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How much is the Yaufey 120 pint Energy Star dehumidifier for home price? In large rooms up to 6,000 square feet, remove up to 120 pints of moisture per day. Humidity can be changed from 30% to 80%. For cutting-edge energy savings of up to 30%, choose ENERGY STAR Most Efficient. Convenient features include an easy-to-read humidity indicator, a timer, auto defrost, child lock, and four clever dehumidification settings. 360-degree swiveling wheels, recessed grips, and quiet operation make for simple mobility. We have more in Yaufey 120 pint Energy Star dehumidifier for home reviews.

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Pros & cons


  • 4 different dehumidification modes
  • Automatic defrost function
  • 3.28 ft hose


  • 1 fan speed

Yaufey 120 pint Energy Star dehumidifier for home price

This awesome dehumidifier will cost you around $303.99 in retail store.

Yaufey 120 pint Energy Star dehumidifier specs

  • Color Family Blues
  • Maximum Coverage Area (sq. ft.) 7000 sq ft
  • Dehumidifier Features & Style – Adjustable Humidistat, Automatic Defrost Control, Automatic Shutoff, Built-In Pump, Casters, Drain Hose Connection, Portable
  • Product Height (in.) 32.68 in
  • Product Depth (in.) 19.69 in
  • Product Width (in.) 21.25 in
  • Air Treatment Product Type Dehumidifier
  • Bucket capacity (pints) 2.11
  • Bucket Storage or Bucketless
  • Bucket Location Other
  • Control Type Digital
  • Bucket Storage
  • Dehumidifier Use Basement, Garage, Whole House
  • Drain Hose Included Yes
  • Minimum operating temperature (F) 41
  • Included Drain Hose Included, Pump, Timer
  • Moisture removal capacity (pints/day) 180 pt (US)
  • Number of Air Filters Included 1
  • Moisture Removal Method Refrigerant
  • Number of Fan Speeds 1
  • Timer Yes
  • Voltage (V) 120 V

Yaufey 120 pint Energy Star dehumidifier for home reviews


In order to make humidity monitoring more convenient, they have a humidity value display on the front that makes it simple to see the ambient humidity value in any lighting situation from a distance. You can effortlessly transfer the dehumidifier to any desired location thanks to its recessed handle design and 360-degree swivel wheels.


You can easily clean the detachable filter, making this a convenient device to use.


In addition to having an automatic defrost feature, a power failure prevention feature, and an on/off timer, the dehumidifier also boasts a child lock design that can help reduce the risk of accidental use by youngsters.

Humidity level

Humidity can be changed from 30% to 80%. There are four distinct dehumidification settings for different conditions; you may select the one that best suits your needs to keep your home cozy and healthy. Large areas up to 6,000 square feet, including a basement, living room, kitchen, bathroom, study, garage, office, stockroom, cellar, crawlspace, etc., are perfect for it.


Whether you are working or lounging, the dehumidifier will remain silent throughout the day.

Water tank and drainage system

There are two ways to drain the dehumidifier. You can always tell how much water is in the tank thanks to the water tank visualization. The 4 liter/1.06 gallon reservoir may be readily emptied thanks to the handle-equipped tank. Furthermore, we have carefully set up a hose drain for you; a 3.28-foot line will be used to regularly empty the dehumidifier (inclusive).

Efficient 2023 Energy Star

The ENERGY STAR Most Efficient Yaufey dehumidifier is known for combining the most recent advancements in technology with cutting edge energy efficiency. Comparing dehumidifiers with normal models, you can save up to 30% on your electricity bills by using more energy-efficient dehumidifiers. It is the epitome of environmental sustainability and energy economy.

Yaufey 120 pint Energy Star dehumidifier for home consumer reviews

Works great to prevent mold

This works great to prevent mold, and prevents my windows from turning into a water slide in the winter. Mold would form all over various places, especially windows and closets. Not anymore when I run this in the winter. When it’s running, it uses a compressor to generate heat, as that’s how it works to capture the humidity. As a result in the winter, I didn’t even have to turn on the heater! LOL This thing acted as the heater AND dehumidifier. That was awesome. No spilling (yet). I have to dump water from the tray 2 times per 24 hours, so it captures a lot of water from the air. It brings the RH down from 60% to 40% or so.

By Joy White at YAUFEY 32.7 Pints Home Dehumidifier

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