How to delete particular CCTV footage in Hikvision?


Is particular CCTV footage in Hikvision safe? Today’s high-quality IP cameras from leading manufacturers of CCTV cameras are protected with SSL encryption to protect the video feed and recorded data, WPA2-AES encryption to protect users’ WiFi networks, and SSL-TLS to provide data encryption and authentication when video feeds are sent over insecure networks. Many people believe that when the hard drive is full, they must manually wipe the video clip. Hikvison is one of the security camera systems that by default allows for the option of looped video recording. How to delete particular CCTV footage in Hikvision?

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On the majority of trustworthy security brands, the loop recording feature is turned on by default. The system will immediately delete the oldest footage to create room for the new one that is just being recorded whenever recording begins (regardless of whether it is in motion or continuous mode). In essence, the content is periodically overwritten, thus the user should not be concerned if the hard disk is full.

Cloud storage – How to delete particular CCTV footage in Hikvision?

You can log into your account on one of the platforms mentioned above and delete your system footage by following the simple instructions below. Hikvision provides several choices for cloud storage for your camera movies. You can set up your Hikvision DVR or NVR to store videos on Google Drive or Dropbox.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Launch the cloud storage application on which your DVR or NVR is configured to save videos.

Step 2: To see the recorded videos from your IP security camera, open the recording page.

Step 3: After selecting the videos you want to remove, click the delete icon.

HDD – How to delete particular CCTV footage in Hikvision?

You simply need to format the DVR/NVR using the following steps in order to remove security camera footage:

Step 1: Use an HDMI or VGA cable to connect your video recorder to a monitor.

Step 2: Open Device Settings after logging in to the DVR/NVR using your admin account.

Step 3: Right-click the mouse on the main screen, then select DVR or NVR from the menu.

Step 4: Click and drag the mouse to select “Disk Management” or “HDD” from the DVR menu.

Step 5: Look for the DVR’s hard drive, click on it, and then select “format” or “Init” to delete any videos that are currently stored on the device.

As long as you have access to the security system, it’s simple to remove any movies from a DVR or an NVR, even if you’re a newbie. Just follow the instructions above.

How to delete picture in Hikvision?

You can examine and manage the recorded (or clipped) video content and the photographed images in the Picture and Video Management section.

To access the Pictures and Videos page, select More > Pictures and Videos. From there, you may carry out the following actions.

Play Video File: To play a video file, tap it first.

Save to Local Album: Press on a video or photo to open it, then tap again to save it to your phone’s album.

Delete a Video or Photo: Tap the video or picture you want to delete, then tap.

Sharing a Photo or Video File with Another App: To share a video or photo with another application, tap it once first.

Batch Delete Pictures and/or Video Files: Tap Edit, choose the images or video files you want to remove, and tap Delete.

Pictures and/or video files can be shared in bulk to another application. Hit Edit, choose the image or video files you want to share, and then tap Share with another application.

What is the best Hikvision security camera?

Hikvision AcuSense

This embedded NVR has a very polished appearance, making it perfect for luxury installations or enormous residences. Because it supports cameras up to 12 MP and is ONVIF (S & T) compatible, you can gradually assemble a collection of cameras from various manufacturers.

  • Size: 2 SATA drives (10TB each)
  • 12 megapixels
  • Up to 16 channels of streams (other versions in series available)
  • H.264/H.264+/H.265/H.265+/MPEG4 compression technology
  • Yes, remote streaming
  • Input bandwidth: 100Mbps
  • USB external drive jack
  • HDMI (including 4K), VGA display ports
  • TV, Web, iOS, and Android interface
  • 385 x 315 x 52 mm are the dimensions.

We particularly valued the fact that it has two SATA bays, each of which can accommodate a drive up to 8 TB in size for a total of 16 TB, as well as connectivity for four alarm inputs and one alarm output.

There is a more affordable 8-channel version of this system, however both models in the DS-7616 series use a deep learning algorithm that can provide alerts with few false positives. It notices and disregards the movement of trees and leaves, as well as shadows, lights, and small creatures. To make the most of AI, Hikvision provides a number of cameras with AcuSense technology. The NVR also has smart playback, which allows it to show you only the highlights even when it is continuously recording.

Playback is via VGA or a 4K HDMI as you’d hope. In actuality, this might be more than you actually need at home, but it’s perfect for a high-end setting. AI can also cut costs by eliminating the requirement for round-the-clock supervision. A face picture comparison feature allows you to receive notifications about people you’ve blacklisted.

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