LundyBright face masks UK reviews 2020

Lundybright is well known for manufacturing quality items on protective & surgical products. They offer protective equipment for professionals looking for quality goods. These LundyBright face masks UK have three-layer professional protective cloths. Sold in sealed packages. Elastic soft ear hooks eliminate most pressure on your ears and will not cause discomfort when worn for a long time. There have a small piece of metal strip inside the fabric of the bridge of the nose, which allow you to squeeze it on both sides of the bridge of your nose to fit your face. Get everything you need in LundyBright face mask reviews.

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What are the benefits?

. Hypoallergenic
. Adjustable Nose clip
Breathable Material
. Optimal Comfort & Filtration
. Extra thick

Three Layers
. Outer Layer: Hydrophobic non-woven layer
. Middle Layer: Meltblow filter
. Inner Layer: Soft absorbent non-woven layer

LundyBright face masks UK reviews 2020
LundyBright face masks UK reviews 2020

What is good in LundyBright face masks UK?

Lundybright masks provide you and your family with better protection.

Build material

Lundybright three ply disposable face masks of non woven fiber, hypoallergenic outlayer, meltblow filter middle layer and hydrophobic inner layer.

LundyBright face masks UK reviews 2020
LundyBright face masks UK reviews 2020

Three layers of non woven fibers make Lundybright masks comfortable to wear, and the most important is the optimal filtration these masks provides to provide better protection. Lundybright inner layer meltblow filter fiber, hydrophobic , optimal filtration, optimal breathablity.


Lundybright offers Protective and Surgical Products that are up to Europe and the US standards,and have relevant CE certifications to meet the protective needs due to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic that are surging all around the world.


Suitable for using in the restaurant, beauty salon, nail shop, pet shop and cleaning as well as other environments that require respiratory protection

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