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TRIFO vs Roomba robot and mop vacuum cleaner comparison

TRIFO vs Roomba robot and mop vacuum cleaner comparison

Which has strong suction – TRIFO vs Roomba robot and mop vacuum cleaner? Do they clean pet hair? Depending on the cleaning mode, they can keep hardwood floors, tile floors, area rugs and carpets spick-and-span with powerful suction that, in some cases, rivals that of upright vacuums.

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Which has better cleaning performance – TRIFO vs Roomba? On hardwood floors this Roomba picked up an average of 93% of our test sand, the second-highest amount in our test group. With 95% sand removal, the Neato Botvac D7 still reigns supreme on that test. Its performance on carpets was disappointing though. It managed 36% on low-pile and 47% on midpile carpets.

Customer review – TRIFO vs Roomba robot and mop vacuum cleaner?


The Trifo Max is a robot vacuum with an extra feature: it works as a security device. Built into the smart vacuum, which launched at IFA 2019, are both a remote speaker and a microphone which lets you keep tabs on things happening in your space, even if you’re not home. You can also operate the robot vacuum with Amazon Alexa’s smart assistant, and the device has a 5,200 mAh battery keeping it running for up to 120 minutes on one charge. There’s also a camera on the front which you can tap into and record footage of your home while you’re out. You can pick one up for $349.99.

IROBOT ROOMBA S9+ : Best robot vacuum for carpets


Dust bin size:0.4 litres / 0.42qtsDimensions:33.8 x 33.8 x 9.2cm / 12.3″ x 12.3″ x 3.5”Noise level:N/ACompatibility:Alexa/Google/Apple-Siri


+Self-emptying+Superior suction power+Smart room navigation+Good for allergy sufferers


-Expensive-Replacement bags cost extra

The S9+ isthemost powerful Roomba to date, with a 40x improved suction compared to its base models such as the Roomba 981.

Design and technical features
The superior suction makes it best for picking up pet hair and deep cleaning carpets. Being an iRobot, it also offers smart room mapping, and navigation, and easy to create no-go zones using the app.

The S9+ is iRobot’s most premium model, and we can see it from the sleek build to the superior clean. We aren’t worried letting it roam on its own independently, and are confident that it’ll get the job done.

When the S9+ moves from hard floors to carpet the suction increases automatically for a deeper, more powerful clean. It also has a high-quality air filtration system to help keep dust particles and allergens being returned to the room.

The iRobot Roomba i3 works with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant and also the Roomba app. You also get a high-efficiency filter that the company says can pick up 99 percent of pollen, mold, dust and other allergens.

You also get a self-emptying station which allows the robotto remove the debris from its bin without someone having to do that. And of course you can schedule cleanings as well.



Dust bin size:.42 gallonsDimensions:13.” W x 3.4″ HNoise level:N/ACompatibility:Alexa/Google/Apple-Siri


+Self-emptying+Superb cleaning+Accurate Obstacle Detection+Intelligently maps and shows where it cleans+Beautiful design


-Expensive-Replacement bags cost extra-Can’t set Keep Out Zones until after a map is completed

The Roomba j7+ is the most stylish Roomba to date, and it’s jam packed with iRobot’s latest technology, including brand new obstacle avoidance detection. It replaces the i7+, and offers the best cleaning for pet hair, smart room mapping, and navigation, and easy to create no-go zones using the app.

Design and Technical Features
The iRobot Roomba j7+ is the first iRobot to use PrecisionVision Navigation to recognize objects and avoid obstacles like pet waste and charging cords. To create a map of your floorplan, the j7+ uses Imprint Smart Mapping Technology, armed with a camera and a suite of sensors to create a floorplan of your space that it utilizes to most efficiently clean your home.

Within the iRobot app, you will be able to track and see where the robot cleaned, note any particularly dirty areas, confirm any obstacles the j7+ detected, and of course schedule. The brain of the vacuum, is the iRobot Genius Home Intelligence, available in any wifi-enabled iRobot, can anticipate your needs by learning your schedule and using unique intelligence to understand where and when your robot is most useful. It also has a high-quality air filtration system to help keep dust particles and allergens being returned to the room.

But best of all is the Roomba j7+CleanBase docking station that charges the battery and empties its dustbin automatically, making cleaning even easier and more reliable, and you’ll no longer have to empty the vacuum mid-clean, or come back to half a finished job. Each dust bag has enough room for 60 full vacuum bins of dirt.

The Roomba j7+ doesn’t just look nice in your home, but performs wonderfully. Dare we say it’s one of the most intelligent robot vacuums we’ve come across. It captures pet (and human) hair with ease, avoids cords and small clutter, and is overall pretty easy to control. We did have some glitchy moments with the iRobot app, but overall the robot exceeded our expectations.

Compare TRIFO vs Roomba robot and mop vacuum cleaner

ModelEmma-PRoomba i3+ (3550)
Weight7.7 lbs7.44 lbs
Air WattUnknownUnknown
Suction4000 Pa10x more than the 600 series
Bin Size600 mlUnknown
FilterHigh EfficiencyHigh Efficiency
Floor TypesCarpet and Hard FloorsCarpet and Hard Floors
Anti Tangle RollerNoYes
Active Hair RemovalNoNo
Power LevelsUnknownHigh
ColorBlack & whiteGray
Warranty1 Year1 Year
Dirt SensorNoYes
Navigation TypeUnknownSmart (Gyroscope / Floor Tracking Sensor)
Anti Cliff SensorsYesYes
Side / Edge BrushOneOne
Battery Info2600 mAhUnknown
Battery Life110 minUnknown
Charging Time3 hr3 hr
Auto RechargeYesYes
Height3.3 inches3.63 inches
Processor SizeUnknownUnknown
Interchangable IntakeYesNo
Auto Empty BinNoYes
Mop AttachmentNoNo
Water Tank SizeN/AN/A
Smartphone AppYesYes
Wifi EnabledYesYes
Alexa / Google AssistantYesYes
Max Climbing HeightUnknownUnknown
Remote ControlNoNo
Carpet BoostNoNo
Physical Barriers IncludedNoneNone
Artificial IntelligenceNoNo
No Go ZonesNoNo
No Mop ZonesN/AN/A
Room SelectNoNo
Number of Floorplans1NA
What’s in the BoxEmma Pet Pet hair extractor Charging base Power adapter User manualiRobot Roomba i3+ Clean Base charging station Extra high efficiency filter Extra AllergenLock™ bag
Obstacle AvoidanceNoNo

Alternate of TRIFO vs Roomba robot and mop vacuum cleaner



Dust bin size:.6LDimensions:12.8″ x 12.8″ x 2.8″Noise level:55 dBACompatibility:Google/Alexa


+Slim profile to fit under furniture+Very quiet operation+Works with both a remote and via app+Able to automatically adjust suction power+Ccmes with boundary setting strips


-No smart mapping

Still working from home? Well, we can’t have a noisy vacuum disrupting your workday, or worse, an important work call. The eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 30C MAX operates at a quiet rhythm of about 55 dBa, which is about the same volume of an electric toothbrush while providing a beefy 2000pa in suction power.

Design and Technical Features

Using BoostIQ, the robotic vacuum will automatically increase suction power within 1.5 seconds when extra vacuuming strength is needed, such as when moving from hard floors to carpets.

It’s also incredibly slim to slide under low-profile sofas and beds.

At this price point, the eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 30C does lack smart mapping and operates in a random pattern. However, it is controllable with both a remote and an app. The large .6L dustbin allows is amply sized to accommodate up to 100 minutes of cleaning without having to empty the dust bin.

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