Nebula Cosmos vs Cosmos Max difference – where to get best price?


Whether you want to indulge in an ice-cream-fueled Prime Video binge or watch the big game via the ESPN app, Cosmos has you covered. Choose from over 5000 apps including Hulu, Disney+, HBO, and many more with Android TV. Watch your favorite movies, sports events, games, and more in astonishing quality with Cosmos’s UHD image. Where to get best price – Nebula Cosmos vs Cosmos Max.

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Pros & Cons – Nebula Cosmos vs Cosmos Max

Nebula Cosmos


  • Full HD (1080p) native resolution
  • Autofocus, keystone correction
  • Decent built-in speakers
  • Google Play access
  • Android 9.0 TV built in. No external devices needed (no Netlix support as of this writing)
  • 1/4″ tripod mount is flush unlike previous nebula models
  • Digital Zoom! 


  • Low brightness rating for HDR
  • No 3.5mm audio output
  • No built in battery
  • No lens shift
  • Requires a separate app for USB playback
  • External power supply adaptor
  • RAM and storage could be better

Nebula Cosmos Max


  • 4K picture quality
  • Speedy Android interface
  • Cinematic sound


  • HDR could be punchier
  • Long throw distance for bigger projection sizes

Nebula Cosmos vs Cosmos Max best Price

Anker Nebula Cosmos costs $799.99, which is a reasonable price considering the features set of this smart projector. You may also consider Anker’s Nebula Cosmos Max with 4K UHD resolution, 1,500 ANSI lumens brightness rating, and Android TV 9.0 operating system, but at a higher price tag of $1,799.99.

The Anker Nebula Cosmos Max 4K projector is available now, and has an RRP of £1,399.99 / $1,699.99. That compares very favourably with the picks from our best 4K projectors list, with the Anker Nebula Cosmos 4K being on average half the price of similarly-specified alternatives.

Compare Nebula Cosmos vs Cosmos Max

Nebula CosmosNeubla Cosmos Max
Color SelectionBlackBlack
Projection TechnologyDLPDLP
Brightness900 ANSI lm1500 ANSI lm (Projection Brightness)
Resolution1920×1080(16:9, FHD)3840×2160(16:9, UHD)
Operating SystemAndroid TV 9.0Android TV 9.0
Dolby Digital PlusYesYes

Nebula Cosmos vs Cosmos Max reviews


Nebula Cosmos

The projector measures 13.8 x 9.8 x 3.9 inches and weighs 7.4 pounds. On the back are two HDMI 2.0 (one with ARC), two USB ports each capable of data and power, and an optical port. The ES File Explorer needs to be downloaded from the Google Play store to play files from a USB drive.

Cosmos Max

Ovoid in shape and measuring 13.8 x 3.9 x 9.8 inches, with a 3.3kg weight, it’s easy to move the Anker Nebula Cosmos Max 4K around – and with its mix of gun-metal greys and wraparound speaker grilles, it’s attractive enough to leave out on full display. 


Nebula Cosmos

The Cosmos smart projector has decent connectivity options with two HDMI 2.0 ports for connecting devices like laptops and two USB Type-A ports for playing files from USB storage media like flash drives. Anker Nebula Cosmos supports popular audio and video formats, including MP3, AAC, WMA, RM, Mkv, WMV, MOV, MP4, DAT, AVI, and ISO. It can decode HDR10 and Dolby content. The projector’s power supply is located in an external adapter, making it a little inconvenient to carry.

Nebula Cosmos Max

There’s a lot squeezed into this compact shape. In terms of physical connections, you’ve got two HDMI 2.0 ports, optical out, two powered full size USB ports.

Screen size

I have been using the Nebula Cosmos projector outside on my patio and inside on occasion for movie night for the kids (my two little ones absolutely love the 120 inch display!). If you’re looking for a convenient set up to project outdoor movies I would highly recommend. In terms of optics at Nebula Cosmos Max, you’re able to get between a 30 and 150-inch picture from a 1.2:1 throw ratio. 


Nebula Cosmos makes use of DLP technology for image projection. The device has a native resolution of 1080p or Full HD, allowing users to watch movies and videos in high-quality.  Cosmos Max produces 3840 x 2160 (pixel shifted from 1080p) display with HDR10 and HLG capable output, this auto-focusing 1500 ANSI lumens bright projector is working hard. 


Nebula Cosmos

Finally, there’s a thin, functional remote. Directional keys, volume controls and a power button are correct and present, but not a couple of handy projector-specific controls, including lamp brightness and auto-focus buttons. 

Cosmos Max

Finally, there’s a thin, functional remote. Directional keys, volume controls and a power button are correct and present, but not a couple of handy projector-specific controls, including lamp brightness and auto-focus buttons. 

Similarities – Nebula Cosmos vs Cosmos Max

Featuring Android TV™ 9 as the operating system, the Cosmos Max includes 16GB of onboard storage while the Cosmos offers 8GB for apps and downloads.

This allows customers to download and use their favorite video and streaming apps with over 7,000 apps through the platform including Netflix®, HBO®, YouTube™ and YouTube TV™. It also allows for sports apps such as ESPN, MLB.TV, NBA, and NFL as well as news apps like ABC, Bloomberg TV, CBS and CNN. Alternatively, users can connect to the projectors using the HDMI or USB ports, or wirelessly connect over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or cast via Google Chromecast™.

Additionally, with up to ±40-degrees of both horizontal and vertical keystone correction, the Cosmos and Cosmos Max can be placed in a variety of positions for a square and stable image.

Both projectors in the Cosmos line feature HDR-10 technology and a static contrast ratio of 1000:1 / dynamic contrast ratio of 100,000:1. The Cosmos Max offers 1,500 ANSI Lumens while the Cosmos offers 900 ANSI Lumens to deliver an image that projects brighter colors, deeper blacks and improved dynamic range.

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