BougeRV Level 2 EV charger reviews – does it charge fast?


Can BougeRV Level 2 EV charger withstand in adverse weather? Does it have charging status indicator? The ev charging cable is rugged and robust, equipped with overvoltage, overheat and overcurrent protection. The indicating light on the charging station helps to show the various stages of charging and to warn of possible errors. Utilizing the standard J1772 charging protocol, this ev charger cable cable is compatible with major electric vehicles with J1772 plug. Get more in BougeRV Level 2 EV charger reviews.

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Compatibility – BougeRV Level 2 EV charger

The plugs are compatible with major EV with J1772 connectors such as BMW, Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf, Ford, Mitsubishi, and more. Plugs into the dryer, RV outlets, or standard wall outlets with appropriate charging adapters.

  • 2010-2018 Nissan Leaf, Nissan eNV-2000
  • Chevy Bolt EV, Chevrolet Volt, Chevy Spark
  • BMW i3 and i8 and BMW x5
  • Mercedes B Class Electric Drive
  • Toyota Prius Plug-In, Prius Prime, Toyota Rav4 EV
  • Ford Focus Electric, Ford C-Max Energy, Ford Fusion Energy
  • Fiat 500e, Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid, VW eGolf, Kia Soul EV, Honda Accord Plug-In Hybrid, Honda Fit EV, Honda Clarity
  • Tesla Model S, 3, and X (*with Tesla supplied adapter)
  • ZERO motorcycles (2015 and newer with J1772), Brammo motorcycle
  • Smart Electric Drive, Karma Fisker, Mitsubishi iMiev
  • Porsche Cayenne S-E, Porsche Panamera S-E

BougeRV Level 2 EV charger reviews


Integrated with a 25 feet long charging cable which allows you to easily connect your electric vehicle to the outlet without much effort on the cable. Among other things, these electric car battery chargers feature an LED control box that has excellent performance. It has overheat, overcurrent, and overvoltage protection.

NEMA 6-20 plug

The BougeRV Level 2 Portable Electric Vehicle Charger are another good option to consider as they feature a 240V connection to a NEMA 6-20 plug, but they also feature a 110V NEMA 5 – 15P charging adapter for level 1 charging. These chargers have a 16 A output which equals 3.84kW for 240V connections and 1.76 kW for 110V connections.

LED indicator

Its LED charge status indicators ensure that you know exactly when your vehicle is fully charged and ready to be used again, meaning it’s not sat on charge unnecessarily and won’t cause your electricity bill to shoot up.


Highly resistance

it can be used during extreme heat and cold periods. You can use your charger between -22°F and 122°F. It’s so well-designed that you’ll be able to use this fantastic charging cable safely absolutely anywhere in the world and ensure that you’ll never get stuck out in dangerous conditions.

Compare Level 1 vs Level 2 plug

 Level 1Level 2Level 3
Voltage Supply110V/120V220V/240V480V
Power Output RangeUp to 3kW3-22kW50-150kW
Charging times9-16 hours3-8 hours<1h
Wall OutletsNEMA 5-15/ NEMA 5-20/NEMA L5-15NEMA 6-15 / NEMA 6-20/ NEMA 6-30/ NEMA 6-50 / NEMA 14-50/ NEMA 14-30/ NEMA 10-30Industrial/commercial application
Connector typeJ1772J1772CHAdeMO or SAE Combo

Alternate of BougeRV Level 2 EV charger

Megear/Zencar Level 1-2 NEMA6-20

 megear/zencar level 1-2 nema6-20 - alternate of BougeRV Level 2 EV charger reviews

Key Features:

  • Level 2 charger that works with 120V adapter
  • Rated for indoor use
  • 25 feet charging cord

Key Specifications:

  • Electric current: 16 amp
  • Input voltage: 240V/120V – NEMA 6-20 / NEMA 5-15 outlet
  • Power: 3.86 kW (level 2)/ 1.92kW (level 1)

These electric car battery chargers are designed to be a level 2 model with the capacity to provide 16 amps at 240V which is equal to 3.86 kW. This translates in a speed of charge that is equal to 11 miles per hour. This means that a typical electric car like the Ford Fusion C-Max or the Nissan Leaf can be charged between 2.5 and 6.5 hours.

A very interesting option among charging stations as the Megear/Zencar Level 1-2 NEMA6-20 is a level 2 charger that can be adapted to become a level 1 EV charger.

The interesting feature of the Megear/Zencar model is that it allows you to install a 3-foot charging adapter to be plugged into a conventional 120V wall outlet. The purpose of this adapter is to allow the users that do not have, and that for any reason, cannot install a 240V outlet in their garage.

The Megear/Zencar charging stations include a 25 feet charge cord and have multiple protection ratings for their cable as IP55 waterproof, leakage and overheat protection, as well as flame resistance.

However, you must know that by doing so, you will be drastically reducing the capacity of your charger and the speed of charge will be severely affected. As an example, while a BWM I series vehicle could be charged in 6 hours with the 240V input, by using the adapter it would increase the charge time to 16.5 hours.

TurboCord 240V Portable

side facing turbocord 240v portable

Key Features:

  • UL-listed
  • Cable length: 20 feet
  • 3-year warranty

Key Specifications:

  • Electric current: 16 amps
  • Input voltage: 240V
  • Power: 3.84kW

Simple and yet reliable, the TurboCord 240V Portable home EV chargers are able to provide up to 16 amps when they are connected to a 240V NEMA 6-20 outlet, this translates into 3.84kW power capacity that charges three times faster than using a conventional level 1 charger.

Among other additional features of these charging stations, they include a portable case along with a cable hanger for easy installation and transportation to any place. The cable length of the charger is 20 feet and the brand (Webasto) provides up to a 3-year warranty.

The TurboCord is UL-listed and is compatible with all North American electric cars and hybrid vehicles as well since it is designed with the J1772 protocol. This allows it to charge renowned models such as the BMWi3 (in just 6 hours), the Kia Soul EV (in 7 hours) or the Tesla Model 3 (in 13 hours).

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