42mm vs 46mm Galaxy Watch 4 comparison -how to determine fat percentage?


Which is good for your fitness workout? Both of the Galaxy Watch 4 offer better insights to reach your fitness goals and get more out of every mile thanks to built-in pace coaching on the Galaxy Watch ; Its advanced sensors keep your pace to help you better achieve your run goals. Which is worth investment for you – 42mm vs 46mm Galaxy Watch 4?

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Pros & Cons – 42mm vs 46mm Galaxy Watch 4


  • Cohesive, mature design
  • Rotating bezel is intuitive
  • One Watch UI is neat and logical
  • Comprehensive health tracking
  • Choice of style and size


  • Battery doesn’t last two full days
  • Wear OS 3 software lacks polish
  • Too large to wear at night

42mm vs 46mm Galaxy Watch 4 Price

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 starts at £249 in the UK for the 40mm Bluetooth only model. The 40mm LTE model starts at £289. The 44mm model costs £269 and £309, respectively. 

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic starts at £349 in the UK for the 42mm Bluetooth only model. The 42mm LTE model costs £389 in the UK. The 46mm model costs £389 and £409, respectively.

42mm vs 46mm Galaxy Watch 4 Specs comparison

Galaxy Watch 4Galaxy Watch 4 Classic
Starting price$249.99$349.99
Size options40mm/44mm42mm/46mm
Dimensions40mm:40.4 x 39.3 x 9.8 mm; 44mm: 44.4 x 43.3 x 9.8 mm42mm: 41.5 x 41.5 x 11.2 mm; 46mm: 45.5 x 45.5 x 11.0 mm
Weight40mm: 0.91 ounces 44mm: 1.06 ounces42mm: 1.64 ounces 46mm: 1.83 ounces
Battery capacity40mm: 247mAh; 44mm: 361mAh42mm: 247mAh; 46mm: 361mAh
Battery life40 hours40 hours
ProcessorExynos W920Exynos W920
ConnectivityBluetooth, Wi-Fi, LTE (optional), NFCBluetooth, Wi-Fi, LTE (optional), NFC
Memory1.5GB RAM + 16GB1.5GB RAM + 16GB
Smartphone compatibilityAndroid 6.0 or higherAndroid 6.0 or higher
Durability5ATM + IP68 / MIL-STD-810G5ATM + IP68 / MIL-STD-810G
Color optionsBlack, Silver, Pink Gold, GreenBlack, Silver

What is the difference – 42mm vs 46mm Galaxy Watch 4?


The Galaxy Watch 4 comes in two case sizes of 40mm and 44mm, like the Apple Watch, and four colour options in total, with black and silver available in both case sizes, green exclusive to the 44mm size and pink gold exclusive to the 40mm size.

The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic meanwhile, also comes in two case sizes but slightly larger than the Watch 4 at 42mm and 46mm. There are just two colour options of just black and silver available across both models.


The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 comes in two case options: 40mm and 44mm. The 40mm model has a 1.2-inch Super AMOLED display with a 396 x 396 resolution. The 44mm model has a 1.4-inch Super AMOLED display with a 450 x 450 resolution.

The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic meanwhile comes in 42mm and 46mm case options. The 42mm model has a 1.19-inch Super AMOLED display with a 396 x 396 resolution, while the 46mm model has a 1.4-inch display with a 450 x 450 resolution, like the larger Watch 4 model.


At 52 grams, the Watch 4 Classic is quite heavy, and you are almost always aware of it on your wrist. This stopped me wearing it overnight for sleep tracking — it was just too noticeable and I found it distracting while trying to fall asleep. The 42mm version isn’t much lighter at 47 grams, and both are significantly heavier than the 37-gram, aluminum-bodied 44mm Apple Watch Series 6.

Battery life

The Galaxy Watch 4 44mm and the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic 46mm models both have a battery capacity of 361mAh, while the Galaxy Watch 4 40mm model and the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic 42mm model have a capacity of 247mAh.

Rotating crown

The biggest difference comes in the form of the rotating crown. With the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, Samsung brought back the crown from the Galaxy Watch 3, providing a physical way for you to navigate the menus on your smartwatch.

What are the similarities – 42mm vs 46mm Galaxy Watch 4?


Both the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic have redesigned frames that create a gapless transition from the smartwatch chassis to the straps. The uniform crown buttons also sport an oblong shape, rather than one protruding round crown accompanied by a flat side button.


Samsung has equipped both its smartwatches with the Exynos W920 processor, 1.5GB RAM, and 16GB internal storage. The Exynos W920 chipset is made using a 5nm process and features 1.25x faster processing and up to 10x smoother graphics performance compared to the Exynos 9110 chipset that was used in the Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch Active, Galaxy Watch Active 2, and the Galaxy Watch 3.


Both smartwatches also offer built-in GPS, both have waterproofing with swim tracking and both offer detailed sleep tracking too. The two models also offer NFC for Samsung Pay, allowing you to pay with your wrist if you have a compatible bank.

Health feature

As for health and fitness features, the Samsung’s new health sensor for the Galaxy Watch 4 combines heart rate monitoring (PPG), an electrocardiogram reader (ECG) and bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA).  Similar to what you’ll find on the best smart scales, BIA sends a weak electric current through your body to analyze body fat percentage, body mass index (BMI), muscle mass, bone mass, body water percentage and more. You take a reading by holding your fingers against the crown buttons for about 15 seconds.

Wear OS

Complementing Wear OS, Samsung’s One UI Watch skin better integrates the Galaxy Watch 4 with the rest of Samsung device ecosystem. The settings from a Galaxy smartphone transfer to a Galaxy smartwatch, and vice versa, automatically. One UI Watch also leverages an expansive watch face library with bubbly numbers, animal animations and color-coordinated complications that might remind you of Android 12.

Sleep tracking

Blood oxygen is measured once a minute overnight on the Galaxy Watch 4, compared to once every 30 minutes on the Galaxy Watch 3. More SpO2 readings could mean more insight on rest quality, especially for those with conditions like sleep apnea. When you sleep next to a compatible smartphone, the sounds of your snores get tracked, too.

Body fat percentage

Samsung has also added a bioelectric impedance sensor, which is designed to measure body fat. It works in a way similar to existing consumer smart scales, sending an electrical signal through your body and measuring the impedance. Fat’s lower water content compared to muscle helps the watch get an estimate of your body fat percentage.


There is a power-saving mode that activates when the watch reaches about 10% battery remaining. It adds another couple of hours of use by turning off nonessential features like the always-on screen. Charging is performed using a supplied magnetic charging disc, and it takes about 80 minutes to go from 10% to full. The display helpfully shows an estimation of how long a full charge will take.

Alternate of 42mm vs 46mm Galaxy Watch 4

If you own an iPhone, the Apple Watch Series 6 or Apple Watch SE are still the smartwatches to buy. They integrate perfectly with your phone, while others miss out on certain features, and WatchOS is fast and logically laid out. Apple Health is great, and the battery will last you a couple of days.

It’s Samsung that offers the Watch 4 Classic’s biggest challenger. The Galaxy Watch 4 has all the same features and performance as the Watch 4 Classic, with a different design and a touch-sensitive bezel. It’s cheaper as well, and your preference will likely come down to which design you like better.

If you have an Android phone, the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic are the only two with the latest Wear OS 3 software, and that may end up being crucial for speedy updates over the next year. Mobvoi’s TicWatch Pro 3 and TicWatch E3 are scheduled to get Wear OS 3 this time next year, and although both are still good choices today, Samsung’s watches are a better bet as you get the new software without an extensive wait.

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