Are Reolink cameras secure or encrypted?


Are Reolink cameras secure for your home and business? SSL, WPA2-AES, and SSL-TLS encryption are all included with Reolink IP cameras and systems. Simple to set up to add it to the Reolink app on phones using the QR code on the back of the camera, all you really need to do is take it out of the box, turn it on, remove the protective seal, sync it with our house WiFi, and peel off the protective seal. Are Reolink cameras encrypted?

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How home security camera hacked?

The majority of hacked IP cameras have default passwords and are not secured. Typically, an online site will simply ping every device connected to the internet to see if one of the standard default passwords works. Most websites obtain the live feed from hacked cameras in this manner. Therefore, keep in mind to alter the default username and password and avoid using anything too obvious or simple, like your birthdate.

Are Reolink cameras secure – follow these steps?

Reolink cameras are equipped with latest technology and has taken security option as major concern.

Step 1 : Change default password

This is the most common incident where IP camera security breach happens. It is expert recommendations to change the default password.

UsernameDefault PasswordDefault IP
rootModel # of camera192.168.100.1
Source: Reolink

Step 2 : Make Reolink cameras secure by Data Encryption

Reolink cameras offer multiple levels of protection to protect your footage from snoopers. To ensure that your recordings are secure, for instance, the Reolink wireless security cameras and PoE IP cameras are protected with SSL encryption, WPA2-AES encryption, and SSL-TLS enabled.

Your data are encrypted using the AES and RSA algorithms to provide optimal data security. Reolink employs HTTPS, an extension of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol, to secure data in transit between the Reolink Cloud, official website, App/Client, and servers. This ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity of your data while it is being transmitted.

Step 3: Cloud storage encryption to make Reolink cameras secure

For safe data storage, Reolink Cloud works with Amazon Web Services. Additionally, Reolink adheres to TLS standards, uses the RSA/ECDHE algorithm for secure key exchange, and employs the industry-standard AES algorithm for data transmission encryption. Your personal information is always kept private throughout the entire process of saving video to the cloud or playing back snippets.

Step 4: SSL encryption

The video stream and recorded surveillance footage are encrypted using SSL (HTTPS) on Reolink network video products as well. With encryption, an SSL certificate guarantees a secure browsing experience. Users of Reolink never have to be concerned about crackers or hackers intercepting their camera surveillance videos because to SSL encryption.

Step 5: Smart Home integration and privacy

Yes, and the Reolink mobile app has a built-in Smart Home feature that makes it rather simple. You may use voice commands to bring up your camera’s display on an Amazon Echo Show by tapping that to pair your Reolink camera with your smart home device. This also functions with Google Assistant and the relevant gadgets.

Step 6: Firmware upgrade alternate option for Reolink cameras secure

Any new method of breaking into your cameras will always be protected by the most recent security camera firmware. Additionally, a page where you can access the most recent firmware upgrades is typically available. To provide our customers with the finest security, we will routinely update the Reolink Cloud, Reolink App, and integrated Reolink firmware.

Step 7: Default pointing port – CHNAGE it

Hackers frequently target default ports, which are typically in the range of 8100. The default port of the security camera can be manually changed to a non-standard port. Hackers will have a harder time locating your camera as a result of this.

Step 8: Local storage – avoid app using

You can format cards to get them ready for the cameras or wipe records all at once via the mobile app, which manages local storage settings. Additionally, it is possible to programme cameras to record continuously or only when motion is detected.

The video clips aren’t uploaded to the internet until you use the mobile app to view them remotely, making it private. You may always load videos from the memory card onto your computer using an adapter if you don’t want to utilise the programme.

Step 9: Motion zones and privacy masks

Motion zones and privacy masks are supported by the Reolink E1 Zoom and Reolink Lumus. These solutions might help you increase your privacy while also freeing up space on your video storage. The Argus 3 Pro does not have these features from Reolink, but the Go has the privacy mask option.

Motion zones give the cameras the ability to disregard movement in specific areas of the frame, reducing the amount of recordings that are needlessly made. With privacy masks, you can conceal regions of the video feed that you don’t want to be captured during recordings. These work best in locations where you handle sensitive information, such as computer screens, but they can also be used to block hallway cameras from viewing inside bedrooms.

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