Thamtu G10 robot vacuum reviews 2023 – how much is price?


Is Thamtu G10 robot vacuum worth investment? With a runtime of up to 120 minutes on hard floors and a 600 ml huge dustbin, the G10 vacuum robot can clean a large home in a single pass. When the battery is low, the robot automatically returns to the charging station. It is compatible with a variety of floor kinds, has a very long run duration, and nearly little noise. It also offers several different suction types. You can easily maintain a clean, new look in your home with this vacuum. Get details in Thamtu G10 robot vacuum reviews.

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With a specialized R&D department and manufacturing facility devoted to the research, production, and sales of smart home appliances, Thamtu, launched in 2020, is concentrating on the smart home market.

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Pros & Cons


  • Excellent suction power; virtually everything gets picked up.
  • Excellent for dog hair and cleans up with little effort
  • Returns to charging once the battery is nearly dead.
  • So far, the app’s features always worked as intended.


  • Sometimes stuck on carpets

Thamtu G10 Specs

  • Size 12.6′′ x 12.6′′ x 2.99′′
  • Weight 9.30 lbs
  • Suction Power 2,700 Pa
  • Dustbin capacity 600 ml
  • Run time 2 hours
  • Control Techniques* App, remote, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa


This vacuum is great, especially considering the price. Your cleaning issues will be solved with the Thamtu G10 Robot Vacuum, which is currently on sale at Amazon for just $140.

Thamtu G10 robot vacuum reviews


It is lightweight, measuring just 9.3 lbs. at 12.6 x 12.6 x 2.99 inches and having a sleek shape. It implies that it doesn’t occupy much room and can access challenging areas like underneath couches. The Thamtu device has sensors that stop it from colliding with walls, hitting corners, falling down stairs, or nicking furniture.

Thamtu G10 robot vacuum accessories

It boasts a HEPA filter, a sponge, both main and side brushes, a huge dustbin that can hold the vacuum’s entire two-hour runtime, and more. It also includes a charging base and a power adapter.

1 * Robot Vacuum G10

1 * Charging Base  Power Adapter

1 * Remote Control

1 * Main Brush

4 * Side Brushes

1 * 78.7 inch Boundary Strips

1 * Spare Hepa and Sponge

5 * Fastening Cable Ties


Along with two extra edge brushes, a second filter, and carbon were included.


A 600ml dustbin comes standard with the robot vacuum cleaner. ideal for stone, tile, and hardwood floors


Whether your floors are tiled, hardwood, or carpeted, the robot vacuum cleaner can remove dust, pet hair, and other bothersome particles from all surfaces in your home with a suction power of up to 2,700 pascals. The auto-boost switches on to full power once it hits a carpet for deeper cleaning, so it understands just when to increase power as it moves from tile to carpet.

Thamtu G10 robot vacuum Cleaning performance reviews

It moves quickly, fits under most pieces of furniture, and has strong suction. Additionally, the cleaning modes on the robot vary, including auto for general cleaning, edge for cleaning corners and edges, and spot for stains. The sensors and computer in the G10-D1 are incredible; it can identify certain objects and obstacles, including my desk, music stand, and office or gaming seats, and will clean around and between them. G10-D1 is also cautious, so it occasionally slows down and avoids hard collisions with objects like walls.

Great work, robot. It cleans, sweeps, and gathers any little dirt it may discover on the floor. It covers the living room and dining room in approximately an hour and a half on a full charge, and after each run, everything was immaculate.

Thamtu G10 battery life

Its battery has a 2600mAh capacity. There are 120 minutes total. The vacuum will automatically return to its charging dock after completing a clean cycle.

Thamtu G10 Apps

I installed the app, and now I can plan daily cleanings. When the vacuum starts cleaning and when the battery is running low, I receive notifications on my phone. With my Alexa app, I can also turn it on and off. In general, it is absolutely a good investment. The app outperforms and is easier to use than the roomba app.

Thamtu G10 robot vacuum alternative

iLife V8s

This robot vacuum/mop combo won’t empty your bank account, but it will clean your floors. The iLife V8s makes up for its lack of bells and whistles with its cleaning power. In both mop and vacuum modes, the iLife V8s features four distinct cleaning modes: Classic, which causes the bot to bounce off of walls; Path, which employs a methodical M-shaped cleaning pattern; Edge, which cleans along boundaries; and Spot, which focuses on specific areas. Like other robot mops, the business advises vacuuming first before mopping.

On the iLife V8s, you must replace the dustbin with the water tank, dampen and attach the microfiber mopping pad, and select a mode using the remote control that comes with the device or on the bot itself. The V8s will start operating. According to iLife, the 300 ml water tank will typically be sufficient to clean one room, however it is advised to refill the tank before moving on to the next one. You should watch it while it cleans because it lacks Wi-Fi connectivity and is unable to map. A soft carpet is unpopular.

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