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Which is the best Reolink PoE camera?

Which is the best Reolink PoE camera? A reputable producer of security camera systems is Reolink. The Eco, the Go, and the Argus 2 are some Reolink cameras that users found to be more popular. Four cameras are included in their 4K PoE Security Camera System, which also includes a single control station. The installation kit comes with hardware. You only need to pre-drill your holes and then screw in the base plate to be finished. Which is worth investing – best Reolink PoE camera?

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Pros & Cons

Reolink RLK8-820D4-A system

  • No Subscription
  • Intelligent vehicle & person detection
  • 2 TB of space
  • Cameras can record to MicroSD cards.
  • ‘Human’ detection as opposed to specific person detection

Reolink RLC-410

  • A good price-to-function ratio
  • specified detection zones & motion alert systems
  • Using Google Assistant
  • Apps for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows
  • Needed PoE injector(s)

Reolink 5MP PTZ

  • Socket for Micro SD recording option
  • H.265 +
  •  iOS, Android, Mac and Windows apps. 
  • Optical zoom could be longer 


  • Super HD 5MP
  • 100-foot night vision range
  • Remote waterproof access IP66
  • 3-fold optical zoom
  • A wide viewing angle of 48° to 94°
  • Super HD 24/7 video recording at 4 or 5 MP
  • Remote waterproof access IP66
  • 80° viewing angle
  • Nice audio recording

Compare best Reolink outdoor PoE camera?

Security Camera TypesFeaturesCommon Installation LocationsExamples
Outdoor PoE Bullet Security CamerasBullet or lipstick shapeUsually small (2 to 8 inches long)The walls of the front door, backyard, off-street windows, etc.RLC-410
Outdoor PoE Dome IP Security CamerasDome shapeLow-profileCan’t tell the viewing angle from a long distanceCeiling mounted, front porch, or under eaves or soffit outdoors & indoorsRLC-522
Outdoor PoE PTZ IP CamerasBig sizeCan rotate in all directionsThe second floor outdoors, construction sites for a wide view, and other large areasRLC-423
Source: Reolink

Key features in the best Reolink PoE camera


The cameras themselves have stylish and weather-resistant white aluminium casings with powder coating. These cameras are anything but “hidden.” Given its size and visibility, the lens has a great deterrent effect.


The control station (NVR) has a sleek, contemporary appearance with a black finish. It is about the size of a DVD player. For transferring any video, there is a USB connector on the front, along with some basic control buttons.


The control device offers continuous recording around-the-clock. A 2TB internal HDD that it already has installed is enough for 20 days’ worth of storage. You can connect an external hard drive with a capacity of up to 4TB if you need more storage. This offers a maximum 60-day storage capacity.


A resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels is the result of this. As a result, the camera you are looking at is incredibly adaptable. In most cases, 4K is just unnecessary for internal use. For identification purposes, the police don’t need to examine the hairs on a burglar’s nose. But 4K is a great feature for outdoor use. From a distance, it is possible to read licence plates, which can be an important piece of evidence.

Night vision

Reolink PoE camera features a variable 107 x 66-degree field of view, 700-lumen spotlight, and infrared night vision to capture colour video in low light.

Motion detect

You may choose an object’s minimum and maximum size, and the camera’s smart detecting features include alerts for people and moving vehicles. You can define activity zones to hide out places you don’t want to receive alerts about and schedule when you want notifications to be active. Additionally, you can set a “alarm delay” to only notify you when a person or vehicle remains within a detection zone for an extended period of time.


Before installing the camera, you must download the Reolink app and add the Reolink PoE camera. This must be done after the camera is connected to your network. In order to do this, you must scan a QR code on the camera’s body. Once you do, the proper model is added to the app’s list of associated devices. The camera can then be mounted after that. Reolink provides the hardware needed to connect the wall mount, but you’ll need a few other tools if you want to run the wiring through an outside wall and into your house.

Which is the best Reolink PoE camera?

ReoLink RLK8-520D4 PoE Camera System

Four dome cameras with a 60 foot Ethernet wire each were part of the Reolink 5 MP PoE camera system. Connect the cameras to the NVR using Ethernet cables after plugging it in.

It’s incredibly simple to set up. One of the most reasonably priced PoE cameras on the market was the Reolink 5 MP PoE system with an eight-channel NVR. The entire setup, including the cameras, NVR, and extras, only cost $340.

The camera’s base allowed for unrestricted rotation and an upward and downward tilt of up to 70 degrees. This made it simple for us to change the viewing angle while the camera was active by referring to the live stream.

Reolink RLK8-820D4-A system

This camera and NVR (Network Video Recorder) combination package is a potent security system with four 4K cameras and 2TB of storage that will offer you the ability to monitor most properties without further investment. If necessary, you also have the option to support up to 8 Reolink IP cameras.

The provided cameras can all distinguish between people and moving objects, and you can give them names so that the alerts you receive on your iPhone or Android phone say something like, “Person activity is detected by Side Door.” If everything is set up properly, you’ll quickly learn when your teenagers have taken the car without your permission.

The NVR can record four channels for up to three days at the highest bit rate of 8192kbps using the default H.265, but there is lots of flexibility if you feel you need extra storage. You can add 6TB internally (swap the hard drive) and 6TB externally (eSATA connector) for a total of 36 days. However, you can still view what the cameras are recording using Reolink’s computer software, which is compatible with Mac, Windows, and the web.

Reolink RLC-410

The Reolink RLC-410 twin-pack has much of the same capabilities as a full NVR system, while it is significantly less expensive. You may add a Reolink NVR at a later time or use one of the many third-party camera support packages they support.

The 18 integrated IR LEDs ensure that the image is clear day and night, despite the fact that at 5MP, they aren’t the sparkling top of the line in terms of resolution (4K is 8MP). There is undoubtedly the detail required for the majority of tasks, with more pixels than conventional High Definition (like Blu-Ray).

Additionally, each camera has a MicroSD card slot(opens in new tab) that can be used to record videos when motion is detected. However, doing so is not required. Many people will have enough Cat 5 or higher cable on hand to set up the cameras and start playing with software, but you’ll also need a PoE injector, such as the 802.3af 48V, as you need to supply power (or a capable NVR).

Reolink 5MP PTZ

A PTZ camera has a lot of appeal as a way to learn more before moving things forward if you already have a system, particularly one that uses smart alerts to attract your attention to questionable activities.

Pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) cameras aren’t always the best option for CCTV applications; for example, if you’re leaving a system recording, the camera can only be pointed in one direction at a time, and it might cost about the same to strategically place numerous fixed cameras.

Reolink’s appeal stems in part from the ease with which its software makes it possible to control the gadget. Similar to the company’s less powerful wi-fi PTZ camera, other capabilities like two-way audio are also included, but the 5x optical zoom will allow you to see more. Photographers who like to capture sunrises can also find enjoyment in timelapse and flexible recording settings.

Reolink RLK8-812B4-A 4K 8MP UHD PoE Camera System

Although it has a rather small 85-degree viewing angle, this system does provide exceptional video quality because to its 4K cameras. Four 4K PoE cameras, a 2TB eight-channel NVR, as well as mounting and installation supplies, are included in the kit.

Black-and-white night vision is typically available with PoE security cameras, which can considerably obfuscate information. The RLK8-812B4-A 4K 8MP UHD PoE Camera System from Reolink offers video quality that is just as sharp and clear at night as it is during the day thanks to its full-color night vision.

Four powerful spotlights on each camera illuminate the whole field of vision to produce colour night footage. For all-day coverage, the spotlights are sufficiently bright to illuminate almost the whole field of vision.

Aside from these, the app also offers two-way audio, person and vehicle detection, motion zones, smart playback, record scheduling, and IP66 weatherproof camera housing for outdoor installation.

Reolink RLK8-810B4-A Smart 4K Security Kit

A bullet camera makes it clear that the house is being watched, but if that isn’t enough of a deterrent, this camera offers various security features for additional safety. The finest PoE security camera system for the majority of households is the Reolink RLK8-810B4-A Smart 4K Security Kit, which combines traditional bullet cameras with a number of smart security capabilities.

Four PoE cameras, an eight-channel NVR with 2TB of storage (expandable to 12TB), the necessary cables to get going, a mounting template, and hardware are all included in this security kit. The cameras have an 87-degree field of vision and can record in 4K, and they have an IP66 weatherproof enclosure, making them appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use.

Other features include motion zones, audio recording, night vision up to 100 feet, video playback filters, schedules for recording, and person and vehicle identification. The Reolink software, which is accessible on computers and smartphones, makes it simple to access live streaming, video footage, and security measures.

Best Reolink PoE camera alternative

Annke C800 4K Zoom Bullet Camera

With a Sony EXIR image sensor, 4x optical zoom, and a 2.8-12mm varifocal (motorised) lens, this very flexible system produces stunning image quality that is still colour in as little as 0.018 Lux. As a result, a single camera may capture a huge area while appearing to onlookers to be essentially identical to other bullet cameras (it is somewhat larger than some), and the field of view can be adjusted remotely as needed or according to a predetermined schedule.

The camera is equipped with all of Annke’s behaviour analysis and artificial intelligence (AI) systems, including human recognition (to prevent pet or leaf movement alerts), scene change detection, and defocus detection, which can let you know if someone is tampering with the camera and can even be directly connected to the alarms. The former searches for certain behaviours such as crossing lines, entering restricted areas, exiting restricted areas, and object removal. It even has a more expensive sister model (Annke B1200) that can detect abandoned bags, indicating that “see it, say it, sorted” is almost fully automated.

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