Dreametech W10 robot vacuum cleaner and mop reviews


Is Dreame W10 worthwhile? Spring-loaded wheels, a top-access dustbin with a filter, two detachable 19.2 cm mopping pads, a detachable brush roll, and a detachable edge cleaner are all included in the robot vacuum and mop. The Dreame Bot W10 features self-cleaning, app control, sensor-controlled carpet and hard floor vacuuming, as well as hard floor mopping. More in Dreametech W10 robot vacuum cleaner and mop reviews.

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In the box

  • Robot x1
  • Self-Wash Base x1
  • Mop Pad x2
  • Cleaning Tool x1
  • Power Cord x1
  • Side Brush x1

Pros & Cons


  • Strong suction of 4000 Pa
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Self-cleaning, air-dried mopping pads are available on the app.
  • Simple to set up and use


  • A bit hefty
  • Expensive


Product Name Dreame Bot W10
Product Dimension 13.14 x 12.36 x 4.15 inches
Connection Type Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4 GHz
Rated Input 220-240V
Rated Power 55W
Battery Capacity 6,400mAh
Dust Tank Capacitiy 0.12gal

Product Name Self-Cleaning Base
Product Dimension 14.76 x 15.74 x 16.92 inches
Rated Input 100-240V~50-60Hz
Rated Output 19.8V === 1V
Rated Power 65W
Clean Water Tank 1.06gal
Waster Water Tank 1.06gal



The Dreame Bot W10 is one of the more expensive robot vacuums, costing $1,089 / AU$1,699 in total. However, we believe it’s a worthwhile purchase if you’re seeking for a vacuum that can wash hard floors, vacuum, and want to take a hands-off approach to cleaning the mopping pads.

Dreametech W10 robot vacuum cleaner and mop reviews


The housing is made of a glossy, white plastic that is simple to clean and wipe down. The brush can fully occupy the front of the vacuum, which is an advantage of this design.


Its dimensions are 13.14 x 12.36 x 4.15 inches, making it one of the bigger robot vacuums available. It has squared-off edges and a D-shaped body. This makes it easier for it to fit into crevices and corners. The unit and its charging dock have an incredibly sleek and contemporary appearance thanks to its all-white plastic construction.

Dreametech W10 robot vacuum Accessories

The W10’s underneath has two wheels and a swivel wheel that help the robot vacuum move about your house when you turn it over. Along with two 5in mopping pads and a side brush that can help remove dirt from nooks into the path of the vacuum, there is also a brush bar. The Lidar scanner is located underneath the hood.

There are two mopping pads located at the rear of the housing. These are preferable to many other robot vacuum mopping pads since they are circular. For starters, they are made of a fluffier, shaggier substance rather than plain microfiber. Cleaning becomes more effective and efficient as a result.


Two buttons are located on the top of the base; one is used to initiate and stop the cleaning cycle and the other to return the device to the charging base. Because they don’t have to stoop down to choose these settings on the cleaner itself, people find this to be more convenient.


The device receives a warning when it is going to collide with an item thanks to sensors at the front of the device. Navigation with LDS LiDAR is another sensor. The unit can offer greater coverage than most other versions thanks to its sophisticated radar recognition technology. Every activity is guided by high-intelligence algorithms that make sure it always follows a cleaning path intended to enhance efficiency.

Water tank

Both the clean water used for mopping and the filthy water from the mopping pad are stored in two sizable water tanks at the station. It soaks the mopping pads in water from a 4.2-quart tank that is housed in its charging base.

Dust canister

It was simple to remove and empty the dust canister; all you had to do was lift the robot vacuum’s top. To guarantee that all of the dirt and debris is eliminated, the canister does need to be tapped over a trash can multiple times. Repositioning the canister was simple as well. We were surprised that the W10 robovac can’t empty its own dust canister like the iRobot Roomba i7+ can, especially given the price of this cleaner.


The Dreametech W10 can take up debris that is firmly ingrained in carpet and in between wooden floorboards thanks to its maximum suction capacity of 4000 Pa. You can pick between four suction power settings in the app. Additionally, you may program the Dreametech W10 to automatically boost suction in places that require greater force.

Cleaning in Dreametech W10 robot vacuum cleaner and mop

You have a choice of operations when you begin a cleaning cycle. Vacuuming, mopping, or doing both at once are all options. The vacuum will detect when it touches a carpet if you’re mopping or doing both at once. The mop heads will then stop spraying, keeping your carpet dry. But remember, you’re still dragging a wet mop across your carpet. Even though there will be a slight amount of dampness, it will dry out quickly on its own.

When used on the two highest suction levels, Dreame Bot W10 did a fantastic job of gathering small dust, cookie crumbs, and larger debris, including cereal, from both hard floors and carpets. The robot vacuum did need many runs to capture all of the tiny dust, though, when the suction was lower. It even entirely missed some breakfast nuggets on thick-pile carpet.

Battery life

With a 6,400mAh super-capacity battery, this remarkable device has a maximum working period of 210 minutes in quiet mode. Additionally, when the battery is about to run out, it will return to the charging port automatically so that it can recharge.

The device can restart operating right away after charging and doesn’t need much time on the charging deck. A 3,000 square foot area can be covered in that amount of time, an area greater than most people’s homes. The vacuum will automatically return to the base when the battery is gone.


When sweeping and mopping at full power, the W10 produced a maximum noise level of 71.6db, which is comparable to the level of traffic when standing on a sidewalk. This level of cleanliness wasn’t even achieved using the mopping pads.

Apps for Dreametech W10 robot vacuum cleaner and mop

You should download the Dreametech app in order to maximize the use of this vacuum. You will have considerably more control over your vacuum using the app than just the physical controls.

There are several features in the app itself that let you personalize the device to your preferences. The number of times the robot vacuum will clean the mopping pads, the suction force level, and the moisture of the mopping pad can all be controlled. You can designate particular areas for the vacuum to clean and exclude certain areas from being entered on the map.

Dreametech W10 robot vacuum cleaner and mop consumer reviews

Amazing ! Works !

This unit does everything it claims for us. We love it. We keep the tray clean so there are no floods. We have heard about this but followed instructions and never had a problem. This is not a mop for chunky messes. It’s designed to keep the area clean after the chunky mess is cleaned up by you manually. Start with a clean floor and this robot will keep them clean. Also this unit does not suck up water by design. It is a wet mop that cleans and comes back out with clean mops to finish the job. As a vacuum it’s powerful enough to clean out crevices which is awesome. I can’t say enough we are happy to leave the old mop bucket in the closet.

By Ben Ward at DREAMTECH

Alternate of Dreametech W10 robot vacuum cleaner and mop

Shark AI VacMop Robot

The Shark AI VacMop Robot fills this requirement for automated smart home goods that may be used in even smaller houses. It is somewhat of an accomplishment to have an all-in-one device with not too many capabilities because you still want it to be effective but not excessive.

You may choose between vacuuming, sonic mopping, and a deep clean mode on the Shark VacMop by using one of its numerous preset modes. In these settings, an AI laser navigation aid is used to help prevent the vehicle from just bouncing off walls or bumping into things.

This intelligent robot cleaner is ideal for people who live in small apartments because it is less expensive and has a shorter runtime. Even better, the Shark AI VacMop robot is frequently offered online.

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