XVIM 8ch 1080p security camera system reviews


Does XVIM 8ch 1080p security camera system have night vision? CVBS, HD-TVI, CVI, and AHD cameras are supported by the XVIM 8 channel 4-in-1 DVR. You have the option to add more security cameras thanks to it. You may add 4 more cameras to your security DVR system because the XVIM DVR can accommodate up to 8 pieces of 1080P or 720P camera. Reveal more in XVIM 8ch 1080p security camera system reviews.

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Pros & Cons


  • Records at least 1080p
  • Night vision was really clear
  • Lengthy Cables


  • The interface was difficult to use

Specs – XVIM 8ch 1080p security camera system

  • Four cameras and four security channels
  • Suitable for installation both indoors and outdoors, weatherproof
  • 720p x 1280p resolution
  • 30 high-intensity infrared LEDs
  • Includes 100-foot night vision, 720p real-time video, and H.264 Network AHD DVR
  • Feed accessible from computers and mobile devices
  • There are motion detection and low light modes.
  • Easy-to-use email notification system
  • Separate hard drive available

XVIM 8ch 1080p security camera system comparison

XVIM 8CH 1080P Security Camera System Home Security Outdoor 1TB Hard DriveXVIM 1080P Home Security Camera System with 1TB Hard Drive
Night VisionYesYes
Remote AccessYesYes
Motion DetectionYesYes
Email AlarmYesYes
Hard Drive Pre-installYes

XVIM 8ch 1080p security camera system reviews

Build & Design

XVIM 8ch 1080p security camera system package dimension is 14.06 x 13.82 x 6.85 inches, and weighs around 8.34 pounds. The cameras are fully adjustable, using screws on the hinge.

XVIM 8ch 1080p security camera system storage reviews

The cctv security DVR recorder comes pre-installed with a 1TB hard drive and is ready to record. You may set it up to record automatically, manually, or in response to motion. This system already had a 1TB hard disk installed; if you purchase a system without a hard drive and supply your own SATA hard drive, placing the hard drive in the DVR unit only requires unscrewing the cover (4 screws). The on-screen menus are uncomplicated and simple to navigate, and connecting to the internet for remote monitoring is equally uncomplicated.


The cameras’ quality is actually 1080p; they only provide live feeds that are incredibly clear during the day and at night. The user interface is simple to use and understand. Motion detection is accurate. The image can be viewed as a single image or you can see all four at once. The nighttime footage is of fairly high quality. The email setup is as simple as entering it into the system, and you will receive an email notifying you when motion is detected.

Night vision

Additionally good is the night vision. 4 PCS 1080P HD 2.0 Megapixel Security Cameras with IR Cut and 100-foot Night Vision are included with this home security system. Each security camera has 24 PCS IR LEDs with an 85-foot night vision range, allowing for round-the-clock surveillance.

XVIM 8ch 1080p security camera system Setup

The best and simplest approach to complete the setup is using the app. Both iPhone and Android users love the app’s functionality. Utilizing the XVR Pro app, remotely access recordings stored on a DVR. On your mobile devices, you can remotely watch at any time, anywhere. local HD TV or computer monitor playback For camera configuration, use the XVIM security camera app. Let’s look at how to install the application.

To use the app, connect the device with an Ethernet wire and establish internet connectivity. One end of the port should be plugged into the modem or router, and the other end should be plugged into the back device’s network port.

The DVR system should then be powered on. Upon system startup, a smart setup procedure for the monitor’s Windows screen is displayed. To begin downloading the XVR Pro app, scan the QR code. To add a device, create an account and scan the SN QR code on the device.

Remember to enter the proper device username and password that you previously set when the program has been installed. You can now view live feeds from the list of camera channels on the DVR. Review the footage by using the playback button. The time, channel, and date can be be chosen through the app, though. The program will therefore aid in searching captured video or footage.

Hence. The XVIM wireless security camera has been successfully set up. The XVIM security camera manual is available.

XVIM 8ch 1080p security camera system alternative

ZOSI 8CH Security Camera System

This Zosi 8-channel system, another wireless camera arrangement, records in Full HD and includes four weatherproof cameras that may be mounted outside on walls. Additionally, you can add a total of four additional cameras to the arrangement, including both dome and bullet models.

This model also has a clever app that allows you to view through your cameras and instantly record at any moment. On the flip side, occasionally, when motion detection is turned on, its cameras are extremely sensitive and emit alerts even if there is barely any movement outside.

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