Renpho rechargeable hand held deep tissue massager review


Does Renpho rechargeable hand held deep tissue massager really work? It can effectively help you relieve aches and pains in your shoulders, neck, back, joints, foot, leg, and calves. It is also useful if you need to speed up muscle recovery or simply wish to relax. The RENPHO Electric Percussion Massager has a powerful motor, long-lasting Li-ion battery, and is made out of high quality ABS plastic. Reveal more features in Renpho rechargeable hand held deep tissue massager review.

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In the box

  • Massager Stick,
  • Stand,
  • 5 Massager Heads,
  • Wall Charger,
  • User Manual
  • Adapter: AC 100V-240V 50/60Hz

Pros & Cons


  • Cordless feature
  • Built-in powerful motor of 3600 pulses
  • Rechargeable power
  • Five different massage attachments


  • Quite heavy and long
  • The vibration may be too intense on lowest setting


  • Type: Body massager
  • Pulses per minute: 3,600RPM
  • Run time: 140 minutes
  • Dimensions: 15 x 3 x 4.5 inches 15 x 3 x 4.5
  • Weight: 1.8lbs
  • Power: 1 Lithium polymer battery (included)
  • High battery capacity
  • Long-serving time–up to 140 mins
  • Great motor–up to 3600 Rpm
  • Percussion technical
  • 5 Massager heads
  • Weight: 1.8lbs


While you can easily spend upwards of £100 on a self-massage tool, the Renpho Hand Held Deep Tissue Massager is a budget-friendly option – particularly as it’s now on sale for just £34.99. 

While the Theragun G3PRO may be the best option for serious athletes, it will set you back a whopping £549. Admittedly, it comes with impressive features that can’t be found in the Renpho, but the steep price tag is enough to put anyone off.  

Renpho rechargeable hand held deep tissue massager review


This looks and feels very well made. It comes with a nice assortment of massager tips. It can effectively help you reduce aches and discomforts in your shoulders, neck, back, joints, foot, leg, and calves. The RENPHO Electric Percussion Massager has a powerful motor, long-lasting battery, and is made out of high quality ABS plastic.


The design is slick and lightweight. Its dimension is 15 x 3 x 4.5 inches and weighs around 1.76 Pounds. The Renpho Rechargeable Deep Tissue Massager has an extra-long anti-slip silicone handle. With the on/off button and five percussion modes, it is  simple to  control at the press of a button. This is rubber-coated and is perfect for loosening tight and stiff muscles. Also rubber-coated is the ‘3-Point Head’ for a softer massage and less intense aches and pains. 

Attachments in Renpho rechargeable hand held deep tissue massager

The Renpho Rechargeable Deep Tissue Massager has five different interchangeable massage ‘nodes’ to deliver a tailored massage technique to suit the part of your body. Included with the device is the ‘Round Head’ for general massage and ‘1-Point Head’ for focused trigger-point massage. 

Five plastic attachments are included: a round ball, a wide three-pronged triangle with spiked balls, a round ball with a pointed tip, a small disc with three small balls and a curved C-shaped attachment.

Percussion & Vibrations

Renpho’s rechargeable device is a percussion-style device with a motor that operates at a powerful 3,600 times per minute, so it certainly packs a punch! As such, after 20 minutes of use, the device will automatically stop to prevent the massager from overheating.


It has a few different settings for the massage frequency and type as well as a low, medium, and high intensity. It is fairly intense on the highest intensity. 

Battery life

Charging is straightforward – simply place the Renpho in its holder and wait until the battery is topped up. The holder also provides a place to keep all the attachments in one place too. This massaging device is rechargeable, with the built-in battery lasting for around 140 minutes. 

This rechargeable massager is much more convenient to use and is so portable that I now bring it to work for an occasional back muscle treatment on breaks. 

How to use Renpho rechargeable hand held deep tissue massager?

While most traditional electric massagers need to be plugged into a wall socket to keep the power on, the RENPHO Electric Percussion Massager has a built-in battery which means that it can be used anywhere.

A quick massage will help you to physically relax your body, increase joint flexibility. A good massage has been proved to have positive effects on the human body by reducing stress, discomfort, and muscle tension. 

Renpho rechargeable hand held deep tissue massager Performance review

This massager is light weight, has good reach and power to hit my sore spots on my neck. It also has a compact stand for charging and storage of the two extra heads. It charged up quickly too and the light on the wall plug changes from red to green to signal its fully charged. 

It has different settings that can be changed based on different types of massage, you can change the speed also .battery life is great and usually works about 45 minutes.

 I actually prefer the Renpho lower amplitude. The Renpho has a slightly higher maximum frequency (how fast the head moves). It has 5 speed settings. The Renpho as some pre-programmed patterns. The head attachments are the other big difference. It has soft rubber caps on several of them which make for a more pleasant experience. If you are interested in using this as an intimacy assistant, the Renpho’s reduced amplitude and softer attachments are also better for that purpose.

Renpho rechargeable hand held deep tissue massager alternative

Pado – PureWave CM-07

The PureWave is cordless: It charges in one hour and stays charged for two hours or longer. It’s a sleek 16-inches long with a rubberized handle that’s half the length, so you can grip it midway or by the end, depending on which body party you’re massaging. The PureWave weighs only 1-½ pounds with most of the weight in the motor, which allows you to dangle the head down the length of your entire spine.

The Pado – PureWave CM7 is the most versatile handheld massager. Its unique design has a dual-function motor that can be switched from a percussion-style massage to a gentle vibration-therapy for facial massages.

The PureWave has six attachments:

  • a six-pointed star with six ½-inch balls for areas that are more muscle than bone (thigh, bicep, tricep, lower back)
  • a point stick with a raised-star shape for pinpointing one particular muscle
  • a flat, smooth disc for applying massage oil
  • a disc with soft bristles for a scalp massage
  • a mushroom-shaped cushioned disc for massaging bony areas, like the spine and shoulders
  • a small, chrome-covered disc for facial massage

The facial massage disc is unique; no other handheld massager we tested has it. With a flick of the power switch, the massager is switched from percussive massage to a gentle vibration at the tip of the handle. We found this function to be especially soothing when massaging forehead wrinkles and applying moisturizer around the eyes and mouth.

Most other massagers had a ball attachment for massaging areas with more bone than muscle; however, they were all uncomfortable to use since the percussive action bounces the ball off bone. The PureWave patented Air-Cushion disc is a soft rubber half-sphere that absorbs the intense vibration and glides over bony areas, like the shoulder blades, neck and feet.

A few of the other massagers have a bristled disc for scalp massages, but the bristles are hard and quite painful, even at the lowest intensity. The PureWave bristles, however, are medium-soft rubber and are more gentle, giving an invigorating scalp massage.

The PureWave is three times the price of the other massagers we tested (except for the Mighty Bliss). The difference in quality, however, was easy to see. With its two motor functions, effective attachments and clever storage stand, PureWave is definitely better than the rest.

We also loved the PureWave’s ergonomically designed stand for holding the massager and all of the attachments. The head balances in the top of the stand — seemingly defying gravity — and the handle is arched towards you, so it’s ready to be picked up at any time.

Reasons to buy

  • The PureWave CM-07 has a dual function motor than can be switched from percussive-style massage to a gentle, vibrating facial massage.
  • It’s lightweight and ergonomically designed to balance in your hand.
  • The PureWave’s six attachments — including a unique facial-massage disc — effectively massage particular muscle groups or areas with more bone than muscle.

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