EvoCharge EVSE Level 2 electric vehicle charging station review


Can you use EvoCharge EVSE Level 2 electric vehicle charging station as Tesla Charger? It is compatible with all Electric Vehicles and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles sold in the United States and Canada. Including: Chevy Bolt, Nissan Leaf, Ford Fusion, BMW i3, Chevy Volt, Toyota Prius, Tesla (with adapter). With a simple interface and no activation required, the EvoCharge EVSE can be plugged into a 240v outlet or can be hardwired by a professional electrician. Get more in EvoCharge EVSE Level 2 electric vehicle charging station review.

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There are three primary types of EV Chargers; Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. Level 3 are also known as DC Fast Chargers, they can charge your vehicle in just 20 minutes, but they are also not for home installation. So, for home installation, you have the choice of Level 1 or Level 2 charging. 

Specs – EvoCharge EVSE Level 2 electric vehicle charging station

  • Connection: Plug-in, NEMA 6-50, Wall-Mount
  • Power Level: 240V
  • Amperage: 32A
  • Cable Length: 18′
  • Safety Certification: UL Listed
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Made in: USA

Pros & Cons – EvoCharge EVSE Level 2 electric vehicle charging station


  • Certified by ENERGY STAR and UL-listed
  • The unit is weather- and water-proof
  • The unit is safe and very easy to use
  • Capable of charging faster than a standard Level 1 charger
  • The charging unit has a very elegant design
  • The unit works on all PHEVs and EVs
  • The engineering of the unit is very innovative
  • Packed with a holster


  • The unit may be a bit on the expensive side

EvoCharge EVSE Level 2 electric vehicle charging station review


It is relatively compact size. It is big enough to be wall mounted, but small enough that I can carry it around very easily. I compared this unit to the Siemens, but the Siemens was just too big and heavy for my purposes, and the Siemens also has a slightly lower top charging capacity. 


The indicator light on the charger is bright and can be easily seen at night and during the day if the sun isn’t directly on it. This makes it easy to see if the charge is complete.


The unit comes with very heavy duty cables. The charging cable is available in two length variants – 18-feet and 25-feet. This will allow you to park your car anywhere within this distance or install the charger at an uncomfortable place.


As a separate part, they supply a wall mountable holster for the charging plug. This is attached separately from the unit, so you can put it anywhere, and the top of it is also designed so you can loop the cable over the holster instead of on top of the white box

Charge speed

The EvoCharge EV charger can charge your electric car approximately 8X the speed of Level 1 chargers. The unit’s output is 7.6kW and can provide you 25-35 miles per hour charged. Additionally, you also have the choice of a quick charger if you are quickly heading out for an emergency.

NEMA 6-50 plug

It’s an easy to install home EV charger with a standard NEMA 6-50 plug and comes with a universal mounting bracket for wall mounting, as well as post mount or the ability to mount to any other structure. It supports multiple current ratings (20A, 30A, 40A) so you can adjust the maximum output current (16A, 24A, 32A). The charger is NEMA 4 outdoor and indoor rated and can also be hardwired.


The instructions were very clear and easy to follow. The wall-mount installation was simple, both for the main charging unit and the very convenient plug-in connector holder, which also doubles as a rack for spooling the main charger cable. 


This charging unit is known to work perfectly with all-electric vehicles like KIA, Ford, Honda, Volt, Fiat, Spark, Chevrolet Bolt, BMW, Cadillac ELR, and Audi.

Alternate of EvoCharge EVSE Level 2 electric vehicle charging station

Siemens VersiCharge Home Charger

siemens us2 versicharge universal home ev charger - alternate of EvoCharge EVSE Level 2 electric vehicle charging station

.Pros/Multiple versions available, Level 2 charger, flexible control, three-year warranty

Cons/Delayed charging isn’t compatible with all vehicles

The Siemens VersiCharge is available in three models: Hardwire, Universal, and Smart Grid. The Hardwire model is the most affordable of the three, but must be directly wired into your electrical panel for indoor applications.

The Universal model is the VersiCharge’s best value offering, as a plug-and-play solution that can work indoors and outdoors. Lastly, the Smart Grid is like the Universal model in that it’s plug-and-play, but also is a WiFi connected charger so you can use an iOS or Android app to remotely control the charger.

Manufactured in California, the Siemens charger also offers flexible control with pause and 2/4/6/8-hour delay functions accessible from the front of the charger, although the delayed charging may not work for all vehicles. It includes a mounting bracket, charging cable, and NEMA 6-50 plug for the Universal and Smart Grid models. One of the biggest benefits to this charger is that it comes with an industry-leading three-year warranty.

All three chargers have a power output of 240V x 30A, which equals 7.2 kW. The Hardwire version comes with a 14-foot cable, while the Universal and Smart Grid models feature a 20-foot cable. Since it is a Level 2 charger, it offers approximately four times faster charging than Level 1, and works with all J1772 complying cars as well as Tesla vehicles using Tesla’s charging adapter. Regardless of the model you choose, you’ll need a two-pole, 40A circuit breaker. The charger measures 14.5-inches wide by 16-inches tall by 6.5-inches deep.

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