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Midea MAD50C1ZWS dehumidifier 70 pint reviews

Midea MAD50C1ZWS dehumidifier 70 pint reviews

If you are dehumidifying a warehouse, large basement, massive laundry room – or just about any other large space – then this Midea MAD50C1ZWS dehumidifier 70 pint is exceptionally useful. It can easily dehumidify large, vast, open spaces that most other dehumidifiers are completely unable to dehumidify. Quiet enough for use in bedrooms to maintain both healthy air quality and a relaxing environment. A maximum 51 decibel volume enables quiet operation that registers around the same volume as a quiet conversation. Get more in Midea MAD50C1ZWS dehumidifier 70 pint reviews.

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Pros & Cons


  • High Affordability
  • Huge Coverage Area
  • Ultra-Quiet
  • Large working temperature range
  • Longer warranty period


  • Improper maintenance can trigger mold growth
  • The delicate hose can develop leakages quite easily


  • TANK SIZE (PTS.): 15
  • PUMP: No
  • TIMER: Yes

ComapreMIDEA Dehumidifier 20 pint vs MIDEA Dehumidifier 50 pint

MIDEA Dehumidifier 20 pintMIDEA Dehumidifier 35 pintMIDEA Dehumidifier 50 pint
Dehumidifier Capacity (2019 DOE)20 pint per day35 pint per day50 pint per day
Bucket Capacity0.8 gallon (3 liter)1.6 gallon (6 liter)1.6 gallon (6 liter)
Humidity Range35 – 85%35 – 85%35 – 85%
Unit Dimension(L*D*H)15.31″ x 10.51″ x 19.80″15.94″ x 11.54″ x 24.29″15.94″ x 11.54″ x 24.29″
Unit weight30.86 lbs39.68 lbs43.87 lbs
Wattage295 watts495 watts690 watts
Noise level51 dB49 dB49 dB
Peak Air Flow Volume234 m3/h320 m3/h320 m3/h
Energy Satr
Timer24 hour timer24 hour timer24 hour timer
Midea MAD50C1ZWS dehumidifier 70 pint reviews

Compare MIDEA Dehumidifier 50 pint vs Kesnos Dehumidifier 70 pint

MIDEA MAD50C1ZWS Dehumidifier for up to 4500 Sq Ft AmazonBasics Dehumidifier – For Areas Up to 1,000 Square Feet, Kesnos 4500 Sq. Ft Dehumidifiers for Home and Basements,PD253D
Are batteries required?NoNoNo
Item Dimensions15.94 x 11.54 x 24.29 inches15.20 x 19.69 x 10.24 inches11.81 x 11.81 x 22.83 inches
Item Weight33.51 lbs33.10 lbs31.00 lbs
Number of Items11
Size50 Pint-2019 DOE (Previous 70 Pint)22 Pint4500 Sq Ft
Warranty DescriptionOne limited year warrenty from original purchase date.All of kesnos dehumidifiers are covered with 30-days money back guarantee, 1 year warranty, 2nd year warranty extension when your product registered and lifetime expert tech support.
Midea MAD50C1ZWS dehumidifier 70 pint reviews

Midea MAD50C1ZWS dehumidifier 70 pint reviews


The durable caster wheels, ergonomic handle, and lightweight makes the MIDEA dehumidifier a highly portable product. With compact unit dimensions of 15.31″ x 10.51″ x 19.80 and a super-lightweight of just 30.86 lbs, this product brings a lot of convenience to the user.

Room coverage

Even if you have no need for the Maximum Area Coverage that this dehumidifier offers, the dehumidifier is still quite useful. With ease, it can dehumidify any space that is under 4,500 square-feet – bedrooms and living rooms; among many others – ensuring that those spaces are free of excess humidity.

Moisture Removal

I live in a very humid area and it has to be emptied about twice a day on high with a humidity goal of 45%, my home humidity without it running is 85-90%; I know that’s really high isn’t it. On a lower setting, using the comfort setting and a low fan speed it has to be emptied once every 36-48+ hours. The comfort setting automatically keeps a balance between heat generation (which is very helpful on hot days and your AC unit is struggling to cool your home) of the machine and a comfortable relative humidity, usually around 50-55%.

Large Water Tank

The unit comprises a large water tank that can store up to 1.6 gallons of water every day. However, this product being a 70-pint dehumidifier, may require frequent emptying of the water tank. Thus, the drain-hose method would be a much better option to enjoy stress-free dehumidification.

Two-Way Drain

You can attach a general garden hose to drain the water which is very economical as far as replacement and durability. Some dehumidifiers have a special hose that must be used and I have found this can be a bit of a pain to replace. You can also close the gravity drain with a screw on cap that is provided and use the water collection reservoir, which is amply large 1.8 gallons, easy to take in and out and has a flat bottom so you can easily balance the drawer on the floor while you pull it out of the unit; this prevents accidental spills which I have had with other units.

Energy Efficiency

The MIDEA dehumidifier is an ENERGY STAR certified appliance. It cleared almost all the tests initiated by the EPA in giving an appliance this recognition. This dehumidifier proved to be about 15% more efficient than other such machines of its category.

Noise level

In terms of Sound generations, this product certainly stands out against any other 70-pin dehumidifier. It produces noises as low as 49 dB and keeps the maximum dissipation loudness just above 50 dB. This sole quality offered by this appliance is enough to attract a lot of customers.


The MIDEA dehumidifier features an auto-defrost function to prevent icing over the appliance’s coils that may damage the internal working.

In this mode, all of the unit operations except the fan shut off. The fan then continuously blows air to melt the icing, and thereafter, the operation restarts with previous settings installed.

Timer Function

This appliance’s timer function allows you to set delayed operation in the range of 0-24 hours. This feature offers great convenience for usage in basements and other such remote spaces.

Turbo Fan

While the turbo mode is on, the fan of the unit works faster to remove moisture more efficiently and quickly. This feature can be used in case of quicker relief from higher relative humidity levels.

‘Clean-filter’ indicator

The ‘Clean-filter’ indicator light placed above the control panel alarms you to clean the air filters to avoid the accumulation of excess dust over filters that can hurt the unit’s performance.

Auto-restart function

In case of an unexpected power outage or inconsistency, the unit may have to shut-off. But when the power returns, the auto-restart function allows the unit to restart and start operation along with the previously installed setting. This makes it very comfortable to use in remote spaces.

Continuous Operation

This is a unique feature associated with this particular product. In this mode, the unit performs a continuous and hurdle-free operation for smoother and comfortable use.


In the Auto-comfort mode, the unit automatically selects the ideal desired humidity level for a highly comfortable and pleasing environment.

Visible Tank Level

The tank comprises a visibility display to check the tank’s water level and get an idea about the time that it will take to fill.


The working of the MIDEA dehumidifier is exactly like any other dehumidifier system. The unit sucks the moist air through the fan; this air is cooled down by the cooling system (condenser) to liquefy and separate water vapor from the air.

This water is then transferred to the water bucket from where it has to be manually removed. The heating system then heats the dry residue air, and this warm air is then released after passage from the air filters.

Below we’ll discuss some of the features of this dehumidifier related to its design and functionality.

Ease of Use

The MIDEA dehumidifier is a highly user-friendly appliance with super-easy controls and easily removable filters and tanks.

The control panel includes the turbo mode, continuous operation mode, auto-comfort mode, & the timer as buttons/switches, the clean-filter indicator, and the LED display—all of which we have already discussed in detail above.

Installation – Midea MAD50C1ZWS dehumidifier 70 pint

• Place the dehumidifier on a smooth, level floor strong enough to support the unit with a full bucket of water.
• Allow at least 8” of air space on all sides of the unit for air circulation (at least 16” for air outlet).
• Place the unit in an area where the temperature will not fall below 41°F (5°C). The coils can become covered with frost at at lower temperatures, which may reduce performance.
• Place the unit away from any clothes dryer, heater or radiator.
• Close all doors, windows and other outside openings to the room.

Midea MAD50C1ZWS dehumidifier 70 pint reviews – Cleaning & maintenance

  1. Clean the Grill and Case
    • Use water and a mild detergent. Do not use bleach or abrasives.
    • Do not splash water directly onto the unit. Doing so may cause an electrical shock, cause the insulation to deteriorate, or cause the unit to rust.
    • The air intake and outlet may get dirty during operation, use a vacuum cleaner or brush to clean.
  2. Clean the bucket
    Every few weeks, clean the bucket thoroughly to prevent growth of mold, mildew and bacteria. Partially fill the bucket with clean water and mild detergent. Swish it around in the bucket, empty and rinse.
  1. Clean the air filter
    • To remove the filter, pull filter outwards
    • Wash the filter with clean water then dry.
    • Re-install the filter, replace bucket.

Alternate of Midea MAD50C1ZWS dehumidifier 70 pint (reviews)

Honeywell Basement & Large Room Humidifier TP70AWKN

Honeywell TP70AWKN

Honeywell is responsible for some of the best-selling dehumidifiers available today. They are also one of a handful of companies in the HVAC world to make connected products. The Honeywell TP70AWKN is a 70-pint Wi-Fi dehumidifier and an excellent choice if you live in a connected home.

At only around 40 pounds, this dehumidifier is one of the lighter models in the 70-pint class and reminiscent of the fan-favorite Frigidaire ffad7033r1 from a performance standpoint. The wheeled unit is of average size with a handle on the top and filter access in the back. The 14-pint bucket has a spill-proof design, but it’s geared towards continuous drainage as well. It can handle areas up to 4,000 square feet and has two speeds with a CFM rating of 185.

While the temperature range, dimensions, and bucket are all standard on this system, the Wi-Fi sets it apart. It allows you to control the dehumidifier remotely from your smartphone or tablet, which is a huge perk considering most units don’t even come with remotes. Homeowners found this dehumidifier easy to use, despite a few reports of connectivity issues. Given the number of mobile devices available and the nature of Wi-Fi, that’s par for the course.

From the water level indicator to the spill-proof bucket, a lot of thought went into the design of the Honeywell TP70AWKN. The Wi-Fi is the main selling point of this unit over similar models from the company, but it also has a top-tier warranty with US-based support. If you would prefer a pump over Wi-Fi, the Honeywell TP70PWK is an option as well.

  • Pros: Wi-Fi connectivity with voice control through Alexa. 5-year warranty, 24- hour timer, and standard safety features.
  • Cons:  Some reports of quality control issues.

TOSOT 70-pint Energy Star Dehumidifier

TOSOT 70-pint Dehumidifier

TOSOT has manufactured HVAC products for around 20 years, even if their products only recently became widely available in the United States. Their current collection includes a small line of dehumidifiers, and our top pick from the company is the affordable GDN45BA-A3BA2B dehumidifier. 

This dehumidifier is another 70-pint unit that sits at 50-pints under current DOE standards. It’s still rated for up to 4,500 square feet, however, and efficient with Energy Star certification. This TOSOT dehumidifier is one of the quieter systems on our list as well, with a decibel rating of 52dB on high. The design will go with any almost any décor, and it won’t take up much space as it’s only 24” tall with caster wheels.

You’ll get three speeds from this dehumidifier. It’s rated at 206 CFM on high and has an operating temperature range between 41 to 90°F. It has a defrosting along with a 2 or 4-hour timer and notification lights for the filter and tank. The tank is listed at 2 gallons, but you will not need to dump it often, considering the TISOT GDN45BA-A3BA2B has a built-in pump capable of pumping water up to 12 feet away.

This dehumidifier is the best choice for homeowners that need a unit with a pump or want a system they can set and forget. The timer is limited compared to other 70-pint models, but it has a washable filter and all the standard features you would expect.

  • Pros: It’s an affordable system with a built-in pump and three speeds. Runs quiet and covers up to 4,500 square feet.
  • Cons:  None.

hOmeLabs Large Room Dehumidifier

hOmeLabs HME020031N

hOmeLabs has introduced some interesting products over the years with a range of goods that varies wildly from air treatment products and ice makers to mini-refrigerators. They have an impressive line of inexpensive dehumidifiers as well, including a 70-pint model in the HME20031N.

This is one of the larger dehumidifiers available from hOmeLabs with a rating of 70 PPD by the old standards. It’s built for large rooms and areas up to 4,500 square feet and has a sleek design with rounded corners at the top and caster wheels on the bottom. It’s of average size at 24.3” tall and 40 pounds with an easy to use control panel on top.

While hOmeLabs doesn’t provide as many details on this system as other manufacturers, this unit has a 24-hour timer along with auto-restart and shut-off features. The hOmeLabs HME20031N has a slightly higher operating range that tops out at 95°F, but no real standout features aside from Turbo Mode, which allows the dehumidifier to produce a higher rate of airflow at 188 CFM.

When you need an induction cooktop, ice maker, or mini-fridge, hOmeLabs has always been a good brand to turn to, and consumers have been thrilled with their dehumidifiers as well. In this case, you’re getting a solid budget-friendly system and an excellent warranty at 2 years with an additional 6 months if you register the HME20031N on their website.

  • Pros: Good looking dehumidifier that’s a breeze to use. Large water bucket, Turbo Mode, and a 2-year warranty.
  • Cons:  Nothing significant.

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