LifePro Turbo 3D vibration plate exercise machine review


LifePro Turbo 3D vibration plate exercise machine provide whole body and multidirectional vibrations to calm the nervous system, drain the lymphatic system for improved metabolism and weight loss, improve bone density, and strengthen the core for greater balance. Much like rubbing a bumped shin or shaking an injured finger, the exercise machine stimulates your nerves, blocking out pain, relieving built-up tension and soothing your joints as your brain focuses on motion, not pain. Whether you’re fighting lower back pain, aching knees, or arthritic joints, stepping on The Turbo vibration plate will give you immediate and noticeable relief. Get more in LifePro Turbo 3D vibration plate exercise machine review.

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Pros & Cons

  1. First, the Turbo has a 200-watt oscillating motor. Moreover, it also has a 200-watt pulsating motor.
  2. Also, the machine’s speed can range from 1 to 99.
  3. In addition, it has a frequency ranging from 4 to 15 Hz.
  4. And, the Turbo can generate 1 G acceleration.
  5. Furthermore, it’s horizontal oscillation amplitude ranges from 1 to 10 mm.
  6. Finally, the machine comes with a lifetime warranty. And a free 10-minute consultation.
  • Buttons are too sensitive
  • More handles needed for easier maneuverability

Key Features – LifePro Turbo 3D vibration plate exercise machine (review)

Maximum User Weight: First, this whole body vibration machine is usable by anyone weighing less than 330 pounds.

Speed:  Also, the user can select a speed from 1 to 99.

Frequency: Moreover, it has a frequency ranging from 4 to 15 Hz.

Motor:  Next, it has two 200-watts, 110 volts, 60 Hz motor.

Movement: In addition, the platform provides the following therapeutic vibrations:

  1. 1First, oscillations.
  2. 2Also, it pulses.
  3. 3Lastly, it pulses and oscillates.

Amplitude: Next, the vibration platform has amplitude of 0-10 mm for horizontal oscillations.

Acceleration:  Furthermore, the vibration platform generates 1 G acceleration.

Console: Also, the console has the following features.

  1. 1First, it has a blue LED light display.
  2. 2Second, it has a remote controller.
  3. 3Also, it has four pre-programmed selections.
  4. 4Lastly, it has eight pre-set programs.

Upper Body Workout:  Next, the two loop and four resistance bands allow you to get an upper body workout.

Vibration Plate: Also, the vibration plate has the following features.

  1. 1First, it has an anti-slip rubber surface.
  2. 2And, it has stabilizing suction cups at the bottom.
Other Features

Footprint:  Also, it has a footprint that is 30.5” wide, 15.3” deep, and 5.8” high.

Storage: Next, it can be easily stored under a bed or couch.

Warranty: Moreover, these vibration platform machines come with a lifetime warranty and free return in 30 days.

Machine Weight: In addition, it weighs 33 pounds.

Consult: Finally, it comes with a free 10-minute consultation and training videos.

Compare LifePro Turbo vs LifePro Rumblex

Motor Type1 – Oscillation2 – Oscillation & Lateral2 – Oscillation & Pulsation3 – Oscillation, Pulsation & Lateral
Hz & Amplitude4hz-12hz & 0-10 mm4hz-15hz & 0-10 mm4hz-15hz & 0-10 mm4hz-40hz & Oscillation 1-12mm Pulsation 1.5mm Linear 8mm
Max User Weight330lbs330lbs330lbs330lbs
Item Dims & Weight30.5 x 15.3 x 5.8 inches, 31lbs30.5 x 15.3 x 5.8 inches, 35lbs30.5 x 17.3 x 5.9 inches, 33lbs31.1 x 18.1 x 7.3 inches, 42lbs
Consultation & Online Videos
Lymphatic Drainage
Decrease Aches & Pains
Balance Training
Improve Bone Density

LifePro Turbo 3D vibration plate exercise machine review


It is offered as a low cost, compact and convenient fitness machine for home use. You can purchase it in black or blue colors at the same price tag. It promises to help you enhance your flexibility and fitness levels and achieve a decent lean body with much less effort.

Dual motor

The LifePro 3D Turbo has a powerful AC motor that is designed to last a very long time and a G force of 1G. The vibration and oscillation may feel softer than some other machines, but they certainly work nicely on your body without being a burden.

Display & remote control

There is a blue LED-backlit display that is easy to see and operate. You have more exercise options with the stronger dual motor and 3D movement patterns. It has a remote control that works with batteries and you plug the vibration platform to a power outlet.

How does LifePro Turbo 3D vibration plate exercise machine work?

It increases your heart rate and metabolism, enhances blood circulation, burns calories, increases bone density and help lose weight. It comes with the loop- resistance bands you see in the photos for strengthening and toning muscles and stretching. It may also help with the recovery and rehab after an injury. But you do need to speak to your health care provider before using any fitness machine if you have a relevant health condition.

Alternate of LifePro Turbo 3D vibration plate exercise machine

LifePro Waver Vibration Plate


  • Includes resistance bands
  • Built-in wheels for easy maneuverability
  • Frequency up to 12Hz


  • Higher settings can be too intense for beginners
  • Basic instruction manual
  • A little noisy

This budget-friendly vibration plate provides quick and effective low-impact workouts. The platform has a frequency up to 12Hz and multiple automatic programs. You can choose a workout level up to 99.

The full-body vibration provides numerous benefits, from burning fat to increasing bone density and minimizing stress on joints. The included resistance bands provide enough resistance for more experienced users. The vibrating platform comes with a user-friendly display and attached wheels for easier maneuverability.

LifePro Rumblex 4D Vibration Plate


  • Includes three program settings and seven training modes
  • Comes with a wearable remote for wrist-based control
  • Ideal for balance training and boosting bone density


  • Included resistance bands aren’t the highest quality
  • Built-in speakers aren’t very loud
  • Wireless remote could be more responsive

A triple motor design makes this vibrating platform a comprehensive addition to your home gym or commercial space. In addition to the oscillation and linear movements found in many vibration plates, the LifePro Rumblex 4D also has a pulsation mode.

Together, these movements assist with everything from building muscle tone and bone density to losing fat and recovering from an injury. In some cases, the vibrating platform may help combat chronic pain.

You can choose between seven training modes or combine them for a comprehensive session. This fully-loaded vibration plate comes with four resistance bands, built-in Bluetooth speakers to stream your favorite music, and even an exercise mat to protect your flooring and minimize noise. You’ll also get a wearable remote to adjust settings without interrupting your workout.

Powerfit Elite Vibration Plate


  • Comes with a remote control
  • Included resistance bands provide a full-body workout
  • Three available standing positions


  • Resistance bands are very light
  • Only available in one color
  • A bit large for storage

Unlike most other vibration platform machines, you can choose between standard and extra-large sizes. The Powerfit Elite vibration plate has a weight limit of 330 pounds and features an oscillating vibration platform.

Resistance bands are also included, so you can enjoy a full-body workout. Available running, jogging or walking positions provide a rewarding full-body workout in just minutes.

You have a choice between 99 variable speed control levels with this vibration plate. The platform supports up to 330 pounds and features a display screen to help you keep track.


Clinical studies report plenty of benefits after using whole-body vibration. We can name a few:

  • Core strength: Vibration plates create an unstable platform that stimulates core muscle activation and strengthening.
  • Bone health: Vibration and muscle activation also stimulates bone tissue to become compact and resistant. It is a great aid for patients with osteoporosis.
  • Blood circulation: Vibration stimulates blood circulation, and the whole body becomes involved by using these machines.
  • Muscle toning: This technology is effectively used in zero gravity to maintain muscle tone and prevent muscle loss.
  • Blood sugar regulation: Some studies suggest that after using vibration machines, diabetic patients resulted in better control of their disease.
  • Weight loss: It is a great aid to achieve physical fitness and in the long term may also contribute to weight loss.

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