COLZER 232 PPD commercial dehumidifier reviews

COLZER 232 PPD commercial dehumidifier reviews
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This COLZER 232 PPD commercial dehumidifier features with automatic humidistat, automatic restart after power outages, auto defrost, 1-24 hours AUTO ON/OFF timer and continuous drainage (6.56 ft drain hose included) for effortless humidity control. This high-efficiency dehumidifier operates at a high airflow rate of 353 CFM for rapidly eliminating moisture in large spaces up to 8,000 sq ft, like basements, warehouses, garages, shops, and many other commercial and industrial institutions. Find here everything you need to know in COLZER 232 PPD commercial dehumidifier reviews.

Applicable Places

  • Large basements, warehouses, garages, attic, etc.
  • Any area affected by high humidity from flooding or water leakage
  • Office, workshop, schools, supermarkets, restaurants, gymnasiums, etc.
  • Museums, libraries, art galleries, archives, computer rooms, labs, etc.

Specifications – COLZER 232 PPD commercial dehumidifier

  • Max. Coverage Area: 8,000 sq. ft.
  • Item:23.4 x 21.7 x 38 inches
  • Item Weight:105.82 Pounds
  • Capacity :232 Pints
  • Rated Power: 1400W
  • Power Source: 110V-120V ~60Hz
  • Rated Current: 12A
  • Refrigerant: R410A (20.5 oz)
  • Max. Humidity Removal: 232 Pints/Day
  • Humidity Setting Range: 10% – 98% (increment of 1%)
  • Operating Temperature Range: 41-95℉

Key features – COLZER 232 PPD commercial dehumidifier

  • Dent-resistant Metal Housing
  • Automatic Humidistats
  • Drain Hose Included
  • 24 Hrs Timer
  • Auto Defrsot
  • Power Outage Restart
  • Auto Error Detection
  • ETL and FCC listed

Compare COLZER 232 PPD commercial dehumidifier (reviews)

Max. Moisture Removal/Day30 Pints70 Pints140 Pints232 Pints
Max. Coverage Area1,056 Sq.Ft.4,000 Sq.Ft.6,000 Sq.Ft.8,000 Sq.Ft.
Bucket Size0.5 Gallon1.2 Gallon2.1 GallonNot Applicable
Auto Defrost
Operating Temperature41°F-95°F41°F-95°F41°F-95°F41°F-95°F
Drain Tube Included
Air Circulation112 CFM (190 CMH)112 CFM (190 CMH)206 CFM (350 CMH)353 CFM (600 CMH)
Dry Clothes ModeNot Applicable
Product Dimensions12.2 * 8.2 * 17.3 (inch)11.4*11.4*23.8 (inch)13.3*13.3*28.7 (inch)23.4*21.7*38 (inch)
Product Weight24.9 lbs31 lbs50.7 lbs105.8 lbs

COLZER 232 PPD commercial dehumidifier reviews


  • Commercial Dehumidifier Powered By 1,400 W (Most Powerful Unit)
  • Big 232 PPD capacity at saturation levels; it can cover up to 8,000 sq ft
  • Powerful 353 CFM airflow
  • Low price (below $1,100) for such a big unit


  • Low energy efficiency (1.55 L/kWh)
  • Draws quite a bit of electricity; needs 12 Amps to run
  • Quite loud
COLZER 232 PPD commercial dehumidifier reviews
COLZER 232 PPD commercial dehumidifier reviews


Maximum Capacity At 90% rel. humidity:232 Pints (29 Gallons per day)
AHAM Capacity At 60-80% rel. humidity:110 Pints (13.75 Gallons per day)
Energy Factor (COP), Power:1.55 L/kWh, 1400W (115V, 12 Amps)
Noise levels:NaN
Coverage Area:Up to 8,000 sq ft
Air Flow:353 CFM
Weight:106 lbs
COLZER 232 PPD commercial dehumidifier reviews

It is powered by 1400 W; you’ll rarely see a dehumidifier, even one for industrial or commercial use, to have more than 1000 W wattage. The COLZER 232 draws 12 Amps when running.

The COLZER 232 is big. It weighs 106 lbs and has a 110 Pint AHAM capacity. With the maximum capacity of 232 PPD (or 29 GPD), it’s only overshadowed by the #1 Aprilaire 1870 XL Pro. However, when you look at the electrical power, the COLZER 232 PPD commercial dehumidifier is the most powerful commercial dehumidifier.

Other specs are big as well; the COLZER 232 can cover an area up to 8,000 sq ft because it has a big 353 CFM airflow.

The powerful unit should equal a high-capacity unit, right? Well, sadly, this is not the case with this unit. In essence, it doesn’t use all those 1400 W of energy wisely. With a low energy efficiency of 1.55 L/kWh, it can deliver 110 PPD AHAM capacity. With is quite big, mind you, but not as big as it could have been if the energy-efficiency was better.

All in all, COLZER 232 might not be as energy-efficient as other dehumidifiers, but it has a very low price for such a big unit. For a price of a bit more than $1,000, you’re getting a 110 AHAM capacity commercial dehumidifier.

Cleaning the Dehumidifier

Clean the dehumidifier body with a soft damp cloth. Do not submerge or place water on
the dehumidifier or control panel. Water may damage the electronic components of the
dehumidifier. Do not use chemical solvents such as benzene, alcohol, gasoline or other
heavy-duty cleaners. The surface may become damaged or deformed.

Cleaning the Air Filter

The working performance of the dehumidifier will be greatly reduced if the filters become
blocked. The air filter should be cleaned approximately every 2 weeks and may require
more frequent cleaning if there is significant dander or fur in the air. The air filter is
located behind the inlet grill. Follow the steps below to take the filter out:

  • To remove the grill: Hold the top part of both sides of the inlet grill and then pull upward to take the grill out, as illustrated below.
  • To remove the air filter: Grasp the filter tab on the bottom of the filter, pull up for about 1 inch and then pull the filter obliquely down to take the whole filter out, as illustrated below.

Follow the steps below to clean the filter:

  • Use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment to remove any large debris or dust
    build-up from the air filter.
  • Wash the filter in lukewarm, soapy water, below 40°C (104°F), or use a neutral cleaning
  • Rinse the filter with clean water and dry thoroughly.
  • Re-install the filter.

NOTE: DO NOT operate the dehumidifier without a filter because dirt and lint will clog it, reducing performance

Alternate of COLZER 232 PPD commercial dehumidifier

Aprilaire 1870 XL Pro (Best Commercial Dehumidifier Of 2021)


  • Absolute best commercial dehumidifier in 2021
  • Highest max. and AHAM capacity (250 Pints and 130 Pint, respectively)
  • With an energy factor of 2.9 L/kWh, it’s the most energy-efficient industrial dehumidifier
  • Perfect airflow-noise level combination (powerful 310 CFM airflow with only 50 dB noise levels)
  • Made in the USA from high-grade aluminum coils


  • Higher price reflects the superior specifications
best industrial sized dehumidifier for places with high humidity
Maximum Capacity At 90% rel. humidity: 250 Pints (31.25 Gallons per day)
AHAM Capacity At 60-80% rel. humidity:130 Pints (16.25 Gallons per day)
Energy Factor (COP), Power:2.9 L/kWh, 996W (115V, 8.3 Amps)
Noise levels:50 dB
Coverage Area:2,500 to 7,200 sq ft
Air Flow:310 CFM
Weight:113 lbs

Out of all commercial dehumidifiers, the Aprilaire 1870 XL Pro stands out as the absolute best unit to get. Besides all the coveted secondary specs, the most important Aprilaire 1870 XL Pro specs are the ones that matter the most:

  • Highest AHAM capacity (130 Pints). The Aprilaire 1870 XL Pro can remove more than 16 gallons of water per day at 60-80% relative humidity. No other industrial dehumidifier comes even close.
  • The highest energy-efficiency factor of 2.9 L/kWh. This device is designed to use electricity wisely. In fact, it’s about 80% more energy-efficient than most common large-area dehumidifiers.

With the incredible 130 Pint AHAM capacity, the Aprilaire 1870 XL Pro can remove excess moisture in areas covering from 2,500 to 7,200 sq ft. You can easily use it to reduce humidity in a warehouse or use it as a whole-house dehumidifier.

It performs exceptionally well at high humidity – 90% or saturation levels. Its maximum capacity is 250 Pints – more than any other commercially available dehumidifier; in ideal conditions, it can pump out more than 30 gallons per day.

Aprilaire 1870 XL Pro is powered by 996 W; that’s 115V with 8.3 Amps. It’s built from corrosion-resistant aluminum coils and manufactured in the USA.

What is more, it has a powerful 310 CFM airflow, yet it’s incredibly quiet. The maximum noise level reaches only 50 dB; some less powerful commercial dehumidifiers have can maximum noise levels above 55 dB.

Every specification you look at speaks about Aprilaire 1870 XL Pro being the best commercial dehumidifier. The one drawback of every exception device is the higher price, and the Aprilaire 1870 XL Pro is no exception. It does have a premium cost.

Aprilaire 1870 XL Pro is the most energy-efficient commercial dehumidifier with the highest capacity. What is more, it’s rather quiet, capable of removing efficiently at any relative humidity level, and, above all else, build to last.

AlorAir Storm EGR Extreme 190PPD (Most Robust Commercial Dehumidifier)

Maximum Capacity At 90% rel. humidity:190 Pints (23.75 Gallons per day)
AHAM Capacity At 60-80% rel. humidity:85 Pints (10.625 Gallons per day)
Energy Factor (COP), Power:2.88 L/kWh, 640W (115V, 5.5 Amps)
Noise levels:55 dB
Coverage Area:Up to 2,300 sq ft
Air Flow:210 CFM
Weight:78 lbs

The look of the unit itself is essentially hardcore industrial. If you can lift 78 lbs, you can even move it around yourself. Now, let’s look at the specs:

The AlorAir Storm EGR Extreme is the toughest commercial dehumidifier you can get. For one, it’s waterproof with a rubber band sealing 100% of the circuit board. It can operate in an extremely hostile environment, as low as 33°F (it comes with the HVG defrosting system, which enables it to perform at such low temperatures).

The AHAM capacity is 85 Pints with a maximum capacity of 190 PPD. Having such a high ratio of maximum-to-AHAM capacity means that it will operate especially well in a very wet environment (even up to 100% relative humidity). 

With 55 dB noise levels, this is one of the louder units. It has an airflow of 210 CFM, which is about average for an 85 Pint dehumidifier. 

A positive surprise (something not expected from such a robust device) is the 2.88 L/kWh energy factor. That makes the AlorAir Storm EGR Extreme one of the most energy-efficient commercial dehumidifiers. 

This is one tough industrial dehumidifier. The AlorAir Storm EGR Extreme can operate in the most extreme environments, even underwater, and it comes at a very affordable below $1,000 price.

AlorAir Storm EGR Extreme 190PPD


  • Robust commercial dehumidifier for the most extreme environments
  • Is 100% waterproof; even the circuit board is protected with a rubber band
  • Capable of operating at extremely low-temperature 33°F – it has an HGV defrosting system
  • Very high energy-efficiency (2.88 L/kWh)
  • Very effective in very wet +90% relative humidity environments
  • At below $1,000, it’s one of the most budget-friendly units


  • High 55 dB noise levels (not the quietest unit)
  • Only standard 210 CFM airflow
  • Portable by only 1 person if he or she can lift 78 lbs

Buying guide – commercial humidifier

When looking for a new commercial dehumidifier, you have to check several specifications to guarantee you’ll get the best commercial dehumidifier for your situation. These specs include:

  • Maximum capacity, measured at 90% humidity or at saturation.
Coverage Area Relative HumidityCommercial Dehumidifier Capacity
1000 sq ft 60-70% humidity65 Pint
1000 sq ft70-80% humidity75 Pints
1000 sq ft80-100% humidity80 Pints
1500 sq ft60-70% humidity100 Pints
1500 sq ft70-80% humidity110 Pints
1500 sq ft80-100% humidity120 Pints
2000 sq ft60-70% humidity130 Pints
2000 sq ft70-80% humidity150 Pints
2000 sq ft80-100% humidity160 Pints

Even the most powerful commercial dehumidifiers have an AHAM capacity of 110 pints. If you need a higher capacity for several 1,000 sq ft of coverage area, you need to invest in more than 1 dehumidifier. Some brands such as XPOWER XD-125 offer a pack of 4 and a pack of 8 commercial dehumidifiers for this very reason.

  • AHAM capacity, measured at 60-80% humidity by Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers.
  • Consider the square footage. For a 2,000 sq ft area, you’ll need a stronger industrial dehumidifier than for 1,000 sq ft.
  • Power, measured in Watts. Residential dehumidifiers are powered by 500W; commercial ones can exceed 1000W. We’ll also convert these kilowatt-hours (kWh) into dollars ($).
  • Energy efficiency, based on the coefficient of efficiency (COP).
  • Airflow, measured in CFM. 
  • Noise levels, measured in decibels. 

It might sound a lot, but figuring out these specifications can help you tremendously to make an educated choice between the best commercial dehumidifier brands such as COLZER and AlorAir.

Are Commercial Dehumidifiers Loud?

Typically, they are a bit noisier than dehumidifiers made for residential spaces. Some are louder than others, but compared to the sound of machinery in your warehouse, they are likely very quiet. In fact, you may never notice a humming dehumidifier.

When using a dehumidifier in a commercial environment, sound volume typically won’t be a big deal. However, the more heavy duty your unit, the higher the noise level (generally speaking). It has more powerful machinery that can produce a louder sound.

How Much Does a Commercial Dehumidifier Cost?

Prices vary considerably, from less than $1,000 to above $3,000. It has a lot to do with design, construction, and features. Dehumidifiers that can cover a lot of space or have a lot of features will cost more.

You can’t judge a dehumidifier solely by its cost, though. Cheap humidifiers may work just as well for your purposes as expensive humidifiers. If you don’t need something feature-rich or want the job done fast, don’t waste your money. Price isn’t everything, especially if you’re on a budget.

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