Kyvol S31 Replacement parts and reviews – how frequently you should change?


The Kyvol S31 robot vacuum has high-precision laser navigation system that allows S31 robotic vacuum to scan your home, choose the most effective path and create an accurate map of your house layout in real-time. Instead of randomly moving around, S31 robot vacuum cleaner cleans whole area in a Zig-zag route following the generated map, which makes its navigation more efficient and finishes its cleaning tasks faster than others, without missing any spot. Get details in Kyvol S31 Replacement parts and reviews.

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Specifications – Kyvol S31 Robot vacuum cleaner

Main Features
Mapping / Path planning yes
Mapping Sensor Type LDS
High-Precision Map yes
Objects recognition (front camera) no
Recharge & Resume yes
Automatically Docks and Recharges yes
Noise Level 55 db
LCD Display no
Side Brushes (one or two) 2 pcs
Voice Prompts yes

Cleaning Features
Suction Power 3000 Pa
Сleaning Area 3229 ft2 / 300 m2
Dustbin Capacity 500 ml
Automatic Dirt Disposal yes
Wet Mopping yes
Electric water flow control no
Water Tank Capacity N/A
Vibrating mopping pad no
Automatic mop lifting no
Barrier-cross Height N/A
HEPA Filter yes
Washable Filter no

Battery Capacity 5200 mAh
Run time 240 min
Charging Time N/A
Rated Power (Watts) N/A

Scheduling yes
IR Remote Control yes
Wi-Fi / Smartphone App yes
Wi-Fi Frequency Bands 2.4 GHz
Amazon Alexa Support yes
Google Assistant Support yes
Magnetic/Optical Virtual Walls no

App Features
Real-time tracking yes
Digital Blocked Area yes
Zoned cleaning yes
Multi-floor maps yes
Manual movement control yes
Selected Room Cleaning yes
No-mop zones yes

Carpet Boost yes
Anti-drop / Cliff Sensor yes
Dirt Detect no
Full Bin Indicator yes

Price and availability

The Kyvol Cybovac S31 retails on Amazon for $499.99 (around £365.45; AU$648) and is available now.

The closest comparison on the market would be the offerings from iRobot, with the Roomba i3+ coming in at $599.99 (around £440; AU$ 778). That’s not including the ability to clean specific rooms or create no-go areas, which are features that are available in the Roomba i7+, starting at $799.99 (around £585; AU$1,036). So in terms of value and features, the Cybovac S31 is an excellent bargain.

How much is Kyvol S31 Replacement parts costs?

Full Set of Accessories Kit Compatible Kyvol Cybovac S31 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Replacement parts

Kyvol S31 Replacement parts and reviews

1 pack roller brush, 2 pack HEPA filters, 2 pack side brushes, 2 pack Water tank filters, 4 pack vacuum bags and 11 pack rags. All accessories are easy to install according to the pictures. The replacement parts are compatible with Kyvol Cybovac S31 robot vacuum cleaner.

Main Brush Filters Accessories Kit Compatible with Kyvol Cybovac E20/E30/E31

Kyvol S31 Replacement parts and reviews

Replacing the replenishment kit every 2~3 months to keep your robot vacuum running at peak performance, depending on your usage frequency.. The accessory kit includes 10 pcs HEPA Filters (with sponge),8 pcs Side Brushes, 2 pcs Main Brush, 1 pcs Cleaning Brush. No tool needed, super easy to remove and assemble. Our accessories set contains all you need for routine replacement instead of having to order it separately.

Durable Replacement Side Brush – Kyvol S31 Replacement parts

Kyvol S31 Replacement parts and reviews
Kyvol S31 Replacement parts and reviews

Replacing your cleaning brush regularly will also improve the cleaning performance and suction of your vacuum cleaner. Made of high quality material, durable to use. Side brush can go deep into corners and edges to remove more dirt, dust and debris. Nice spare parts to maintain and upgrade your vacuum cleaner.

Replacement Filters Parts Accessories 

The filter can filter out particulate matter such as dust and impurities, and achieve the effect of high efficiency and cleanliness. Made of high quality metal material, wear-resistant and durable. As part of normal maintenance, it can be easily disassembled and replaced.

5 Pack Replacement Mop Cloths  – Kyvol S31 Replacement parts

The mop cloth has good softness, while cleaning the dirt, it also protects the floor from being scratched. Delicate and exquisite, highly match the original equipment. Strong water absorption, easier to clean and reusable.

Kyvol S31 reviews


It’s black and round, with two side spinning brushes to funnel dirt into its path to be sucked up. At the top you have a button to begin cleaning, return to the dock, or do a spot clean.

Right in the middle is a laser-guided system that allows the Cybovac S31 to both map out its space as well as navigate around intelligently. Other sensors including a fall sensor ensures that the vacuum doesn’t land up in tricky situations or get stuck anywhere.

Accessories included

Also included with the Cybovac S31 is the mopping attachment, which comes with both disposable and washable mopping pads, and a water tank that can be attached to the underside of the unit. There’s even a remote control if you prefer to manually control the unit, but this can also be done via the app.

The other part of the Cybovac S31 that’s important is its docking station. This performs two tasks – it serves as a charging base for the robot itself, but also houses a dust bag that automatically sucks all dirt and dust from the robot’s dust bin. The bag can hold up to 60 days worth’ of dust, and all you have to do is slide the bag out and throw it directly in the trash.


The S31 has a 4.3L self-emptying dustbin that can hold up to about 60 days’ worth of dust before you need to replace the disposable dustbag inside it. The dustbin doubles as the robot’s charging dock, providing about four hours of runtime per full charge.


The robot itself is powerful with a 3000Pa suction motor, which is the most powerful motor I have ever tried. It is quiet, too, at approximately 45 decibels so is hardly noticeable in use.

The Cybovac S31 features 3,000Pa of suction, which is great for picking up dust and dirt that’s tucked away between tiles or buried in a carpet. It’s great at picking up dust, hair, crumbs, and you can adjust the suction power of the vacuum on the fly. It also includes a ‘Boost’ mode that increases suction automatically when carpet is detected, but unfortunately we didn’t have much luck.


The robot itself navigates using Laser Distance Sensors housed in a turret on its top. During its first run through the room it, it creates a map of the floorplan that allows you to create virtual walls, cleaning areas, and no-go zones. The dirty business is handled by a rolling brush and two spinning side brushes on the bottom.


Mopping is another feature that you can enjoy with the Cybovac S31, but don’t expect results as good as going to town with a normal mop and some elbow grease. The vacuum drags a damp pad across your floor to pick up light stains, but because there’s no actual rubbing action, heavier stains will need to be cleaned manually anyway. You can of course set up no-go zones such as avoiding carpets before you begin mopping, so if you’ve got fairly clean floors and want to just have a very light mop, then the Cybovac S31 will do an adequate job.

Kyvol S31 Setup

With its dustbin-dock plugged in and the robot on its charging pins, I added the S31 and successfully connected it to my Wi-Fi. After that, I was prompted to download a firmware update; but each time I tried, I got a message saying the firmware couldn’t be upgraded until the battery was charged to more than 20 percent. I left the vacuum to charge for a couple more hours, but still got the same message when I tried to upgrade.

Kyvol app

The Kyvol app is well laid out, with extensive options to customize how your vacuum behaves. You can easily look at past cleaning cycles, adjust the volume of prompts, and set up no-clean zones. It’s also where you can set up cleaning schedules, so the Cybovac S31 can clean your space when you’re not at home.

One feature the Cybovac S31 has is the ability to store different maps, so you could store the map of both the downstairs and upstairs of your villa if you like. However in practice, this isn’t as straightforward to achieve or execute.

Kyvol S31 Performance reviews

The Cybovac S31 can vacuum and mop at the same time, so I attached the mopping module to the bottom of the robot for the entryway, kitchen, and bathroom. It holds 110ml of water and distributes it to the attached microfiber cloth as it drags along the floor. It doesn’t make enough contact with the floor—and provides no back-and-forth agitation—to remove anything more than surface grime. It’s adequate for semi-regular maintenance cleaning, but it won’t eliminate the need for your stick mop.

Spot cleaning is useful if you just quickly want to clean a small area, and the Cybovac S31 can clean approximately 2 square meters in this mode. It maps out the area into a square, and then proceeds to go over it twice, just to make sure it’s being thoroughly cleaned, which is a good thing.

Once a map has been created, the vacuum cleans in a much more predictable and efficient pattern. Setting cleaning areas is as simple as tapping a button in the app and dragging a resizable box to a spot on the map. There’s a similar process for adding virtual walls and no-vacuum and no-cleaning zones. The last was particularly helpful as my hardwood entryway abuts my carpeted living room; making the living room a no-mop zone ensured I didn’t end up with a soggy rug.

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