BRITA MAXTRA+ water filter cartridges 12 pack reviews


What is more the cartridges (BRITA MAXTRA+ water filter cartridges 12 pack) are 100 percent recyclable so look out for recycling bins at participating retailers. For optimum filtration performance exchange MAXTRA+ cartridges every 150 litres or every month. MAXTRA+ filter with MicroFlow technology reduces impurities such as chlorine, limescale, lead and copper from your tap water, noticeably improving the taste and appearance of your hot and cold drinks.

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What is good in BRITA MAXTRA+ water filter cartridges 12 pack?

The standard 2.4L version we tried fits happily in the fridge door. It has a total filtered water capacity of 1.4l, which is big enough for me, but large families might prefer the extra large version.

Brita is a brand synonymous with water filtering – and it turns out for good reason. While there are some serious contenders on the market worth checking out (see below for more), our tasters unanimously found this one to be the best.

To my surprise, there’s a definite difference in taste between the questionable London tap water and the water that emerges from the jug. Even I can taste it. Our testing kit confirms that the water has changed, too. Post-filter, it’s down to a TDS of 258 (from 360), so it has preserved some minerality while getting rid of the undesirable heavy chalkiness, limescale and chlorine common to London tap water. And – perhaps even more impressively – the water’s pH is now a palatable 6.5 (down from 8).

Compare Water Filter Pitcher Cartridges

Brita Maxtra+AmazonBasicsBWT LonglifeWaterdrop
Maxtra CompatibleYesYesYesYes
Reduce ChlorideYesYesYesYes
Reduce LimescaleYesYesYesYes
Reduce LeadYesNoYesYes
Reduce ArsenicNoNoNoYes
Reduce FluorideNoNoNoYes
Reduce CopperYesNoYesNo
Magnesium MineralisedNoNoYesNo
Capacity (Liter)100L100L120L100L
Made InGermanySwitzerlandAustriaChina

Alternate of BRITA MAXTRA+ water filter cartridges 12 pack

The Pur Pitcher Replacement Filter with Lead Reduction and basic Pitcher Filter have, by far, the most extensive American National Standards Institute/NSF International (ANSI/NSF) certifications of any pitcher filters we researched, and they have been rigorously proven to remove a greater number and range of potential water contaminants than their competitors. They’re also competitively priced and easy to find—strong points because, like all pitcher filters, they have to be replaced regularly. The drawback? The filters can be slow, often averaging more than 10 minutes to fully refill an 11-cup pitcher.

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