Which is better SimpliSafe or the Ring 2022?


Which is better SimpliSafe or the Ring 2022? Which one is worth buying – SimpliSafe vs Ring? Easily setup your Ring Alarm by plugging in your base station, connecting to wifi via the Ring app, and placing your sensors in their ideal locations. Arm and disarm your Ring Alarm security system with your voice and receive Smart Alerts with Alexa Guard when paired with select Alexa-enabled devices. Ready to protect right out of the box with SimpliSafe. Just plug in the base station, place your sensors, plug in your Simplicam and start protecting your home in minutes – no tools required. But does SimpliSafe work with Ring cameras?

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SimpliSafe vs Ring 2020 - does SimpliSafe work with Ring cameras?
Which is better SimpliSafe or the Ring 2022?

Who is for – SimpliSafe vs Ring 2022?


SimpliSafe is best for renters and frequent movers as their security systems and devices are easy to set up and take down. No drilling is required for any SimpliSafe device, allowing you to avoid any damage being done to your apartment or home. And with SimpliSafe’s inexpensive professional monitoring, their security systems are better for those looking for affordable solutions.


Ring is best for renters, frequent movers, and customers wanting surveillance and smart light options. It’s no secret that Ring has an advantage over SimpliSafe with its more extensive equipment lineup, offering customers a range of security cameras, video doorbells, and smart light options for protecting their homes. Ring is also great for those looking for affordable home security solutions with inexpensive professional monitoring and equipment.

Which has better price – SimpliSafe or the Ring?

SimpliSafe Pricing

Pricing“The Foundation” Package“The Essentials” Package“The Hearth” Package“The Knox” Package“The Haven” Package
Equipment Cost$229.00$259.00$374.00$449.00$489.00

With any of these packages, the Standard Plan is $14.99 a month and the Interactive Plan is $24.99 a month. This monitoring fee is paid month to month and can be cancelled anytime. For cloud video storage, one camera costs $4.99 a month and two to 10 cameras cost $9.99 a month.

If you want to self-monitor, you’ll just have to purchase the SimpliSafe hardware. However, SimpliSafe offers a 20% discount on the equipment if you sign up for monitoring.

Ring Pricing

Although Ring has only three hardware packages, you’ll get a 10% discount on extra equipment purchases if you choose one of them.

Here’s a pricing breakdown of Ring packages:

  • “Large” Package: $329.99
  • “Medium” Package: $259.99
  • “Small” Package: $199.99

If you choose to purchase a Ring Protect plan, they can be paid either monthly or yearly and don’t require a contract. The plans are optional and are not required in order to use Ring products.

  • Ring Protect Basic: $3/month or $30/year
  • Ring Protect Plus: $10/month or $100/year

Which has better feature – SimpliSafe or the Ring?

FeatureRing Alarm Security KitSimpliSafe Summerfort System
Base Station
Contact/Entry Sensor
Motion Detector
Glass Break Sensor✓* with Alexa Guard
Range Extenderx
Panic Buttonx
Key Fobsx
Security Camera
Video Doorbellx

What are the smilarities then – SimpliSafe vs. Ring 2022

Here’s a closer look at some of the ways that SimpliSafe and Ring are alike with their home security solutions:

  • Self or professional monitoring — With SimpliSafe and Ring, self and professional monitoring are optional. Although professional monitoring is inexpensive for both brands, you can forgo it and monitor things yourself through alerts and video surveillance if you purchase a camera.
  • Self-installation — Avoid any installation fees with the ability to self-install your security system. Ring’s systems are completely DIY, while SimpliSafe gives you the option of professional installation if you’d like assistance.
  • Inexpensive security systems — Get a home security system for less than $300 with either brand. Ring shakes out as the least expensive option with a security system that starts at $199. SimpliSafe’s security systems start around $230.

Any key differences?

While both SimpliSafe and Ring are DIY home security brands, there are a few differences you’ll want to note:

  • Security camera options — If you’re looking for a range of security camera options to choose from, Ring is the better brand. With Ring, you’ll find a number of indoor and outdoor camera options, to include video doorbells. SimpliSafe only offers one indoor camera and a video doorbell.
  • Trial period — For more time to try out your new security system, SimpliSafe has the advantage. Get up to 60 days to make sure a SimpliSafe security system is right for you. Ring only offers 30 days.
  • Warranty — SimpliSafe stands out for its three-year warranty, giving you more time and coverage for equipment. Ring has a one-year warranty for its equipment.

Key features – SimpliSafe vs Ring 2020

SimpliSafe Components

When it comes to assembling SimpliSafe, you have your starting components and your protection sensors. Every single SimpliSafe unit needs the starting base components, and you can choose the protection sensors based on your needs.

The following is a brief overview of the various components available in the SimpliSafe security system.

Base Station (Must) – SimpliSafe Base station. This is the core unit that connects all of the various devices. It’s available in two colors — Cloud and Obsidian.

Wireless KeyPad (Must): This is the primary controller for the entire security system. It’s available in two colors — Cloud and Obsidian. You can also get an additional KeyPad to control your security system from different parts of your home.

Entry Sensor: These sensors are attached to doors and windows. You’ll get a warning if any of these sensors get triggered.

Motion Sensor: This device can sense motion in an entire room.

SimpliCam: This is an advanced video camera that allows you to see what’s happening in your home from your phone. It also comes with an internal motion detector.

Glassbreak Sensor: This device will accurately pick up the sound of smashed windows (and only windows). If there’s a break-in, you’ll get an instant warning.

Panic Button: If you’re home during a home invasion, you can press this panic button to send an instant alarm to call the police.

Key Fob: This is a small device with which you can arm or disarm the security system with a single button.

Smoke Detector: This device will get triggered when a fire is still smoldering, thereby protecting you and your home before an actual fire breaks out.

Carbon Monoxide Sensor: This sensor will let you know when you have dangerous levels of this silent and invisible gas.

Temperature/Freeze Sensor: If your home’s temperature drops lower than 41F, it will send you an alarm. As such, you can quickly take action to protect your pipes from freezing.

Water Sensor: This sensor detects water damage or leaks, so that you can protect your home from flooding.

105dB Siren: This is an extremely loud siren that goes off whenever one of your burglary sensors or hazard sensors goes off.

Ring Components

When it comes to assembling the Ring security system, you have your base station and your protection sensors. Every single Ring security system unit needs the base station, and you can choose the additional components based on your needs.

The following is a brief overview of the various components available in the Ring security system.

Base Station (Must): This is your security system’s central hub. It includes a battery that lasts for up to 24 hours. It also includes a siren that blares out every time one of the sensors is triggered.

KeyPad (Must): This is a remote control that can arm or disarm your Ring security system. It can either be mounted on the wall or used as a portable remote.

Contact Sensor: Ring Alarm Window and Door Contact Sensor. This device is mounted to doors or windows. It goes off whenever someone tries to break in through these entry points.

Motion Detector: This can be mounted on walls or the corners of rooms to warn you when it detects motion.

Range Extender: Ring Alarm Range Extender. Useful in large homes, this device extends the signals from your Base Station to other Ring devices.

Smoke & CO Alarm: First Alert ‘Z-Wave’ Smoke/CO Alarm. Place them around your home for peace of mind, and get safety alerts when smoke or carbon monoxide is detected.

Panic Button Alarm: Ring Panic Button Alarm. This button can be pressed at any time to sound the alarm in an emergency. Press and hold the Alarm Panic Button for three seconds to sound the siren on your Ring Alarm.

Smoke & CO2 Listener: This device doesn’t detect smoke or carbon monoxide. But it notifies you when your existing smoke and CO detector go off.

Flood & Freeze Sensor: This device warns you when it senses water leakage, floods, or low temperatures, which lets you stay ahead of potential damages.

Which has better package – SimpliSafe or the Ring 2022?

SimpliSafe Package Comparison

Feature“The Foundation” Package“The Essentials” Package“The Hearth” Package“The Knox” Package“The Haven” Package
Base Station
Entry Sensor✔ 1 included✔ 3 included✔ 3 included✔ 6 included✔ 4 included
Motion Sensor✔ 1 included✔ 1 included✔ 1 included✔ 2 included✔ 2 included
Key Fob
Smoke Detector
Panic Button
Temperature Sensor
Water Sensor

The SimpliSafe system starts with a package called The Foundation that includes basic home security equipment. The four other packages add additional equipment as necessary, but you can buy most of the hardware on an a la carte basis.

SimpliSafe also offers the following equipment:

  • Extra entry and motion sensors
  • Glass break sensors
  • Video Doorbell Pro
  • SimpliCam indoor security camera (cloud storage sold separately)
  • Smart locks

With SimpliSafe, you have the option of self-monitoring or you can choose professional monitoring on a month-to-month basis with no contract required.

Here’s an overview of the two professional monitoring plans offered by SimpliSafe:

  • The Standard Plan connects the base station to a monitoring center.
  • The Interactive Plan gives you full control over the system with the mobile app, alert notifications, and the ability to stream video camera footage.

Ring Package Comparison

Feature“Small” Package“Medium” Package“Large” Package
Coverage<1,000 square feet<2,000 square feet2,000+ square feet
Base Station
Range Extender
Keypad✔ 2 included
Motion Detector✔ 2 included✔ 2 included
Contact Sensor✔ 3 included✔ 8 included

Ring offers three basic plans based on the size of your home—small, medium, or large.

If you buy one of the above packages, you can add the following hardware:

  • Ring video doorbells
  • Two types of indoor cameras
  • Two types of outdoor cameras
  • Smart lighting
  • Flood/freeze sensors
  • Smoke/carbon monoxide detectors
  • Panic buttons

Users can also add a variety of Works with Ring product integrations.

Like SimpliSafe, the Ring alarm system allows for self-monitoring, and you won’t need to pay any extra fees to receive mobile alerts and control the system via a mobile app. To activate video recording for a single camera, you’ll need the Ring Protect Basic plan. If you want 24/7 professional monitoring and video recording for multiple cameras, you can sign up for the Ring Protect Plus plan.

What is the alternative of SimpliSafe or the Ring?

Arlo Video Doorbell


Video Resolution: 1536 x 1536Field of View: 180 degrees (diagonal)Works with: Amazon Alexa, Google AssistantSize: 5.1 x 1.8 x 1 inchesWired/Battery: Yes/NoPackage detection: YesStarting Storage Fee: $3/month (single camera)


+Great video/audio quality+Person, package, animal detection+Feature-packed app


-Requires subscription for most features-Wired only

Arlo’s video doorbell also works with Alexa and Google Assistant, so can receive notifications on smart speakers, and livestream video from the doorbell to an Amazon Echo Show or Google Nest Hub smart display.

Arlo makes some of the best home security cameras, so it should be no surprise that the Arlo Video doorbell is one of the best video doorbells, too. It delivered high-quality video and audio both day and night, and features both person and package detection. 

Arlo’s app has a ton of features, but some of them, such as motion sensitivity, are difficult to find. Also, the video doorbell has to be hard-wired. And, for most of the smarter features, including video storage, you need to sign up for a subscription.  

But, if you have Arlo’s security cameras, its video doorbell will make an excellent addition, as you can add up to five cameras for $10 a month.

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