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Skylight Calendar vs Hearth Display – which is worth buying?

Skylight Calendar vs Hearth Display

The Skylight calendar can assist you in keeping track of your children’s duties if you assign them. You may schedule when the duties need to be done under the duties section. More crucial, though, is that you can schedule repetitive chore assignments. Hearth Display is an all-in-one solution designed specifically for families. Your purchase of Hearth Display includes the display and a wall mount for easy installation. Which is worth buying – Skylight Calendar vs Hearth Display?

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Pros & Cons

Skylight calendar


  • Simple to setup
  • Many features
  • The companion app is excellent.
  • Young people in need of a “smart” approach to monitor their chores


  • No battery power option

Hearth Display


  • Easy setup
  • Heather Helper app
  • new SMS AI-assistant


  • Higher subscription fees


Skylight Calendar

  • Frame display size: 15-inch touchscreen
  • Dimensions: 15.8″ x 9.9″ x 1.4″
  • Display resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels | 
  • Storage capacity: 8GB | 
  • Cloud service compatibility: Skylight
  • Screen size: 15” Diagonal
  • Storage space on device: 8GB

Hearth Display Calendar

  • WIDTH 16.5 in
  • HEIGHT 26.7 in
  • DEPTH 1.2 in
  • WEIGHT 16 lbs
  • INTERNET Dual-band 802.11 A/B/G/N Wi-Fi
  • POWER AC110-120V 50/60Hz

Skylight Calendar vs Hearth Display Price

Cal Max costs $599, which is a lot of money considering that the 10-inch model costs $159.99 and the 15-inch version costs $299.99, all of which have the same capabilities. The bigger screen and better design are worth a lot more money. Hearth Display is available at Hearth at $599, subject to stock availability and promotions.

What is the differences between – Skylight Calendar vs Hearth Display?



With little wall space and few outlets left in our apartment for the Hearth, which measures 16.5 inches wide and 26.7 inches high, we installed it in our bedroom in a high-traffic area.


With its 15″ HD touchscreen and free mobile app for updates while on the road, the entire family can simply plan and organize events with a variety of views and features. If you don’t want to place the contemporary white frame on your countertop, you have two mounting choices to choose from: putting it to your wall or on your countertop.


Setup was quick—minus a hiccup with my work email, which was not the Hearth’s fault—and I was able to invite my husband to share his calendar and color-code his schedule so that all of his events are in blue (mine are in pink). One thing to note: You can’t drag and drop events to change their timing; instead, you have to do that by way of your Google Cal, but you can add new ones via the touch screen. 

And it’s not just a calendar. You can also add to-dos for your family (my favorite passive aggressive move, hee-hee) and set up routines via the Hearth app.

Photo share


Instead of building a separate app for chore and task management, the company has built a Hearth Helper assistant accessible via email or SMS. You can send text messages or photos of schedules — like your kid’s weekly school program — to update the calendar. The 27-inch 1080p display runs Android on the back-end and comes in light wood, matte black and matte white frame options.


Every member of the family can transmit photos to the Skylight frame’s touchscreen display from anywhere, and the images will appear on the frame straight away. It’s intended to be the ideal digital photo frame for the whole family! The Skylight Calendar unifies all of your family’s calendar events across multiple apps to present them on a stunning touchscreen display.

Additionally, it offers tools for organization like the recently added Chore Chart function, which shows arranged lists of tasks for each person to complete so they can remain on top of housework! Meal preparation, list building of any kind, and the weather prediction for the time and place of your event are additional organizational tools!


Since this isn’t a multifunctional smart display like an Echo Show or Nest Hub, nobody can use it to watch Teen Titans Go! instead of looking back on their day’s activities. It is a device that is just used for your calendar. The calendar is the main feature, while there are a few other related ones like meal planning, chore schedules, and to-do lists. If you’d want, you can also have a photo screensaver, but after the first year, that will require an annual subscription costing $39 dollars.

In Hearth, the monthly subscription is $9 and it is expensive than Skylight.

Skylight Calendar vs Hearth Display reviews

My family is finally on board with time & task management!

As a mom and former educator, I’ve been on the lookout for tools that not only streamline our family life but also foster independence & teamwork. The Hwarth has exceeded these expectations with its intuitive interface and flexibility, quickly becoming an indispensable part of our daily routine. I appreciate that it’s not just about organizing schedules; it’s become a tool that’s taught my children the value of managing their own time & tasks which has proven difficult in the past. If you’re skeptical, wondering if this is just another gadget that promises more than it delivers, I get it. But from our experience, the Hearth Display has genuinely enhanced how we function as a family, promoting a sense of self-sufficiency & cooperation that eluded us until now. This has proven to be more than a piece of technology and has become a catalyst for growth & collaboration in our household. This for sure is an investment worth considering for families looking to simplify & streamline daily management

By Erin C. at Hearth Display

Skylight calendar 15-inch digital calendar and chore chart consumer review

So happy!

I bought this as a gift for my parents to keep all of us connected since we live apart and they raved about how much they love it, it was really special for them. And we love it just as much when we’re all together. It never gets old having our favorite photos in view, old memories or silly edits for a laugh, it’s always a key conversation point. On the technical side, I have no complaints either. I have the main account and have yet to encounter a single issue with multiple family members connecting and uploading their own photos. It’s almost effortless, my parents (tech knowledge is basically texts and email) were easily able to navigate it and upload photos as well. Worth it!


Skylight Calendar vs Hearth Display alternative

DAKboard digital calendar

A digital wall calendar is called DAKboard. Calendar syncing with Facebook, iCloud, Google, and other online calendar services is supported! To view the upcoming few days, select an agenda style, or see your events on a comprehensive monthly calendar. DAKboard is the ideal app for digital family planning!

A cutting-edge digital family wall calendar that works with homes and family routines smoothly is the DAKboard calendar. It offers a complete organizing solution by fusing feature-rich software with aesthetically pleasing hardware and a chic 24-inch wall display.

The state-of-the-art wall calendar DAKboard is perfect for those with sophisticated tastes in modern style and high needs. It caters to families, teams, and corporations alike with its extensive feature set and creative UI. This family calendar is a fantastic addition to any house or (home) office thanks to its elegant design, which guarantees both practicality and visual appeal.

DAKboard works great for office digital signage. Create stunning and educational welcome boards, building directories, conference room scheduling displays, and more with the custom layout editor. Display your signage on bigger TVs or your current screens by using the Dakboard CPU.

DAKboard is a digital image frame that you may “set it and forget it.” Enable your preferred photo-sharing platform, such Dropbox, Flickr, Instagram, or Google Photos, and use DAKboard to serve as a showcase for your digital artwork! Set it up to display your most recent images or select images from a particular album. Set it to rotate the image at any desired interval.

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