Best mini PC for streaming 4K & home theatre in 2022


What is the best mini PC for streaming 4K & home theatre? Bring your home theater to life with Dolby Vision HDR, and surround sound with Dolby Atmos and Dolby Digital Plus—delivering ultra-vivid picture quality and immersive audio. Enhance HD video in real-time to 4K for clearer, crisper visuals using next-generation AI upscaling. 2x USB 3.0 ports for storage expansion, USB cameras, keyboards, controllers, and more. Plex Media Server built-in, 3 GB RAM, and 16 GB storage.

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What is the best mini PC for streaming 4K & home theatre?

Apple Mac mini (M1, 2020) – most used mini PC for streaming 4K & home theatre

CPU: Apple M1 | GPU: Integrated 8-core GPU | RAM: 8GB | Storage: 256GB SSD

What We Like

  • Great price
  • Very Powerful
  • More and more ARM-based apps

What We Don’t Like

  • Minimal I/O
  • Pricey upgrades

Since the new M1 chip is based on ARM technology, apps for macOS need to be rewritten to support that processor. Developers have gotten on board with names like Adobe, Microsoft, Blizzards, Mozilla, and more all porting their flagship applications over to the M1 processor. Apple also developed the Rosetta 2 compatibility layer which allows non-ARM apps to run on the new processor.

Since the debut of the M1 processor, Apple has put the chip in Macbooks, iMacs, iPads, and the Mac mini. Needless to say, Apple will throw all its support behind this processor, and our review shows how true that is. Our reviewer Jeremy put this mini PC through many benchmarks, achieving 7,662 on Cinebench, 60.44 fps on GFXBench Metal Car Chase, and 17,930 and 1078 on Wildlife from 3D Mark. These are all promising numbers.

As for the hardware itself, Apple didn’t offer as much as we’d like to see here in terms of I/O. You’ll get just two USB-C ports, two USB-A ports, and a single HDMI port. On the inside, you can upgrade the RAM and SSD, but both are pricey upgrades. But overall, the latest Mac mini has tons of power in a tiny footprint so it can go anywhere with you.

Guzila Mini PC – budget mini PC for streaming 4K & home theatre

The GUZILA small scale PC is a minimised at this point incredible gadget. Preinstalled with Windows 10, the 4K HD amusement visual is magnificent for perusing the web, watching motion pictures, and different assignments that a respectable Windows work area can perform. With Bluetooth or USB console and mouse, plug in and transform your HDMI TV into a shrewd PC – it’s just about as simple as. Smooth and more modest than different minis we tried, we’re dazzled up until this point.

This small PC doesn’t need a fan, which implies it’s totally calm when running, and is more energy-saving than numerous others available. Alongside Windows 10, a Quad-Core processor, 6GB DDR3 RAM, 120GB Flash Memory, Bluetooth 4.2 and Fast Wi-Fi permits this to run easily and with nice security. It’s ideal for home and office use, and with the exception of enormous style gaming, this little PC can more than match the abilities of a work area or PC.

Basically, you can scarcely discover a particularly complex conservative work area PC at financial plan agreeable expense. The PC upholds 4K HD to empower you to take thoroughly enjoy visual diversion. 

It is an ideal home or office work area for Internet surfing, getting ready Office records, watching films, web based most recent recordings, etc.

These all features makes this capable machine and one of the Best Mini PC For 4K TV as well.

NVIDIA Shield Pro – another best mini PC for streaming 4K & home theatre

This is capable of gamestreaming 4k60 even with a very fast 5ghz wifi (I have Ac3150 beamforming router with AC1900 beamforming capable card on the rig). So far I’ve played Rocket League, a few Assassin’s Creed games, and tried Battlefield V Campaign for the lol.

It is also good for running android games or if you subscribe, Nvidia’s GeForce Now. Also, the price is pretty high up there so the only worth it specs from this device is the gamestream and the AI upscale. If you can’t justify that cost, you should try looking at other cheaper streaming device then.

The AI Upscale is a pleasant surprise and Netflix standard streaming looks like a legit 4k stream. Compared to when I stream directly from my Smart TV. On the other hand, my 4k HDR streams from Disney Channel is working flawlessly with my HDR capable TV. On another note, my Dolby digital sound is going through the the shield, then to TV then to TV’s HDMI ARC connected to a samsung Dolby 5.1 Soundbar + wireless soundwoofer & rear speakers. So I can attest that Dolby passthrough works. Not sure about Dolby atmos though.

Side note, turn on HDMI-CEC on the shield and your tv. This will allow you to turn on the Shield, the TV and the Sound bar all at the same time with just the Shield’s remote. Also, turn on the HDMI-CEC volume control (alongside in the TV settings). I only need the Shield’s remote through this setting to turn on, and even mute and adjust volume.

Minix Neo J50C-4

The integrated UHD 605 graphics co-processor doesn’t actually support full UHD, but it does provide a very stable 4K at 60 fps, which is quite acceptable in a budget machine. Windows 10 Pro comes pre-installed, and it’s best to delete all the bloatware as soon as you switch it on!

The NEO J5OC-4 is based around a quad-core Intel Pentium J5005 (Silver edition) running at 2.8 GHz and supported by 4GB of DDR4 RAM. Compared to the Celeron N4100 found in many small computers, the Pentium is up to 50% faster, so it’s a good choice. The downside is that it generates 50% more heat, which needs a heatsink/fan combo that fills about half the case. Luckily, the fan motor is practically inaudible.   

For data I/O we have three USB 3.1 ports, and one USB Type-C. Video output is via an HDMI 2.0 connector and also a mini DisplayPort socket. These have been configured to allow up to three simultaneous displays running at 4K, which is good to see at this price point. Connectivity is the standard Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth 4.1, with a Gigabit Ethernet connector for wired internet connections. 

The storage is  64 GB of eMMC which is what we’d expect, although our instinct would be to upgrade this as soon as possible. Luckily, the upgrade process is simple: just remove the base and swap out the components using the easy-access slots.  The storage is upgradeable with fast M.2 memory, all the way to 1TB if required. Likewise, the DDR4 RAM can be expanded to 16GB.

This small Windows PC has been built to industrial standards, and is designed to be left unattended for long periods. It’s therefore ideal for commercial tasks, such as a looped video presentation. The fan keeps the unit cool but can’t be heard, which is surprising bearing in mind its size. Finally, this micro PC is fitted with internal Lithium-metal batteries: they can either be used as the main power supply or as a failsafe should the AC charging be interrupted.


  • Surprisingly fast Pentium processor
  • Reliable performance
  • Easily upgradeable
  • Up to 3 displays running 4K at 60 Hz

HP ProDesk 600 G5 – Best mini PC for Netflix streaming 4K & home theatre

HP sells a few scaled-down PCs with a similar fundamental plan, including the ProDesk 400 and EliteDesk 800. Yet the ProDesk 600 G5 offers the best mix of cost and highlights. The front board has one USB Type-C port for more current embellishments just as two Type-A ports for more established links and USB drives. 

On the back, the setup we suggest has three DisplayPort connectors so you can undoubtedly utilize numerous screens (however there are different alternatives, including HDMI and USB-C). Its fan is almost quiet in regular use and mediocre under more concentrated responsibilities. Furthermore, you need just to eliminate one thumbscrew to get to its M.2 stockpiling and two memory spaces, for simple overhauls later on.

The full estimation of your venture accompanies extension that expands the existence of your PC. The HP ProDesk 600 MT has four straights and four openings.

This PC is strikingly calm and the exhibition is shockingly quick. It accompanies a 3-year guarantee from HP so that is a colossal in addition to.

Ensure your PC against the developing malware dangers of things to come, with our self-recuperating, equipment implemented, and sensible security arrangements. From the BIOS to the program, HP Sure Start Gen5 and HP Sure Click help secure your PC.

Acer Chromebox CXI3

What We Like

  • Good performance
  • Included VESA mount
  • Very compact

What We Don’t Like

  • ChromeOS is not mature

ChromeOS is most often found on laptops, like in the best Chromebooks, but this entry on our list is for those who love ChromeOS and still want the mini PC form factor. Acer has long been a champion of ChromeOS and that includes mini-PCs like the Chromebox CXI3. This box comes with a Core-i3 processor, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, a USB Type-C port, five Type-A ports, and an HDMI out. Don’t let that spec sheet scare you off though; ChromeOS is renowned for its ability to run well on just about any hardware.

One particularly neat thing about this Chromebox is that it comes with a VESA mount that allows you to mount the mini PC onto the back of your monitor, turning it into a de facto All-in-One PC. It gets the mini PC up off your desk, and according to our reviewer Emily, mounting the mini PC actually makes cable organization easier.  The ports on the Chromebox are on the back and the front making cable management difficult when it’s on the desk, but mounting makes it work a lot better.

This Chromebox is mainly for people who love ChromeOS.  It’s the least mature of the desktop operating systems. You can do almost everything you can do in a web browser or an Android phone on a Chromebox, so it’ll suit many people, but for some, it can be quite limiting. If you’re used to the OS, it’s quite productive. If not, it can be frustrating.

CPU: Intel Core i3-8130U | GPU: Intel UHD Graphics 620 | RAM: 8GB | Storage: 64GB Flash Solid State

Azulle Byte4 Pro

Azulle produces some very competitive stick PCs, so it’s no surprise that the brand’s mini PC is also an excellent choice for those who want a very compact model and don’t need a ton of power to get the job done. It comes with a quad-core Intel Gemini Lake 41 Series processor, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of storage, plus an SD card for expanding storage options when necessary.

While small, the Byte4 Pro still manages to include built-in dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity as well as a Gigabit Ethernet port. There are also four USB-A 3.0 ports and a USB-C port for a variety of connections. This type of mini PC works best to help add streaming capabilities to an entertainment center or serve as a portable, easy option for holding presentation data when you aren’t sure what peripherals you will be working with at all times.

Intel NUC10i5FNHCA – Best Mini PC For Netflix streaming in 4K

Little PCs ordinarily accompany bargains, regularly inadequate with regards to customisation, future redesigns, force, and port determination. 

At that point there’s Intel’s NUC (short for Next Unit of Computing), which highlights its selling point. This long-standing line of smaller than usual PCs, presently seven years of age, stays extraordinary therefore.

Given its size, you may expect the Frost Canyon NUC’s little body to conceal complex internals. That is not the situation. Intel’s been working on this for a very long time, and it shows. 

You open the NUC by unscrewing the four feet on the lower part of the machine. When extricate (they can’t be altogether taken out, so you can’t lose them), the base board falls off with a pull.

Obviously, there are restrictions on what a NUC can deal with because of its little size, yet what’s accessible is noteworthy. The parts you can update are not difficult to track down and promptly open in the wake of eliminating only a small bunch of screws. I’d contend the Frost Canyon NUC is simpler to support than most work areas sold by significant producers.

It’s an incredible chip. Geekbench 5 returned a solitary center consequence of 1,099, and a multi-center aftereffect of 5,702. These numbers don’t break records, yet they’re significantly better than most PCs and little work areas. Dell’s XPS 13 7390, which we checked on with a similar processor, hit a higher score of 1,250 in the single-center test. However falled behind with a score of 5,491 in the multi-center test.

Size isn’t the solitary advantage of a work area dependent on portable equipment. Utilizing versatile equipment additionally diminishes power utilization altogether. Intel’s Frost Canyon NUC tastes power under an assortment of responsibilities. 

Out of gear, the framework devours simply 9.8 watts. That is comparable to numerous 13-inch workstations, and not exactly most 15-inch frameworks. Work area utilization can differ uncontrollably, yet it’s uncommon for a work area to utilize under 20 watts out of gear, so the NUC’s force utilization is magnificent.

It’s a great combination of affordability and power, and that’s exactly why it’s one of the Best Mini PC For Netflix.


The ACEPC AK2 mini PC features a quad-core Intel Celeron J3455 which reaches speeds of 2.3 GHz. The processor is joined with some integrated graphics and all though it’s not the best for multi-tasking, the Intel HD 500 does well enough for your everyday tasks and is capable of running a single 4K screen.

Within the small form factor case, there is 8GB of RAM and a 120GB M.2 storage solution giving you enough to make light work of your work and entertainment.

The design is quite sleek with some nice LEDs to show you the machine is switched on and interesting vents around the outside.

Looking at the connectivity department, you have the following:

  • 2 x USB 2.0
  • 2 x USB 3.0
  • 2 x HDMI ports

This little machine can, of course, be mounted making it ideal as a home theatre PC that can be easily hidden. Like the other PC’s this comes with windows 10 pre-installed meaning it is ready to go out of the box.

This may not be the most powerful on the list but it is a reliable little PC and with a small price to go with it, it is certainly worth considering.

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