Reolink Smart 5MP 8ch home security camera system review


Is Reolink camera secure? With enhanced 5MP HD, finding potential criminals has never been so simple. You can secure your property and loved ones even at night thanks to modern IR light technology that allows you to see up to 100 feet in the dark. simple to install and configure Very great options and a user interface for Windows clients, mobile apps, and web-based clients. Know more benefits in Reolink Smart 5MP 8ch home security camera system review.

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In the box

  • 1 × 8CH RLN8-410 NVR
  • D500 4 x 5MP PoE cameras
  • 1 USB mouse, 1 48V NVR adapter, and 1 1M Cable Cat 5
  • 18M Cat5 cable, 5 x
  • 1 HDMI cable, 1M long
  • 1 brochure for the quick start guide

Pros & Cons

  • 18 LED infrared lights
  • Resolution of 5 MP
  • Frames per second of 30
  • 100-foot night vision range
  • microSD card reader
  • No Alexa and Google Assistant integrations

Reolink Smart 5MP 8ch home security camera system Specs

  • Model RLK8-410B4-5MP of the Reolink Series
  • NVR Kit is a typical NVR kit.
  • Camera Type IP Camera
  • Camera Inputs PoE IP Camera x 8 Audio Input 8 Channel Video Input cameras with internal microphones that compress recordings Resolution
  • Display H.264, H.265 Video Output VGA, HDMI Audio Output 1-channel • VGA: 19201080, 1440900, 12801024, 1280800, 1280720, 1024768 • HDMI: 38402160, 19201080, 1440900, 12801024, 1280720
  • Internal HDD 2TB built-in; 12TB maximum (Max. 6TB capacity for each HDD)
  • 2TB HDD storage capacity
  • HTTP, TCP/IP, UDP, DHCP, P2P, RTSP, SMTP, SSL/TLS, DNS, DDNS, NTP, and FTP are examples of network protocols.
  • Running System Smartphone: iOS, Android; PC: Windows, Mac OS
  • Power Source Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) DC 48V/1.875-2.5A Yes


The entire setup, including the cameras, NVR, and extras, only cost $340. Even better, each extra camera we purchased cost us less than $50.

Compare Reolink Smart 5MP 8ch home security camera system

Smart featuresPerson/vehicle detection
Resolution4MP (2560×1440);
5MP (2560×1920)
5MP (2560×1920)5MP (2560×1920)
Cameras provided4MP (4 B400 PoE cams) or
5MP (4 B500 PoE cams)
2 B500 + 2 D500 PoE cams4 RLC-520 PoE cams
Cameras supportedUp to 8 camsUp to 8 camsUp to 8 cams
Local storage (NVR)Built-in 2TB HDDBuilt-in 2TB HDDBuilt-in 2TB HDD
Maximal storage capacity8TB (4TB via SATA, 4TB via e-SATA)8TB (4TB via SATA, 4TB via e-SATA)8TB (4TB via SATA, 4TB via e-SATA)
PowerPoE (Power over Ethernet)PoE (Power over Ethernet)PoE (Power over Ethernet)
Work with Reolink camsUp to 4K 8MPUp to 4K 8MPUp to 4K 8MP
Source : Reolink

Reolink Smart 5MP 8ch home security camera system review


The cameras are of exceptional quality. The equipment came complete and neatly wrapped. The cameras and NVR seem to be built using high-quality materials.


The packaging dimensions of the Reolink 8CH 5MP PoE Home Security camera system are 14.57 x 10.63 x 11.42 inches. They have a very wide angle, so I can zoom in live or on video and see objects clearly even at distances of 70 to 100 feet. Only an 80-degree viewing angle is used to keep the fish eye downward. Therefore, to get the necessary coverage, you might need extra cameras.


The PoE video surveillance kit supports all cameras for simultaneous and continuous recording and has a 2TB hard drive and up to 8TB of storage. Continually record footage without pausing.

A new 2TB HDD has been placed in the 8CH NVR. In order to make room for new data, users can also arrange their NVR to automatically overwrite older videos. Alternatively, you can export the video files to a USB drive.

The existing 2TB HDD may be upgraded to 6TB, and a second 6TB external HDD can be connected to the NVR through an eSATA port to increase its storage capacity to 12TB.


When compared to 1080P, 2MB, and 4MB cameras, the photos are noticeably crisper. Video picture clarity is excellent and far superior to that of Ring devices. Buttery-smooth films are produced when you record at 30 frames per second; there are no jerky or frozen moments in the video.

Night vision

The night vision performs admirably. At night, the IR distance can illuminate the entire area without producing any black areas. If the camera is 50 feet away and in direct focus, you can read license plates.

Motion detection

Vehicles and people can both be recognized by smart PoE IP cameras. Reolink’s video system is equipped with sensors that may pick up on any movement that occurs inside the house. The device will warn the customer as soon as it notices something out of the ordinary and notify him. He is able to take any action he sees fit in this fashion.

Every every camera has a specific motion zone you can specify. After the zone is established, you can alter the sensitivity as well as when and how you want notifications to be sent to you (e-mail, push alerts, alarm on the NVR). Additionally, you can create custom time blocks where you can change the motion sensitivity. On the iPhone, alerts are sent promptly and without delay each time.


Four dome cameras with a 60 foot Ethernet wire each were part of the Reolink 5 MP PoE camera system. The setup procedure involved plugging in the NVR and connecting the cameras to it with Ethernet wires, as is customary when installing PoE cameras. But the camera’s ability to be adjusted easily after installation was what we appreciated most about it. The camera’s base allowed for unrestricted rotation and an upward and downward tilt of up to 70 degrees. This made it simple for us to change the viewing angle while the camera was active by referring to the live stream.


The phone app’s functionality has been carefully considered. It’s simple to zoom in and flick through the cameras and options. We can assign users to each phone by just scanning the code on the NVR.

Reolink Smart 5MP 8ch home security camera system consumer review

Complete system, easy setup and good quality

The cameras showed good shooting quality, both in bright light and in the dark. The infrared rays (which when turned on turn red) manage to illuminate for almost 10 meters in full darkness, and the image is perfectly legible. The body looks well made, resistant and solid to the touch. POE power supply is very convenient and simplifies installation, because just a single cable.
The NVR is very compact and supports up to 8 cameras simultaneously. Internally it has a router with which it creates a sub-network dedicated exclusively to cameras. It also has an ethernet port with which it can be connected to a router to be controlled by a PC (in fact it acts as a NAT / Firewall towards the cameras).
The software is really complete: it allows you to set the parameters of the cameras (brightness, etc …), to define the areas on which to activate the motion detection and their sensitivity, to schedule the times in which to activate the alarms, to define a continuous recording or prompted by the capture of a movement. It is able to give alarms with buzzer or via email. The model that I took was equipped with a 2 TB HD (1.8 after formatting), supports SMART diagnostics and can send an alarm when the hard disk is full or damaged. Supports 2 monitors simultaneously (1 HDMI and 1 VGA), in addition to the network connection. Finally, it allows you to define multiple users with different permissions (for example one of administration and others with the only view of the video). The only flaw, the software is not translated into Italian.
In short, I consider it a product with a high quality-price ratio. Recommended.

By Ken7788 at Reolink

Reolink Smart 5MP 8ch home security camera system alternative

ZOSI 8CH Security Camera System

This Zosi 8-channel system, another wireless camera arrangement, records in Full HD and includes four weatherproof cameras that may be mounted outside on walls. Additionally, you can add a total of four additional cameras to the arrangement, including both dome and bullet models.

This model also has a clever app that allows you to view through your cameras and instantly record at any moment. On the flip side, occasionally, when motion detection is turned on, its cameras are extremely sensitive and emit alerts even if there is barely any movement outside.

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