Hoover SmartWash automatic carpet cleaner reviews


Specifically designed for pets, the FlexForce Pet PowerBrushes clean deep and resist pet odor buildup while removing dirt, debris, and pet messes from your home. The innovative Spot Chaser pretreat wand detaches from the machine to provide instant cleaning action for set-in stains with the included Oxy pretreat solution. Reveal more in Hoover SmartWash automatic carpet cleaner reviews.

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Hoover SmartWash automatic carpet cleaner reviews

Pros & Cons – Hoover SmartWash automatic carpet cleaner


  • The design is simple and just about like vacuuming a carpet. – Great value. It will pay for itself after cleaning a few of rooms in your home.
  • Due to the pull-to-dry feature the area you clean will be dry in about 45 min to an hour. No more 3 hour drying periods to walk through your home.
  • If you read the instructions it is pretty easy to disassemble and clean the cleaner.
  • The attachments make it easy to clean more than just the carpet.


  • The instruction manual doesn’t mention it but the Water Tank and Solution Tank probably need to dry fully before putting away the cleaner to avoid mold build-up in either. I had to sit the two near a sunny window to promote evaporation of the water from the top openings. It would be nice if Hoover made it easier to dry these out for quicker storage.
  • You can only clean one room of about 17′ x 17′ on one full tank of water. (though I believe the cleaner would be difficult to use if the tank had a larger capacity.


The Hoover SmartWash has a few accessories. You’ll find a two-in-one pet tool, one bottle of cleaning solution, rubber nub tool, an eight-foot hose, storage bag, and a user manual.

Order the following accessories from the manufacturer to make your life easier.

  • A cleaning solution made for your type of carpet or household needs*
  • A SpinScrub attachment to remove tough spots and stains
  • A crevice tool to clean cushions, corners, and other areas where the nozzle can’t reach.
  • A stair tool to widen the path when you shampoo carpet on elevated areas like stairs.



  • HOSE Yes


  • HOSE LENGTH (IN.) 108
  • WEIGHT (FULL) (LBS.) 19
  • WEIGHT (EMPTY) (LBS.) 18

What is good in Hoover SmartWash automatic carpet cleaner?

Low Profile – the Hoover SmartWash cleans carpets that go under furniture with ease. It lies low enough in addition to being easier to maneuver. This makes it the cleaner to use if your home has lots of furniture on carpet. 

A Triggerless Design – there are no triggers to press continuously on this cleaner, only an ergonomic handle. That’s because it mixes the cleaning solution and water automatically. The only major button you will need to press is the one to switch the unit on and off. And even so, you won’t need to bend since it’s located on the unit and in the form of a foot pedal.

Dual Brush Roll – it comes with two rolls whose brushes have a helical design and extended rubber brushes. Apart from the increased agitation of dirt, the long bristles mean the brush roll has a far reach into the carpet to loosen up the dirt that is deeper in the pile. The result is a carpet that’s cleaner. 

12-inch Cleaning Width – it allows you to finish carpet cleaning tasks faster. It’s an essential feature if you have large areas to clean. 

Separate Tanks – it comes with different tanks for the cleaning solution, clean water, and dirty water. With the clean and dirty water not in the same container, you’re assured of cleaning that’s exceptionally efficient. It allows you to rinse carpets to high levels of cleanliness. It also means you do not need to worry about creating an imbalanced cleaning mixture.

8-foot Hose – it comes with a long hose that extends the reach for enhanced comfort and efficiency when cleaning.

Compare Hoover SmartWash+ vs Bissell Proheat 2x Revolution Pet Pro

Here’s a side-by-side comparison between this Hoover and one of the most successful carpet cleaners from the competition:

Weight19 lbs.20 lbs.
Cord Length22 ft.25 ft.
HeatingYes – HeatForce TechnologyYes – Heatwave Technology
2-in-1 pet toolYesYes
Tank size1 gallon clean water tank
20 oz solution tank
1 gallon clean water tank
(no separation with solution tank)
Cleaning path12″11″
Removable nozzle coverYesYes
Warranty5 years5 years

Hoover SmartWash automatic carpet cleaner reviews


It weighs 18.9 pounds when empty and isn’t too heavy to make it difficult to carry from one place of your home to another. To enhance portability, it features a carry handle on the back near the cord wrap hold. It’s easy to push and pull over carpet, with rubberized wheels that have a smooth spin. It measures 43.5 inches high, 13 inches wide and 18.5 deep.


There are two dual brush rolls with a helical design. These extended rubber brushes agitate dirt, and the long bristles reach into the carpet. The extended bristles loosen more dirt for a more thorough carpet cleaning.


 The SmartWash has a 10A motor to create a powerful suction that picks up dirty water and debris.  There are two brush rolls that agitate dirt. The rolls rotate in the same direction to better remove debris and dirt.

Tank & Cleaning solution

This machine contains separate tanks for clean water, dirty water, and cleaning solution. Cleaning is more efficient than in machines with tanks that hold both clean and dirty water. Rinse your carpets until they are sparkling clean since you don’t need to worry about the uneven distribution of the cleaning solution.


The Smartwash doesn’t have a dustbin or bag. Dirt and dust are soaked by the water that’s sprayed into the carpet. The dirty water is then sucked into the tank, with debris filtered out as it travels along the suction path. The dirty water tank has a one-gallon capacity. If you have an average-sized room, one gallon is enough to let your shampoo your carpet without interruption. The cleaning solution tank holds 20 ounces.

Filtration Efficiency

The Hoover features a filter on the tank that carries dirty water. The filter doesn’t require a lot to maintain. You only need to wipe it clean when washing the tank and it’s ready to be used again. When clogged, it can affect the suction of the unit, and you need to ensure it’s clear all the time. Because the Hoover SmartWash doesn’t suck up dust, the level of filtration of its filter doesn’t matter much. There is no danger of allergens that conventional vacuum cleaners present.

How effective is AutoMix and AutoClean?

 The AutoMix feature ensures that you won’t need to mix any cleaning solution. Everything is done for you automatically. Measuring liquids can slow down the cleaning process. You may use too much water or too much solution.

Fill the SmartWash tanks with liquid- water or cleaning solution – and start operating the machine. You don’t need to measure liquid. Fill up the tank and start cleaning. Your carpet will be cleaned without foam or excess water/solution, causing problems. The Auto Clean function means that the machine alternates between washing and drying the carpet automatically.  When you roll the SmartWash forward, the cleaning solution sprays onto the carpet. The brush roll picks up dirt. When you pull the machine back, the unit extracts water and dries the carpet.

You don’t need to press any button on the handle or elsewhere. The cleaning and drying mechanisms start and stop depending on how you move the machine

This cleaner has sensors that determine when the machine extracts sand when it distributes soap. There’s a “Dry Only” button to focus on drying and override the sensors. The “Dry Only” button is a good option if you have a waterlogged carpet.

How to use Hoover SmartWash automatic carpet cleaner?

The Hoover SmartWash gets points from users for its maneuverability and time-saving features. Here’s a step-by-step user guide to demonstrate how the SmartWash will benefit you.

First, put warm tap water in the water tank. Then use Hoover detergent in the detergent tank. (You can use other brands, but you’ll get better results with Hoover solution.) You don’t need to dilute the solution.

As you clean the carpet by pushing the machine forward, go slowly to prevent too much soap from dispensing. One or two passes are good enough for average or moderately soiled areas. The indicator will show “Dry” when you extract and pull the machine back over the carpet. Pull back slowly for better extraction.

Remove the detergent container to rinse. Warm water rinses the carpet as you pull slowly. When the water looks less soapy or soap-free, stop pulling. Rinsing will probably only need two passes.

After you’ve rinsed the area, press the “Dry Only” button close to the handle. Work the area until there’s no more water at the brush head. Your carpets should be dry after about an hour after you use the “Dry Only” feature. ( Use a box fan in the area you’ve cleaned to reduce drying time.)

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