Autel MaxiCharger Home Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger review & price


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How easy to install the Autel MaxiCharger Home Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger? The product installation was easy and mobile features work well. How does the RFID feature work? Use Autel Charge app to scan the card’s QR code to bind it, place the charging gun, and then swipe the card over the RFID Reader to begin charging. Details in Autel MaxiCharger Home Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger review.

Find helpful Autel MaxiCharger manual here

In the box


      • Hoster

      • Charging Station

      • Wall Dock, Wall Anchor, Screw, Screwdriver

      • Bottom Entry Power Conduit Plug

      • Packing List,

      • Installation Guide,

      • Amperage Labels

    Pros & Cons



        • Well built

        • Smart apps

        • Maximum Current: 40Amps I 9.6kW



          • In-body holster

        Autel MaxiCharger EV Specs


            • Type of Connector: SAE J1772

            • Maximum Current: 40Amps I 9.6kW Cable Length: 25′

            • Cord for Input: NEMA 14-50

            • Dark grey in colour

            • 7.36″W x 13.23″H x 3.35″D in size

            • NEMA 4 Enclosure Rating

            • LED/APP status indicators

            • The Autel Charge app supports scheduling, monitoring, and remote start/stop.

            • Ethernet, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi

            • 3-year restricted warranty


          A high-quality device should cost no more than $459, which is considerably less expensive than major competitors like Juicebox and ChargePoint.

          Compare Autel MaxiCharger Home Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger

           Maxi US AC W10-N14-H-SMaxi US AC W10-N14-SMaxi US AC W12-S
          Maximum Current40Amps I 9.6kW40Amps I 9.6kW50Amps I 12kW
          Input CordNEMA 14-50NEMA 14-50Hardwired
          RFID Feature
          Connector TypeSAE J1772SAE J1772SAE J1772
          Cable Length25-foot25-foot25-foot
          Protection RatingNEMA 4XNEMA 4XNEMA 4X
          Status IndicationLED/Autel Charge AppLED/Autel Charge AppLED/Autel Charge App
          Dimensions7.36×13.23x 3.35 IN7.36×13.23x 3.35 IN7.36×13.23x 3.35 IN
          Solar Charging 
          Glass Cover
          Operating Temperature-40°F-131°F-40°F-131°F-40°F-131°F

          Autel MaxiCharger Home Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger review

          Built & design

          It is installable indoors or outdoors and has a dark grey, sleek contemporary style with an in-body holster. This smart charger is a wonderful choice if you’re seeking for one. made well. A swivel holster is a nice addition. has a dip switch and an app to manage charging speed.

          Cable length

          In addition to customizable charging up to 40 Amps, the MaxiCharger AC Elite Home 40A includes a 25-foot Universal (J1772) Charging Cable, a NEMA 14-50 socket, a separate holster, and a cable management unit. There is more than enough room, depending on how tightly you wrapped the cable when storing it.

          NEMA Plug

          The hardwired connection, which also functions in reverse for the hardwired 50A version, can be used in place of the Nema 14-50 plug cable. These chargers may be mounted inside or outside thanks to their NEMA 4X protection and very high durability, according to Autel.

          Charging speed

          The optimal outlet is a pre-installed NEMA 14-50R outlet with high voltage because charging speed is dependent on the output of the home outlet. Due to the high voltage output, the majority of the charging session may be completed in just 5 to 6 hours at night by providing 10% each hour.


          You can entirely personalise your charging experience by remotely beginning and pausing the charge as well as scheduling it using the Autel Charge app on your Apple or Android mobile device. Ethernet, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi connectivity choices.

          Plug in after installation and download the iOS or Android app. Your email address and phone number will be required, followed by a pin and QR code that can be found on a sticker inside the paper manual.

          The app is fairly reliable and provides a nice overview of charging sessions along with the option to pause and resume charging. Additionally, charging may be started and stopped using Siri and Alexa.

          Autel MaxiCharger Home Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger Performance review

          Amazing Support Before and After Purchase

          I’ve never heard of Autel before shopping for a level 2 chargers. They have been around a long time but recently introduced home level 2 chargers. The specs were phenomenal for the price. The charger had everything I was looking for and just happened to be on a Prime Day sale.

          The unit is well constructed with the handle and cord having a good feel to them. The app is decent but I don’t really need it.

          Autel shines in customer service. They answered my questions pre and post purchase. It is difficult to get support from most companies but not Autel.

          The charger works great with one caveat. It is a 40 amp charger out of the box and works that way until you install the app. Then the maximum is set to 32 amps. There is a way to restore it to 40 amps but you have to find online or from Autel. They throttle it to 32 amps for your safety but it doesn’t make sense to do so.

          I really like the charger so far and appreciate the three year warranty.

          By Barry V. at autelenergy

          Autel MaxiCharger Home Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger review alternative

          Lectron 32 Amp

          One of the least expensive solutions available is this Lectron, and an even more affordable model with a flow rate of only 16 amps is available for $200. There is also a $328 40-amp variant that is more potent. So that you don’t waste money on unused charging capacity, choose the one that suits your home outlet and vehicle’s charge rate. There is no wall mount, although cord management might be handled by a straightforward hose reel or hook mounted to the wall. The Lectron has a small LCD panel that shows voltage, amperage, charge time, energy (kWh), and temperature even though it isn’t a “smart” device with Wi-Fi capabilities.

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