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Juicebox 32 Next Generation smart electric vehicle (EV) charging station review

Juicebox 32 Next Generation smart electric vehicle (EV) charging station review

Can you charge fast your EV with Juicebox 32? Get notified when your car stops charging, set up a daily charging routine, or get reminded to plug in your car when life gets too busy. Get more in Juicebox 32 Next Generation smart electric vehicle (EV) charging station review. With up to 6x faster charging, pend less time waiting for your EV to charge and more time enjoying the drive. Control and monitor charging remotely over WiFi with our free smartphone app.

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Built on the universal J1772 charging standard, JuiceBox is a Level 2 charging station (240V required) that can power all electric vehicles on the market today, including Teslas via an adapter.

Pros & Cons


  • Long 25′ charging cable.
  • Case has a locking mechanism.
  • Built in cable and plug holder
  • Internet controllable for charging times, etc.


  • Locking mechanism to the mounting plate is flimsy with little contact.
  • Owners manual not updated from old model.
  • Internet instructions are poor.
  • Case changed from metal to plastic
  • The J1772 is a loose fit

Current versions

The new JuiceBox is currently available in 32-amp and 40-amp varieties, with a 48-amp version coming to market very soon and can be ordered with a NEMA 14-50 plug, or as a hardwired device. As with the older JuiceBox, the new versions are WiFi-connected smart chargers and come with the JuiceNet app

Juicebox 32 Next Generation smart electric vehicle (EV) charging station review


 JuiceBox 2.0 has an entirely new look with a built-in connector holster and cable management system attached below the housing for the electronics.  JuiceBox Pro 32 is small, measuring 10 by 6 by 3.5 inches. It’s also Energy Star certified and UL listed.

LED indicator

The new, more stylish look of the JuiceBox included an LED bar across the bottom of the main unit that changes color depending on whether the car is currently charging, finished charging, or idle between charging events. We tested the JuiceBox in our indoor facility and the LEDs looked clear and bright.


Thanks to an extra-long output cable, you don’t have to park super close to the EVSE to charge your car battery. A J-plug is attached to the cable, allowing you to charge almost every current electric vehicle model on the market. The charging box is designed to withstand harsh outdoor elements, and you can take advantage of the JuicePoints rewards program.

A Universal J-Plug

The JuiceBox Pro 32 is equipped with a J1772 plug that can charge any electric vehicle model, including a Tesla if you use a Tesla adapter. The J-plug is attached to an output cable that’s 24 feet in length, which is incredibly long for an EVSE cable. In addition, the Pro 32 comes with an aluminum mount for cable organization.

Security lock

It also comes standard with a security lock, mainly in case the unit is installed outside in a public place and the cable is now 25 feet, 1 foot longer than previous models. Previously, if you had a JuiceBox and wanted to securely lock it into place, you needed to purchase the security locking bracket for $39.99. 

Charging time

Recharging your EV won’t take all day. The JuiceBox Pro 32 is rated at 7.7 kilowatt-hours. Considering that the charging station sends 32 amps of current at its maximum output, you can charge your car in as little as 4 hours. Of course, the time will vary according to the model of EV and the battery level when you start charging it. An onboard indicator light tells you when the EVSE is in charging mode.

App – Juicebox 32 Next Generation smart electric vehicle (EV) charging station review

The home page of the app also doesn’t make much sense. It defaults to a map, but in North America there really aren’t any JuiceBox/Exel charging stations, so the map feature is completely useless.

So it’s only effective use is for monitoring your home charging, or scheduling charge time during of peak hours when your costs could be lower. However, even though it claims to be compatible with Alexa, and it does have WiFi, but the current version of the app has been getting hung up every time I try to update the charging schedule. I tried deleting and reinstalling the app, rebooting my phone, using different WiFi options on my router (standard vs 5.0G), and even went wireless – and the home charging feature refuses to load.

They all still use the JuiceNet smart-charging platform, allowing the user to schedule charging, view current and past charging session data. You can also limit the power the JuiceBox provides to the vehicle, should you have the need or desire to do so. 

It can send you notifications. You can set the JuiceBox app to say,” Hey, at 10 o’clock, if i’m not plugged in, send me a message to remind me to plug in”.


are Amazon Alexa and Google Home and/or Assistant compatible. The JuiceBox is also one of the few EVSE that has the capability to participate in utility demand response programs, which can save owners a lot of money. 

You can also still load-share with the JuiceBox, which means you can install more than one JuiceBox on a single circuit. 

Juicebox 32 Next Generation smart electric vehicle (EV) charging station Customer review     

Taking your at-home charging to the next level, level 2 to be exact

Our JuiceBox installed easily (we had an electrician add the plug and circuit a few weeks earlier) and I was able to add the app to my phone and get it set up within about 5 mins. The box is connected to our wifi and this allows me to coordinate my charging to avoid peak rates. So far I have found it to be so easy – plus the charging nozzle plugs into a bracket when not in use, so the area looks tidy. I am very happy with this purchase, my charging time at level 2 is around 2.5 hrs, it used to be about 6 hrs at level 1. My car is a Plug-In Hybrid – I bought the JuiceBox in preparation for my next car which will be 100% EV. Many of the EVs take 14+ hrs to charge at level 1 and level 2 decreases that charging time significantly.

by happy driver on enel X

Alternate of Juicebox 32 Next Generation smart electric vehicle (EV) charging station

JuiceBox Pro 40 Smart Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station With WiFi – 40 Amp

JuiceBox Pro 40 Smart Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station with WiFi - 40 amp Level 2 EVSE, 24-foot cable, NEMA 14-50 plug, UL and Energy Star Certified, Indoor / Outdoor Use

The Juicebox Pro 40 EV charger is a perfect solution for fast charging. With this EV charger, you can control the charging times by knowing and avoiding the peak electric demand/rates.

This is a high-power, 10kW, 40 amp EV charging station, ideal for Indoor or outdoor installation.


  • LED indication for connectivity, power and charging status
  • 24-foot cable
  • JuiceBox Pro 40 Installation is simple
  • Controllable with Smartphone app
  • Voice control through Amazon Alexa
  • Durable and waterproof aluminum enclosure

JuiceBox Pro 75A WiFi-Equipped Plug-in Electric Vehicle Charging Station

JuiceBox (Black, 32 Amp Hardwire…

This powerful 75-amp JuiceBox Pro is capable of charging almost every EV battery. It works well, irrespective of the size of your vehicle’s battery. Hence, it quickly charges any EV currently produced in the world. It automatically adjusts the power in accordance with the requirement of each EV.

JuiceBox Pro 75A offers much faster charging. It has some of the most advanced charge control features. You can take advantage of WiFi connectivity, notifications, scheduling, and energy metering.


  • High capacity 75-amp
  • Comes with 24-foot cable and Input Whip for hardware installation
  • WiFi connectivity, Energy metering, Charge scheduling
  • Smartphone and web-based app for charge control
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa
  • Ideal for commercial and residential charging

JuiceBox Pro 40 Lite: 40 Amp UL Listed

JuiceBox 40 Smart Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station with WiFi - 40 amp Level 2 EVSE, 25-Foot Cable, UL & Energy Star Certified, Indoor/Outdoor Use (NEMA 14-50 Plug, Gray)

JuiceBox Pro 40 Lite is a high capacity, 10kW, 40A Level-2 EV charging station. Ideal for Indoor or outdoor installation and comes with a cable management mount. This EV charger is Energy Star certified, as it helps you to manage the charge time.

It can be easily mounted to a bracket for hassle-free charging. On the contrary, you can also use it as a portable EV charger by removing its mounting brackets. It shows full compatibility with almost any EV models.

JuiceBox Pro 40 Lite can automatically adjust the amps to the required level. It detects the acceptability of your electric vehicle and recharges it accordingly.


  • Maximum power output up to 40 amps
  • Can be used as a mounted or portable charging station
  • Energy star certified
  • NEMA 14-50 plug and 24-foot cable included
  • Installation is easy (Similar to Juicebox Pro 40 Installation)

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