What is the difference between FireAngel ST-620 vs ST-622 smoke alarm?


How long do FireAngel batteries last? The alarm makes use of the most recent optical detecting technology and a thermally improved smoke sensor for quicker detection of smoldering fires. It is BS EN 14604 Kitemarked and CE marked. The alarm is perfect for places around the kitchen but not for garages or kitchens themselves. Extra features like the simple test/hush button and the “sleep-easy” mode, which silences low battery warning chirps for eight hours, provide additional benefits. What are the differences – FireAngel ST-620 vs ST-622 smoke alarm?

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FireAngel smoke alarm troubleshooting

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Which app is good for FireAngel?

The two apps are simply designed for distinct functions; as a homeowner, you need the FireAngel Connected App found here.

The other app lacks the functionality available in the homeowner app because it is intended for organizations who wish to provide monitoring services to their stakeholders.

Who is responsible to install smoke alarm detector – me or landlord?

The law governing carbon monoxide alarms in rental buildings will change on October 1st, 2022, affecting both the private and social sectors. As a renter, your landlord must make sure you have a functioning carbon monoxide alarm that is placed 1.3 meters from any fuel-burning appliances in the room (gas cookers are exempt), and that any problems with the alarm are promptly fixed. For additional details, read this blog.

Is there any difference between heat and smoke alarm?

In a nutshell, smoke alarms will sound an alarm when smoke is detected by the device’s internal sensors, whereas heat alarms will sound an alarm when they detect a sharp rise in ambient temperature. Heat Alarms have been specially created for areas with fumes and high humidity, such as kitchens, where there are often cooking fumes, and attics or garages, where there is frequently high humidity and a lot of dust.

Installing a heat alarm in the kitchen will ensure that you are quickly made aware of any danger. More than 50% of home fires originate in this room.

What is the best smoke alarm to buy?

Your demands will determine the finest smoke alarm to purchase—do you need a battery- or mains-powered alarm? Do you want to install the alarm and have ten years of peace without having to change the batteries, or do you want to replace the batteries in it?

Our Customer Service Team can assist you in determining which smoke alarm is best for you. FireAngel has smoke alarms to meet all of your needs.

How long is smoke alarm battery life?

Your needs will determine which smoke alarm has the longest lifespan for you. A 10 year sealed for life battery device, such as the FireAngel, is what you should search for if you need a battery-powered smoke alarm. If you need a smoke alarm that is powered by the mains and has a long lifespan, search for a model like the FireAngel that has a back-up battery that is sealed for 10 years.

Specifications – FireAngel ST-620 vs ST-622

FireAngel ST-622

  • Brand FireAngel
  • Battery Type 10 Year Sealed Lithium
  • Product Code FAST620 Alternate Product Codes ST-622, ST-622T, ST-622Q, and ST-622R
  • 34x130mm in size, with an operating temperature range of +4°C to +38°C
  • Up to 90% relative humidity
  • 85 dB of sound output
  • 5 Years of Warranty
  • Weight 0.21 kilogram

FireAngel ST-620

  • Built-in battery that is GUARANTEED to last the whole life of your alarm
    Assurance: Five-year warranty
  • directly attaches to already-existing ST-620 alarm bases
  • For the duration of the alarm, the tamper-proof battery is not need to be replaced.
  • Kitemarked to BS EN 14604 and CE marked
  • equipped with a test/hush button.
  • Thermoptek’s innovative optical smoke sensing technology
  • Thermally improved for speedier smoldering fire detection (compared to standard optical sensors)
  • Less prone to false alarms brought on by cooking odors with a toast proof sensor
  • Ideal for spaces around the kitchen (not suitable for kitchen or garage)
  • For eight hours, the Sleep EasyTM function temporarily turns off the low battery and end-of-life warning chirps.
  • 2019 Grade F1 is suitable for installations that adhere to BS 5839-6.
  • The Fire and Rescue Service in the UK prefers sensing technologies
  • supplied with two screws and two rawl plugs as fixes

Key feature FirAngel smoke detector

The FireAngel ST-622 is the best replacement for conventional alarms. The ST-622, which includes ThermoptekTM technology, combines the most recent advancements in optical sensors with thermal enhancement to provide faster response to both types of fire.

Thermoptek™ technology

ThermoptekTM technology combines the most recent advancements in thermal enhancement and optical sensing to deliver quick response to both slow-smouldering and quickly blazing flames in a single alarm. The ST-622’s ThermoptekTM technology eliminates the requirement for ionization alarms by providing responsiveness to all fire types in a single alarm.

Sleep Easy Function

Low battery notifications frequently appear at odd hours or when it could be difficult for you to change your alarm. The ST-622 enables you to mute the frequently inconvenient low battery warning chirp until it is convenient for you to change the alarm, which will silence the audible chirp for eight hours. During this time, the detector will continue to detect smoke, but it also gives you a simple way to stop the obnoxious beeps.

Heat Detector

If you are looking for a suitable Heat Detector FireAngel also offer the HT-630T Battery Operated Heat Alarm. 

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