, a crevice tool, soft brush, extendable crevice tool and a dusting brush.

There are so many accessories –

  • Extension wand – for when using the Tineco in stick vacuum mode
  • Main Body (with motor and dustbin) – the in-hand portion for all cleaning modes
  • Direct-drive cleaning head – includes a spiral brushroll that agitates and captures debris from all floor types
  • Mini power brush – used when the Tineco is in handheld mode; good for cleaning upholstery or fabrics
  • Flexible crevice tool – a long crevice tool with a flexible hose portion for better maneuverability
  • Pre-filter cleaning tool (powered) – an automated cleaning tool for easier maintenance
  • Small cleaning tool (manual) – a small brush for cleaning the brushroll or small crevices in the vacuum
  • Crevice tool – a shorter crevice tool with a narrow nozzle tip
  • Combination tool (dusting brush + crevice tool) – good for cleaning jobs that cause you to switch tools frequently, like automobile interiors.
  • Soft dusting brush – a wider dusting surface for cleaning hard surface furniture or dusting automobile interiors
  • Pre-filter (x2) – needed for proper filtration
  • Battery (x2) – battery can run for up to 100 minutes, without powered attachments
  • Wall mount – provides storage space for the handheld and 2 attachments

If you go for the more expensive Plus model, you also get a motorised hard floor roller, an angled attachment that makes reaching the tops of cupboards and wardrobes easier, and a flexible extension hose. With the Plus model, you get an angle tool that helps you clean the top of cupboards

The combination of tools, even with the standard Pure One S12, is powerful and means that you can clean pretty much anywhere that you want. With the long pole and crevice nozzle it’s easy to clean up high to clear out cobwebs and the like. You can easily clean up high with this vacuum

On the floor, the motorised brush is manoeuvrable and it’s easy to get around furniture legs. This is partly down to the angle-joint on the brush head, but the wheels on the back help.

The only real issue that the system gives you is one of storage, as there are a lot of extras to keep. Tineco provides a wall-mountable charging dock, which can house the vacuum cleaner with its extension pole and a floor head attached, plus three of the smaller accessories. That still leaves a lot of other add-ons to put somewhere.

The charging dock has quite a bit of storage space, but you still need more. The Dyson V11 Absolute has a clip for two accessories and the Vax Blade 2 Max has a clip for one accessory.

Outside of the standard cleaning accessories, Tineco provides a couple of useful extras. First, there’s the pre-filter cleaning tool, which clips into what looks like another floor head. This attaches to the vacuum cleaner, so you can just vacuum it clean. Of course, you need a pre-filter in place to use the vacuum, so you get a spare one of these in the box. Tineco recommends cleaning the filter after each use. There’s also a HEPA filter at the back, which can be cleaned under a running tap (Tineco Pure One S12 plus review).

The pre-filter cleaning tool is a really neat idea

There’s also a spare battery in the box, which plugs into the wall-mount charger, so you can keep your spare topped up while you’re vacuuming and swap out when you run out of power. Finally, there’s a detangling brush for fishing out blockages and cutting away hair wrapped around any of the floor brushes.

LED screen display bar

While Dyson packed in a small LED screen at the rear of the V11, the Tineco Pure One S12 Plus goes one step further with a large circular display that dominates the top. When the vacuum cleaner is turned on, the screen shows the battery life in percent (unfortunately, not in remaining minutes as the Dyson V11 does), and can highlight if there’s a blockage. There’s also a ring that runs around the outside: it’s red while the vacuum is sucking up dirt, turning blue as your house gets cleaner.

The big LED lets you see exactly what setting you’re using and tells you how clean your home is

You can also see the current power setting on the screen, with the controls on the handle letting you adjust this. The auto button lets you turn on the vacuum’s iLoop AI system, which adjusts power based on the amount of dust it detects. If you want to ramp the power up or down manually, you just use the slider on the vacuum cleaner’s handle. These controls are intuitive, making the cleaner simple to use. It’s a quiet vacuum, too, going between 65.3dB on minimum power to 71.9dB on maximum.

The slider power control is really easy to use

As with most cordless vacuum cleaners, the Tineco Pure One S12 Plus has a trigger switch, with the vacuum in operation only while the trigger is pressed. However, there’s also a switch that locks the power on, which is handy for cleaning larger areas, or for people that don’t have much dexterity in their hands.

Smart Tineco Apps

The vacuum can be paired with the Tineco app. In addition to providing some wireless control, the app maintains work logs, monitors battery life and filter conditions, and sends notifications when these need to be charged, cleaned, or replaced.

The app duplicates the S12’s onboard controls, allowing you to switch cleaning modes and adjust suction power—though why you’d need a remote control to do this isn’t exactly clear, since you still have to manually push the vacuum around. The app will also Keep you informed of the vacuum’s periodic maintenance needs.

It does give you more detailed cleaning data than the vacuum’s display, though, illustrating performance as total dust cleaned per minute, but you must be using the vacuum to see this real-time info, which means effectively using your phone as a second handheld display. After each cleaning, the total cleaning time and amount of dust cleaned is logged in a cleaning record. This data is nice to have, but really the only visual evidence I needed of the S12s job well done was how much cleaner my floors were.

Battery life – Tineco S12 Plus

Shipping with two 2500mAh batteries, the Tineco Pure One S12 Plus has enough power to clean large houses. The exact battery life is hard to define, particularly in automatic mode, as the vacuum will increase and decrease power as required. In auto mode, what I can say is that battery life is pushed as far as it can be based on the cleaning required.

Replaceable batteries helps extend the runtime of the vacuum

From the specs, each battery can last for 50 minutes when running on low power, for a total of 100 minutes, which is pretty epic. On maximum power, you get 10½ minutes per battery, or 21 minutes from the two. Expect to get somewhere in the middle. Remember, this battery life is actual run time (or trigger time, as it’s often known), and a lot of time spent vacuuming is moving furniture and walking around. As such, the Tineco Pure One S12 Plus should be able to cope with large houses with the two batteries.

Batteries take three to four hours to charge from flat, so you’ll need a break to allow both to recharge before you can go back to cleaning.

Smart iLoop AI system to clean dirt

Core to the Tineco Pure One S12 Plus is the iLoop system, which monitors for dust as small as 15 microns in size, and adjust power on the fly. As you vacuum in auto mode, you can see the power level shoot up and down, which is quite neat. And, unlike the Dyson V11 Absolute, which can only adjust power when using the motorised floor head, Tineco’s system works with all of the attachments.

For the most part it does a good job, although with our rice-on-a-hard-floor test, the vacuum cleaner left behind some bits of rice when using the Plus model’s soft floor brush, and I had to up the power to suck up everything. On carpet, the cleaner did a good job of sucking up dirt, although it couldn’t quite get into the edges as well as the rival Dyson V11.

After a single sweep, there were still some grains of rice left

Where the auto mode isn’t so good is with dealing with things like spider webs. As you lift the cleaner up, the AI system goes to low power as it detects little dirt, and doesn’t give enough power to suck up a spider’s web. However, the simple controls meant that I could dial up the power when needed, switching back to auto mode afterwards.

Emptying the bin

Once the 0.6-litre bin is full, which will be more regularly than on with the Dyson V11’s 0.9-litre bin, you can empty it by pressing the button underneath to open the flap. For ease, the entire bin can be removed, but even so, I had to shake it hard to empty it and ended up with a bit of dust on the floor.

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