How to use & setup Laresar L6 Pro robot vacuum cleaner?


How to use Laresar L6 Pro robot vacuum cleaner? It is a Smart self-emptying vacuum that features cutting-edge SLAM Lidar, allowing for rapid mapping. It includes 23 sensors, all of which work together to improve control and maneuverability. You can always check the status of the vacuum cleaner, the amount of dust gathered in the dust bag, and the battery life with the LED display. The robotic vacuum cleaner Laresar is given complete control of the cleaning process. Get us more in Laresar L6 Pro robot vacuum cleaner review.

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Pros & Cons


  • Vacuum and mop capabilities
  • Automated vacuum disposal docking base
  • Complete floor mapping and thorough cleaning
  • An app for automating a timetable and customizing cleaning with mopping
  • An LED display is included with the auto-empty base.
  • Able to save up to 5 maps
  • Strong suction force


  • Only light stains will come out with the mop.

Laresar L6 Pro Specs

  • 3500Pa Suction Power, WiFi, and Bluetooth SLAM Lidar Navigation
  • 24 Sensors for Intelligent Control
  • Multi-Level Mapping Cliff Sensors
  • 3.5L Dust Bag
  • Voice command
  • 180 minutes of battery life
  • 250 litres for the water tank and 300 ml for the dustbin, with a 200-minute runtime
  • Battery Capacity 5000 mAh

Laresar L6 Pro robot vacuum cleaner Price

Users claimed that it was highly priced at $539.00 in Laresar store. Also it is available in giant stores like Amazon, eBay and Walmart.

Laresar L6 Pro robot vacuum cleaner review


This unit looks well made. This product has a dimension of  13.8 x 13.8 x 3.8 inches, and it weighs around 24.25 Pounds.

Laresar L6 Pro robot vacuum Accessories

Laresar L6 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner comes with many useful accessories. It has one Auto Emptying Station and 4 Dust Bags. It contains one water Tank, two Washable Mop Cloth and 10 Disposable Mop Cloths. It has 2 HEPA Filters and 1 Cleaning Tool.


There are two Side Brushes and two Main Brushes on the Laresar L6 Pro. Even in corners, the brush with large bristles removes rubbish. It is necessary to clean the roller brush around once every week.

Dust bin

Self-emptying of the dust bin is a feature of the Laresar L6 Pro. A 3.5L dust bag is included with the gadget, and it is kept inside the base unit. The ingenious design of the debris bag prevents dust from entering the room by closing the aperture when you pull up on the tab to remove it. You may easily spend up to 30 days without emptying the dust canister of the vacuum.


Suction strengths on the Laresar are identified as “quiet, standard, strong, and maximum.” This robot vacuum’s potent suction power is a powerful force. The maximum pressure for hard floors is 3,000 Pa, whereas the maximum pressure for other types of floors is 2,700 Pa.

On thick rugs with pet hair, suction may require several passes. This one is a fantastic tool for maintaining the space’s cleanliness or performing necessary spot cleaning. The setup procedure can be repeated on each floor, and separate floor cleaning maps can be made.


The Laresar can also perform “mopping,” which is lightly misting a surface with water before dragging a mop pad over it. This is comparable to the majority of other vacuums that perform “mopping.” It can sweep and mop an area, sweep and mop another area, and so on until it has cleaned the entire room or area, if instructed to do so. It can be configured to mop in a “y” pattern as well. The mop attachment is simple to attach and remove so that it may be thrown in the washer.

Laresar L6 Pro robot vacuum cleaner Cleaning

The Laresar L6 Pro appears to vacuum in a methodical manner. It begins by vacuuming the entire room’s perimeter. Then it vacuums in parallel rows to fill in the space inside the perimeter. This pattern is shown on the app so you can see that no places have been overlooked. I truly appreciate this feature because it gives me more assurance that the robot is effectively and completely encircling the area.

Battery life

It has 5000 mAh batteries, which give the robot mop a longer lifespan and a cleaning range of up to 200 m2. The battery backup works well. On Eco Mode, it has a maximum runtime of 180 minutes. When the battery runs out, the device will return to the base to recharge before continuing its work.


The manufacturer Laresar did not give us any information about noise during different cleaning mode.


The L6 Pro robot vacuum is excellent. Simple connections to apps. launched, up and running in less than 15 minutes. You may easily start the robot to clean all of the rooms using the APP, or you can only tell it to clean one particular room. When it is finished, it goes back to the dock, where a throwaway bag is filled with all the dirt the robot produced. It cleans quite well, automatically adjusting the suction to the area it is cleaning.

The chosen app can be used to control the bot, as well as:

  • Plan your cleaning.
  • Monitor the battery.
  • Observe the cleaning.
  • Notice the accessory’s condition.
  • Create your own cleaning modes.
  • Control the direction of the cleaning.
  • Locate the bot.


In essence, the Laresar Robot Vacuum is a 3-in-1 system. For mopping, it provides three degrees of suction and three levels of water volume. Up to 5 map layouts are supported by the L6 Pro, which is commendable.

When the dust bag is full, an app notice is displayed and the FULL UP indication remains bright. Please quickly swap out the dust bag.

It is advised to unplug the power cord and turn the dust collecting charging base backwards to see whether any foreign objects are obstructing the dust passage if all indicators continue to blink after the dust bag has been replaced.

If the dust passage is obstructed, use a screwdriver to pry off the transparent dust passage cover and remove any obstructions.

Laresar L6 Pro robot vacuum cleaner Consumer reviews

Love mine

I’ve had mind a few weeks now and love everything about it. I work 12 hour nightshifts as a nurse and my partner is also working very long hours as a chef. We just don’t have time to clean and the majority of the cleaning (if not all of it) is generally left for me anyway. So I’d had enough and decided to take a plunge and buy this. We got it on Amazon on a monthly payment plan which has made this affordable for us. I have to say this is my new best friend! It has hoovered my home effortlessly. I love that I can use a spot clean as well. Living with a messy partner and two messy chinchillas, it has made my life much better! On my limited days off, I can do other household things while this cleans for me, so cuts down monotonous tasks for me and gives me more time for myself/relaxing! or I can set it so I’m coming home to a spotless house. I feel more relaxed and can’t recommend it enough.

For those confused about what to put in the water for the mopping function, it is only meant to be a wipe of a clean and only warm (not boiling) water is supposed to be used. I like this feature just to freshen up the floors, but we still mop properly once a week. I also love that it maps out the home and you can see where it is in real time and the area it has cleaned. The suction is great in my opinion. It occasionally sucks up things that get stuck, such as wooden slices my chinchillas throw out of their cage. The machine tells me “abnormal middle brush” and pauses so I can remove it, then I just hit continue and it goes on its way.

Downsides – instructions are terrible, but there are lots of places for info online and robot speaks in broken English (“ I E AM here”) which is quite funny but a bit annoying for a £500 product.

I will be absolutely gutted if this breaks, as others have said there’s stopped working. If this happens I will absolutely be changing my review, but as it stands currently this is the best thing I’ve ever bought!

By Carole Anne Ritchie at Laresar

Alternative of Laresar L6 Pro robot vacuum cleaner

Bissell SpinWave Robot

Given Bissell’s long history and stellar reputation, it should not be surprising that the company’s SpinWave Robot is a superior robot vacuum and mop combination. The premium machine can clean even the dirtiest carpets because to its 1500 Pa of suction capacity.

Its mopping abilities, though, are more astounding. The tool has two enormous cleaning pads that rotate and scrape as they move, giving you a thorough clean on tile, LVP, hardwood, and other surfaces. A gadget that performs far above its price tag can be created by adding soft surface avoidance to stop it from scrubbing up your carpets while mopping.

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