TRIFO robot vacuum with 1080p cameras 4000pa reviews – how to use TRIFO app?


Does TRIFO robot vacuum work as home security camera? It’s the ideal device to sweep up the hardwood floor under the dining table after breakfast, keep the hallway dust-free, and pick up the hair, leaves, and twigs that our cat leaves embedded in every carpet. Know details in TRIFO robot vacuum with 1080p cameras 4000pa review.

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Pros & Cons


  • Battery life and strong suction
  • Useful security camera function
  • unique mapping technology
  • Good at avoiding most obstacles and clutter


  • Poor navigation
  • Terrible mopping implementation
  • Security camera not that useful
  • Doesn’t pick up dirt that well
  • Two-way communication is not clear, and has limited night vision

Specs – TRIFO robot vacuum with 1080p cameras 4000pa

  • 3.3 inches tall, so fits under most furniture
  • 120-minute runtime
  • 4,000 Pa suction power (with Pascal Pressure Units, high numbers indicate better suction)
  • 0.6L dust capture capacity
  • 70dB noise level for quiet operation (comparable to a regular vacuum cleaner)
  • Works on hard floors to medium-pile carpets
  • Remote control via a mobile app
  • Security camera built-in
  • Various suction levels
  • 12-month warranty
  • Works with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi


If you want a powerful and capable robot vacuum, the Trifo Max justifies the $349.99 price. Even without the mobile app, this is a good enough performer in this price bracket to be worth considering.

TRIFO robot vacuum with 1080p cameras 4000pa reviews


The TRIFO robot vacuum with 1080p cameras 4000pa has the standard circular shape you see on most robot vacuums, except this one has a camera at the rear.  Compared to our last robot vacuum, the Eufy RoboVac 11c, the Trifo Max is considerably bigger, standing 3.3 inches tall and with a 14.2-inch diameter.

On the vacuum, you will also notice two physical buttons, one to start or stop cleaning and one to send it home to the charging station. Turn it over and there will be a single spinning brush bar and a hatch in the top that opens to remove the dustbin.


The 0.6-liter bin is decent-sized, which can be pulled out easily. A flap at the front allows you to easily open it and get the debris and dirt out. 


The Trifo Max can clean for up to two hours, and it returns to the charging station automatically when it has finished or when the battery is running low. A full charge takes around three hours. The vacuum comes with a 5,200 mAh rechargeable battery which provides up to 120 minutes of run time when fully charged.

Suction power

The TRIFO robot vacuum boasts a suction power of 4,000 Pa, and the extra grunt is immediately obvious when you turn it on because it’s a loud robot vacuum. At 70 decibels, it sounds just like a conventional vacuum cleaner — this is not a robot vacuum I would schedule to run at night because it would wake everyone up.


To start mopping, simply fill the water reservoir and attach a mopping pad. Once finished cleaning, the robot vacuum automatically returns to its charging station. 

Integrated security camera

One feature that makes the Trifo Max different from other robotic vacuums is the presence of a 1080p Full HD security camera and a motion sensor. It is a nice feature to have, especially since the device has a microphone and speaker allowing for two-way communication.

 If you can get it to connect to your Wi-Fi, then you can use the mobile app to view the camera, remote control the device, and have two-way conversations. You can also set patrols and have the Trifo Max automatically record video and alert you if it detects movement or sound in your home. 

Motion detections

You can turn on motion detection to automatically capture short animated photos of people and get a warning on the app, but this is no security camera replacement. Half the time, the image I got sent was of my back. Motion detection is also very sensitive, often sending a flood of alerts. There’s no option to draw activity zones and no option to adjust the sensitivity.


The Trifo Max also has a microphone and speaker, so you can communicate with any visitors in the room. However, you can only use the microphone when the vacuum is operating, idling or you’ve opened the video feature in the app. You can also record video, which is stored in your album, and can then be accessed via the Trifo app.

Smart Home Integrations

The Trifo Max is compatible with Amazon Alexa voice platform. You just need to enable the Trifo skill in the Alexa app, and then you use voice commands like, “Alexa, turn on Max,” and it will respond. Do remember the name of your Trifo Max as that will be the name Alexa will be looking for when you give it a voice command. Regarding other voice platforms, Trifo does not work with these systems at this time.


Take out the robot vacuum from the box and plug in the charging base. Now, download the Trifo app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store to your smartphone, create an account, choose the specific vacuum model, select your Wi-Fi network, and enter the password. Once connected, you can control the vacuum cleaner, change its movements, adjust the suction power, and manually control the Trifo Max.

TRIFO app – TRIFO robot vacuum with 1080p cameras 4000pa

The Max is managed via the Trifo app. It’s pretty easy to get the robot connected: you plug it into the dock, let it play an irritating tune and then shout “charging” at you, and then use the app to generate a QR code on your phone then get the Max’s camera to scan it.

From the home screen, you can choose to remote control the vacuum or set it off on an automated clean. While the Max will draw a map to show you where it’s been, you can’t use a stored map to create zones or no-go areas. The last generated map can be used in manual mode to send the vacuum to where you want it to go, which is a little easier than manually controlling it.

TRIFO robot vacuum with 1080p cameras 4000pa Performance reviews

Trifo’s new robot vacuum works on wood, tile and carpeted floors, but the powerful suction can get stuck on fringe or other material at the end of rugs, which happens to us. In general though, the Trifo Max will clean dust, dirt, pet hair and even sand. And you should be careful about it going near a working fireplace so it doesn’t clean any burnt cinders or ash.

In our living room, it would carefully go back and forth, turning in a corner and doing lengths of the room the same way you would mow a lawn. It had a little more difficulty around the dining table, where the chairs would often change position.

TRIFO robot vacuum with 1080p cameras 4000pa Customer reviews

I would give you 5 stars but the mop pad is bad

Lucy, Lucy! As I have had so many issues with the other devices I have waited to review Lucy. The first few weeks with Lucy I was having many issues and thought I would send it back because of bumper issues. It kept asking to have it’s bumper tapped in the center of the room and nothing around it. I have 2100 square feet of house to sweep. I had originally placed the mop pad on the bottom of the machine. Finally I removed it and Lucy has had no issues since. The mop pad attachment is most likely a great option on fake wood flooring, but on my tile it seems to not like the uneven surface.

I would give it 5 stars, but the mop pad attachment is unlike the original m6 model that had a mop bucket and pad. The h6 model had the mop bucket also but was not as good as M6, the program for Lucy is extremely nice. The next model should have Lucy room intelligence and the M6 mop function. That would be the perfect machine.

I will continue to review this product.

By Jerry at Best Buy

Alternate of TRIFO robot vacuum with 1080p cameras 4000pa

iRobot Braava jet 240


Size: 6.7 x 7 x 3.3 inchesWeight: 2.7 poundsMapping: NoSmart home compatibility: No


+Lightweight and compact+Multiple cleaning modes+Replaceable battery


-Must purchase washable or disposable replacement pads-Drags dirt aroundAdvertisement

The very small and very budget-friendly iRobot Braava jet 240 is particularly good at cleaning small spaces, but still impressively quick when cleaning larger areas. For first time robot mop users, the Braava jet 240 is a great starter device. We were impressed at how well it cleaned edges and liked the fresh scent left from the disposable cleaning pads when it was done. For less than $200, it’s an easy way to keep your floors clean without lugging out the mop and bucket on a daily basis. While it doesn’t have the customized mapping and other bells and whistles found on the Braava jet m6 or on many hybrid robots, it will leave your floors cleaner than it found them. 

There are three types of proprietary pads made by iRobot that work with the Braava jet 240: a white, dry sweeping pad; an orange, damp sweeping pad; and a blue, wet mopping pad. Each type of pad is available in a 10-pack for $7.99. Reusable, washable pads are available in addition to disposable ones. A set of three reusable pads, which includes one of each type, is available for $29.99.

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