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Aoxun 120″ motorized projector screen review

Aoxun 120" motorized projector screen review

Can you control this with remote? This motorized projector screen is suitable for both wall mounting and ceiling mounting. Energy efficient, quiet (<42dB) motor that enhances longevity. It has 120” Diagonal Screen Size (93.7 X 69.7 in) weighing 24lbs. This projector screen is easy to wipe and clean with soap and water. Get details in Aoxun 120″ motorized projector screen review.

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Specs – Aoxun 120″ motorized projector screen

  • Diagonal Length: 120 inch
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3
  • Viewing Area: 93.7″ X 69.7″
  • Wrinkle Free Screen
  • Easy to Wipe and Clean
  • Hole Spacing: 105.12 inch
  • Depth Required: ≥3.94 inch
  • Dual Control Ways: wired Box & Wireless RF remote control
  • Smooth & Quiet Motor (<42 dB)
  • Length Required: ≥109 inch
  • Height Required: ≥4.72 inch
  • Durable Steel End
  • 1.2 Gain Factor
  • 160° Viewing Angle
  • 4 Layer HD Screen

Compare Aoxun 120″ motorized projector screen

120inch 4:3110inch 16:9
Viewing Area93.70″ X 69.69″95.87″ X 53.94″
Hole Spacing105.12 inch106.81 inch
Installation Length Required≥109 inch≥111 inch
Recommended Viewing Distance12 FT11 FT

Aoxun 120″ motorized projector screen review


The quality of the casing is excellent – sturdy and a nice finish (black), and the controls are simple and easy to operate: There is a wall-mounted switch as well as a remote control.


The screen raises and lowers smoothly and had no creases or wrinkles. It weighs 24lbs and it is a 120” Diagonal Screen Size and dimension is 93.7 X 69.7 in.

Image quality

This screen is seamless and smooth and slows great 3D and HD shows to play clearly. We use it for video gaming, tv, and movies. The screen is good quality, it makes picture crispier and brighter.

Viewing Angle

It has 4:3 aspect ratio. It eliminates light penetration and produces top quality color reproduction. with 160°viewing angle and 1.2 gain. 4 layer black backed screen.


Two controls came with this unit. There is also a manual control that controls the screen. One is connected to the metal casing and the other is a remote. The remote came with the battery and worked Right out of the box.


Installation was easy and straight forward. It can be hung from keyhole slots or by rings on The screens frame. The keyholes are great for making the screeneasy to move outside for movie night.

Alternate of Aoxun 120″ motorized projector screen

Elite Screens Evanesce B Electric Projection Projector Screen

Key feature

  • 16:9 aspect ratio for the best home theatre experience
  • 3D projection ready and 4K Ultra HD
  • Includes accessories that give you convenient control of the screen
  • Can be operated with the included infrared or a radio control remote
  • Certified for low chemical emissions; eco-friendly

Elite’s motorized screen features an ideal design for your professional and private presentations and viewings. The screen features a recessed, in-ceiling design for a concealed installation. The screen is composed of MaxWhite fiberglass screen material, which displays clear images. The tubular motor assures the excellent and quiet operation of the screen.

An infrared controlled remote is included in the package for convenient operation. It also comes with further accessories like a second radio frequency remote, a three-way wall switch, a 5-12 volt trigger, and an integrated RJ45 Port.

To sync the projector screen with other 3rd party controlled devices is simple. All you need is to connect it via the RJ45 port. What else would you need?

Akia Screens Motorized Electric Remote Controlled Projector Screen

“A perfect pull-down projector screen for your daily use to have an outstanding screen display.”



  • Supports the usage of 4K, 8K, and 3D videos
  • Adjustable range of aspect ratios of 4:3, 16:9 and 2.35:1
  • Noise-free
  • Better quality visuals with black screen coating
  • Superior quality of MaxWhite front screen fabric


  • Remote connectivity needs improvement
  • The roll-up/down motion is not smooth enough

Akia is a well-known brand of delivering some great quality projector screens all over the world. Being a trusted brand, we have one such outstanding example of Akia Screens’ 150-inch Motorized screen!

This best pull-down projector screen is available with the flat screen and the remote control and with the trigger to fully synch the screen through the projector power cycle.

Based on the usage requirements, you are free to either make it hang down the ceiling or mount it on the wall. You can control this best home projection screen with the easy remote-controlled drop-down/up.

Its front screen display has the coating of MaxWhite matte finishing material with a viewing angle of 180 degrees. The screen is fully compatible with the 8K, 4K, Ultra HD, and 3D videos with the outlook of some amazing high definition bright images.

It has a gain of around1.0 with a customizable aspect ratio of 16:9. You will find the access of 147 x 8.46 x 8.46 inches screen with a diagonal length of 150 inches. The overall casing of the screen is durable with the added suspensions and has the course of synchronized motors for noise elimination.

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