How to do Reolink RLC-820A firmware download or update?


What is good in Reolink home security camera? The PoE camera can precisely identify people and cars before transmitting real-time alerts by evaluating their shapes on board, drastically reducing false alarms and triggers. Receive only the important alarms from now on and experience complete mental serenity. When motion is detected or during the preset time, the PoE camera offers 24/7 continuous recording. Videos can be saved to an FTP server, Reolink NVR, or micro SD card (up to 256GB). How to do Reolink RLC-820A firmware download or update?

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How to do Reolink RLC-820A firmware download?

There are many websites who claimed to have updated firmware. We suggest to do it from Reolink server.

Step 1: Choose your camera model & software version

Please check the hardware version and camera model in the system information interface before updating.

  • For Reolink App: Log in your camera and go to Settings ->Device Info.
  • For Reolink Client: Log in your camera and go to Settings ->System ->General.

Here are various Reolink camera hardware variations for your reference:

For C series and E1 series:

ModelHardware Version
C1 ProIPC_3816MPT/IPC_51316M
C2 ProIPC_51516M5M
E1 ProIPC_513SD5
E1 ZoomIPC_515SD6
Source: Reolink

For POE camera and WiFi camera

ModelHardware Version
Source: Reolink

Step 2: Download Reolink app and unzip

When accessing the camera or NVR to upgrade it, download the file and unzip it using the Reolink Client, NVR monitor, or web browser. Please see:

You may now verify how to use the Reolink App to enable or disable IR lights following a firmware upgrade. In a dimly lit setting, IR lights (or infrared lights) give you access to a brighter and crisper black-and-white image through the camera. The procedures listed below can be used to turn on or off the IR lights on your camera.

Applies to: All Reolink cameras which have IR lights (after 2018 models).

Step 1. Visit to Device Settings > Advanced.

Step 2. From there, find Infrared Lights and tap Auto to activate the IR lights. Also, you can select Stay Off to disable the IR lights all the time.

Now, follow these instructions to extend the battery life of Reolink battery-powered cameras. Reolink battery-powered cameras’ battery life can change depending on the settings, the atmosphere, and other elements. The following advice will enable you to increase battery life.

  1. Properly Install the Battery Powered Cameras
  2. Adjust the PIR Sensor Sensitivity
  3. Set up Motion Detection Schedule
  4. Keep the Cameras out of Cold/Hot Environments
  5. Avoid Weak WiFi Connections

If you need to reset the Reolink camera, please find the reset button position from manual and proceed below –

Step 1. Turn ON the power button to power the camera.

Step 2. Insert the reset needle into the reset hole of your camera.

Step 3. Press and hold for several seconds until you hear the prompt “Please release the reset button” or short beep music.

Step 4. Done! You’ve successfully factory reset your camera.

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