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 Is it secure to use? SmartDrop will direct couriers to leave a delivery swiftly and easily as they approach. If SmartDrop is empty, the courier can use the open button to leave a package. The courier may utilise the created PIN if there is already a package. Details in eufy security SmartDrop smart delivery package drop box review.

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In the box

  • 2x Backup Keys
  • SmartDrop,
  • 2𝗑 Gas Struts
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Battery Pack

Pros & Cons


  • Simple to install
  • 2-way audio
  • Night vision
  • Keyboard PIN


  • Heavy weight

Key feature – eufy security SmartDrop smart delivery package drop box

  • Applicable to all couriers
  • PIN entry via on-board keypad
  • Large enough to hold many items simultaneously.
  • Night vision
  • Integrated 1080p HD camera
  • You can converse with couriers using two-way audio.
  • Camera is activated by motion detection.
  • Multiple Opening Methods: PIN Code Access, App Access, Traditional Key Access, Alexa, or Google Assistant, Press to Open,
  • IP65 Weatherproof
  • Robust and durable Anti-corrosion coating, hydrophobic coating Cold-rolled carbon steel and high-density steel
  • Simple to Install; for increased security, can be bolted down

eufy security SmartDrop smart delivery package drop box review

Build & Design

The interior measures 25.0″H x 18.3″L x 17.7″W, while the exterior is 27.5″H x 21.6″L x 21.6″W. The carbon steel SmartDrop may weigh up to 44 lbs.


The aforementioned screws, a charge cable for the battery pack, the battery pack, the gas hinges, keys, and anchoring screws make up the assembly hardware. The screws for anchoring are not required.


Using the shipping label or the SmartDrop’s camera and microphone, a pin code can be set if the package is secured and communicated to the delivery vehicles. By using a pin code, conventional mechanical key, mobile app, or smart assistant, the user can unlock the box.

Audio & alerts

The device can function as a sort of smart doorbell thanks to its in-built HD camera and two-way audio. It allows delivery personnel to notify customers when a shipment is on the way. The box may be used for parcel deposit when unlocked (it automatically locks after one has been made).


It was a breeze to connect the box to the app and WiFi. Although it was initially put up only a few feet from our wireless router, its current placement is only approximately 20 feet away. There haven’t been any issues with the connection. The camera functions properly, and we have opened it remotely with little any lag time between the app and the device. Working with it has been a pleasure and has not been stressful because it just works.

Battery life

The specs indicate that the battery is 10,000 mAh. Additionally, users have the choice of using a power adapter to connect the box to wired power. It means it has long lasting battery life.

eufy security SmartDrop smart delivery package drop box consumer reviews

Well build, impressive!

Review by Tom S. on 1 Apr 2022review stating Well build, impressive!

Previously I just set up my eufy SmartDrop, a smart delivery box by eufy Security allowing for parcels to be safely stored once delivered to my door.

I get my first delivery by SmartDrop. A large, but thin, parcel was delivered by Canadian post with ample room to spare. Once the delivery person placed the parcel in the SmartDrop and closed theRead more about review stating Well build, impressive!

 lid, the unit remained locked until I opened it using a 6-digit PIN code.

The delivery box has ample room for parcels (approx 21″ W x 20″ D x 26″ H), captures adequate video (even with my slow internet) and I love the voice prompt queues it provides to a delivery driver, if required (from entering a PIN off my address label if the box was already locked because of an already existing parcel, to remembering to close the lid if left open for a certain time period).

The smart delivery box was very easy to assemble. I am very impressed with how durable it is with its metal housing too.

The eufy SmartDrop delivery box is securely fastened to my concrete steps and even if detached would be very heavy to carry, thus deterring someone from trying to carry it away.

I still like how you can set up a different security PIN (used to open the box when already locked) per company (Amazon, eBay, PayPal, etc.), where the corresponding PIN would be included in my address line on the parcel itself. I tested all the PIN numbers I set up using the eufy Security app on my iPad and all work fine.

Overall, I really like the eufy Smartdrop

By Tom S. at EUFY

eufy security SmartDrop smart delivery package drop box alternative

Danby Parcel Guard

It is the perfect package box for porch safety because it has a built-in camera, motion sensor, and tamper alert. A bit of an investment, the Danby Parcel Guard is now going for $379.99 on Amazon. However, if you’ve ever had a parcel stolen, you know how difficult it is to place a value on feeling secure.

We think that the Danby Parcel Guard is one of the best boxes for sending packages. It has, in any case, earned a position near the top of the list! It is tough to beat in terms of security because, unlike many alternatives on the market, it comes with a bolt kit so that it may be permanently secured into your porch.

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