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Levoit Core 600S air purifier review


How long do Levoit 600S filters last? The newest Levoit innovations are included in the smart air purifier, the Levoit Core 600S. Among the features that adorn this device are voice control, smart app control, an air quality sensor, and an air quality indicator. The 600s eliminated 89.4% of airborne particles and lowered PM2.5 by 87.1%.It has several features that are straightforward to use, making it quite convenient to use. Usability is further improved by app connectivity. The medium-sized Levoit Core 600s air purifier has a medium-to-large coverage area of 635 square feet. Get details in Levoit Core 600S air purifier review.

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Levoit Core 600S air purifier YouTube video review

In the box

  • Owner’s Manual
  • The LeVoit VeSync Core 600S Smart True HEPA Air Purifier
  • Quick Start Guide (has QR code for App)
  • One HEPA Filter (shipped in the unit)
  • Warranty Card / Instructions

Pros & Cons


  • Ideal for spaces up to 635 square feet.
  • Smart VeSync application
  • Sensor and indicator for air quality
  • Light sensor
  • Three-in-One Filtration Technology
  • Real HEPA filter that is authentic


  • Large unit
  • The control panel’s buttons are hardly visible.

Levoit Core 600S Specs

  • Dimensions 12.3 x 12.3 x 23.6 in / 31.3 x 31.3 x 60 cm
  • Rated Power 49W (1.5W on Standby)
  • Power Supply AC 120 V, 60 Hz
  • Ideal Room Size – rge 1,588 sq ft (147 sq m) – based on 2 ACH.
  • Ideal Room Size – small 635 sq ft (59 sq m) – based on 5 ACH (air changes per hour).
  • CADR (CFM) 410 CFM – 697 cubic meters / hr
  • Operating Temperature 14˚F – 104˚F / -10˚C – 40˚C
  • Operating Humidity < 85% RH
  • Noise Level 26-55 dB
  • Weight 13.7 lb / 6.2 kg


The Levoit 600S costs £299 (about $360, AU$574) on Amazon UK. There’s an active £50 discount voucher, which drops the price to £249.

Compare Levoit Core 600S air purifier

Levoit 600SLevoit 300S
Power settings4 + Auto4 + Auto
OscillationN/A. Flat fan on top of unit360 degrees
Filtration0.3 microns (PM2.5, PM10, VOC, NO2, HCHO)0.3 microns (PM2.5, PM10, VOC, NO2, HCHO)
FiltersHEPA and carbon [replaces cost $69/£69.99HEPA and carbon
ControlLED touch display, VeSync app or Amazon Alexa, Google AssistantLED touch display, app or Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant
Dimensions12.3 x 12.3 x 23.6 inches (313 x 313 x 6000 mm)8.7 x 14.2 inches (220 x 360 mm)
Weight13.7lb (6.2kg)5.95lbs (2.7kg)

Levoit Core 600S air purifier review


The weight of the air purifier is 13.7 lb (6,2 kg).12.3 x 12.3 x 23.6 inches (31,3 x 31,3 x 60 cm) is the unit’s measurement. Levoit suggests that a room should be 147 square metres in size, or two air changes each hour.The materials are strong, and the curved design and off-white finish are fashionable.Furthermore, although weighing 6.2 kg, it seems much lighter. It is also simple to move about thanks to the strategically placed recessed handles on either side of the upper part.


The Levoit 600S can be operated manually with the controls on top or through the VeSync app after it is turned on. Touching any of the on-device controls will cause them to light up, and pressing them repeatedly will change the fan speed.

The Levoit 600S has controls and settings located in the centre of the fan. These allow you to adjust the fan speed, set a timer, check the filter and the quality of the air, and find out if the fan is linked to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to use the VeSync app.


With the 600S, Levoit treats us to their renowned 3-Stage Filtration technology without pricing us an arm and a leg. This combination has a high-efficiency activated carbon filter for odours and gases, a primary filter for airborne particles, and a nylon pre-filter for larger particles.


A room measuring 147 square metres may have its air changed twice an hour using the Levoit 600S.The following are the LeVoit VeSync Core 600S Smart True HEPA Air Purifier’s ring definitions. The orange (which seems more yellow to me) rings indicate moderate air quality (PM2.5 between 76-115 µg/m^3), red rings indicate poor air quality (PM2.5 >115 µg/m^3), and blue rings indicate very good air quality (PM2.5 < 35 µg/m^3). Green rings indicate good air quality (PM2.5 between 36-75 µg/m^3).

How clean Levoit Core 600S air purifier?

Similar to the Levoit 600S model, they are drawn towards the fabric or electrostatic filter by the air purifier’s gentle fan motor and collected in a disposable bag at the bottom of the apparatus. The air is returned to the room after being cleaned, creating a more pristine atmosphere.


With a silent decibel rating of less than 40 on the slowest speed setting and no more than 64dB when it reaches its top speed rating, it hums along smoothly, eventually settling at about 52dB. Prior to turning on the air purifier, the ambient background noise in the room was 38dB, so it hardly disturbs the peace.In sleep mode, the Levoit Core 600S emits 43.9 dBA, while at maximum speed, it emits 68.5 dBA.

SpeedValue (dBA)
Sleep Mode43.9 dBA
Low Mode46.8 dBA
Medium Mode51.2 dBA
High Mode58.7 dBA
Turbo Mode68.5 dBA

Levoit Core 600S air purifier Setup

The process of setting up an air purifier entails unscrewing the top and bottom sections of the device, taking out the included filter, and taking off the packing before replacing it. The unit’s top has a bright yellow sticker reminding you to do this before using it. After that, the unit’s two halves click to join. Whichever side the top half faces, it doesn’t matter as long as the corners line up with the matching corners on the bottom half. This is a rather easy technique to accomplish.


With its four-speed fan whipping everything through its HEPA and carbon filters to eliminate airborne nasties, the VeSync app offers significantly greater control over the ventilation system. It also shows the current PMS levels and the air quality that is continuously increasing. The app and the LED on top of the device both provide one-touch fan adjustments and real-time PMS readings. The app is perfect for using in a bedroom where the fan will automatically turn down so you can fall asleep because it adds scheduling and light-sensing features.

Levoit Core 600S air purifier Customer review

Impressive Air Purifier!

The levoit 600S air purifier is really good. We’ve been using it for about a month now. My son has allergies and I don’t hear him cough anymore because the dust in the house was reduced. I am a mom of three so less dust wiping is a big help for me. It freshens the air in our living room attached to our kitchen. Sometimes when we are cooking the light will turn red and we would know that it detected something and the air quality is not good then the phone will send us a report about the air quality. The 600S will clean the air and little by little the light will turn yellow then green then back to blue. Another feature that I like is that I can control it on my phone. Whenever we leave the house and about to come home, I get the house ready by increasing the fan speed. The air coming from 600S smells good. We bought 2 air purifier at the same time but the air coming out of blue air purifier doesn’t smell as fresh as the one coming out of 600S at this point. I am really impressed with 600S. I would like to get one more levoit 600S and return the blue air but it’s too much work to return it. If I could put levoit 600S in every corner of my house I would but the filters are going to cost me a lot so I’ll just dream about it for now.

By Mommy at Levoit

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