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Top 5 Skylight Calendar alternatives

Top 5 Skylight Calendar alternatives

With hectic lifestyles in mind, Skylight Calendar is a touchscreen calendar that can be used by a team or household as a whole. It features a massive 15-inch screen and a redesigned, slimmer look, yet it functions exactly like the existing model. The calendar is the main feature, while there are a few other related ones like meal planning, chore schedules, and to-do lists. Are there any better Skylight Calendar alternatives?

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Is Hearth Display one of the top Skylight Calendar alternatives?

With features like a shared calendar, interactive to-do lists, and personalized routines, Hearth Display is a highly organized family hub that’s perfect for multi-person families. However, because of the company’s limited production, availability may be limited.

Keep tabs on the weather, your personal schedule, and even the dates of your next travels with your family wall calendar. You may help families stay organized by using your device to remind users of the kinds of occasions that often get missed on a regular calendar. These kinds of details are the little things that make family life unique.

The ideal family organization solution, Hearth Display transforms everyday routines and job management in your home by skillfully fusing design and utility. Specifically designed to fulfill the demands of a family, it includes a shared calendar for the home that synchronizes seamlessly, interactive to-do lists with encouraging streaks, and routines that are unique to each family member. These things provide a sense of exclusivity that makes you stand out from the crowd because of their restricted availability.

How about Echo Show 15 as Skylight Calendar alternatives?

If you’re searching for a smart, multipurpose family wall calendar, the Echo Show 15 is the best option. This gadget will simplify your life’s tasks with its voice control, clever integrations, and elegant design.

Among many other things, the Amazon Echo Show 15 is a robust and multipurpose smart screen that can be used as a calendar. It has a built-in Fire TV and a 15-inch display screen.

The cost of the Echo Show 15 is approximately $300, and there are other bundle options. For the most recent information on prices, please visit Amazon. Additionally, The Echo Show seamlessly integrates with Alexa, which makes managing your daily duties even simpler. Its integrated Fire TV feature also lets you stream your preferred media. As a screensaver, you can even use your own photos to appear on the screen.

Mango display – good as Skylight Calendar alternatives

Out of all of the alternatives, Mango Display is the most economical option. It is a great way to turn extra tablets or screens into a digital calendar for the family.

You can connect to the calendar services you already have on Google, Microsoft, Apple iCloud, Cozi, and other platforms. Which calendar app—Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, or web browser—do you use to add events? It is irrelevant. It appears on your Mango Display if it ends up on your calendar. Right away. Similar to Magic!

Mango Display is an incredibly affordable and powerful calendar app. With only a few clicks, you can set up, update, or alter your calendar by selecting its design. With Mango Display, you can display your calendar on a variety of screens, from big screen smart TVs to tiny tablets.Decrease tension and encourage greater family cooperation.

Utilize the Mango Display App on an Android/Fire tablet, Samsung TV, LG TV, Amazon Fire TV, or Android TV. Alternately, utilize any web browser on a PC, Raspberry Pi, Mac, iPad, or Smart TV as your display. Easy setup with a computer, tablet, or phone at

Photos can be streamed straight from your Apple iCloud or Google photo albums.automatically updates its display with new photographs. Take such pictures inside your house instead of on your phone. Every day, cherish those priceless memories. Additionally, watch breathtaking HD images of landscapes, buildings, or artwork on to stay motivated and inspired to take on the day!

Is DAKboard digital calendar worth buying?

A digital wall calendar is called DAKboard. Calendar syncing with Facebook, iCloud, Google, and other online calendar services is supported! To view the upcoming few days, select an agenda style, or see your events on a comprehensive monthly calendar. DAKboard is the ideal app for digital family planning!

A cutting-edge digital family wall calendar that works with homes and family routines smoothly is the DAKboard calendar. It offers a complete organizing solution by fusing feature-rich software with aesthetically pleasing hardware and a chic 24-inch wall display.

The state-of-the-art wall calendar DAKboard is perfect for those with sophisticated tastes in modern style and high needs. It caters to families, teams, and corporations alike with its extensive feature set and creative UI. This family calendar is a fantastic addition to any house or (home) office thanks to its elegant design, which guarantees both practicality and visual appeal.

DAKboard works great for office digital signage. Create stunning and educational welcome boards, building directories, conference room scheduling displays, and more with the custom layout editor. Display your signage on bigger TVs or your current screens by using the Dakboard CPU.

DAKboard is a digital image frame that you may “set it and forget it.” Enable your preferred photo-sharing platform, such Dropbox, Flickr, Instagram, or Google Photos, and use DAKboard to serve as a showcase for your digital artwork! Set it up to display your most recent images or select images from a particular album. Set it to rotate the image at any desired interval.

What is the best calendar app to share with family?

There are plenty of free and paid calendar apps on the market to consider.

Apple Calendar

You can use the Apple Calendar if you own an iPhone or any other Apple gadget. Google and Apple calendars can be used in similar ways. Both a calendar and a family name can be added. The calendar can be shared with other iCloud users.

Apple provides an app that is straightforward to set up and looks basic. Although iCloud allows calendar sharing, if you would rather use Google Calendar, you can sync your Apple Calendar with it.

Google Calendar

Using a Google calendar, you may make a calendar just for your family. To ensure that everyone involved is aware of what is happening in the family, you can ask others to join your calendar. Anyone invited to the calendar has the ability to add, modify, and remove events. You can use the Google Calendar on a PC or a mobile device.

Outlook Calendar

Another free calendar that you can use to maintain family organization is Outlook. Outlook is the tool of choice for many companies to manage their teams and meetings. You can organize events, designate busy times, and send out invitations for your events using the Outlook Calendar. One neat aspect of Outlook is that it establishes a hub for family communication once a family calendar is set up.

Cozi Calendar

The Cozi Calendar is designed with families in mind. This calendar can assist with each family member’s schedule for events, employment, and education. You may make chore charts and grocery lists that the whole family can use to help out around the house.

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