Reolink vs Lorex security camera differences – which is better?


Which is better as home security camera – Reolink vs Lorex ? When motion is detected, they have Smart PIR Motion Detection, Remote Control through WiFi, or both. When motion is detected, they also automatically record events and send push notifications, email alerts, and sound alarms.

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Line up – Reolink vs Lorex

Outdoor cameras, HD security cameras (which are more frequently used for commercial purposes), and HD IP cameras are all part of the Lorex product lineup. The company’s wireless security cameras are among the best they have to offer for home protection. Because they are dependable and well-made, they may perform effectively even under trying circumstances. The quality of the daytime video capture is amazing.

Users that choose the new Argus PT camera instead of the Argus 2 frequently do so. To maximise your field of view, Reolink’s Argus PT (pan & tilt) revolves 355° horizontally and 140° vertically. Additionally, they provide the Reolink Go, a 4G LTE mobile network-powered, wireless security camera. And finally, Reolink products all enable simple DIY setup.

Pros & Cons

Lorex security camera

  • HD video (4K in Some Models)
  • Color Night Vision at a Distance
  • Numerous Options for Bundling and Equipment
  • Excellent App Experience
  • No subscription
  • high-end, pricey camera system
  • Simple to become overwhelmed by choices
  • Power outlets must be plugged into by cameras.

Reolink security camera

  • Outdoor Wireless Cameras
  • Reolink Solar Panel is compatible with some cameras.
  • Easy and Flexible Installation
  • HD Resolution in full
  • Talking in Twos
  • Night Vision in Color
  • Integrated Siren
  • Cheap Cloud Storage
  • Choice of Local Storage
  • Home Automation Integration
  • Some Cameras Come With Basic Functions
  • App Setup Can Be Frustrating
  • depended on a WiFi connection
  • Battery-powered models lack continuous recording.
  • No solar panel is provided.

Reolink vs Lorex security camera Price

The 1080p HD Outdoor Wireless Security Camera is one of the most popular home-use Lorex cameras. It is a cheap but reliable camera with a starting price of $149. We really believe that this camera accurately portrays Lorex.

When it comes to pricing, Reolink charges $130 for the Argus 2 wireless camera on its own. The Argus Pro starts at $100, but you can add a solar panel to up the price to $160. In addition, Reolink offers a variety of dome-shaped RLC cameras with prices ranging from $60 to $250. Depending on how many cameras you need, you may create a reliable security system with Reolink’s pricing for $500 or less.

Comparison Reolink vs Lorex security camera

Easy Install Battery Camera Argus 2E w/Solar PanelLorex 4K Security Camera System
Network2.4Ghz WiFi2.4/5GHz WiFi
Viewing Angle120° diagonal135° diagonal
Night Vision2160p
Motion DetectionPIR Motion DetectionPerson/Vehicle Detection
Local StorageMicro SD card slot (up to 128GB)NVR, 1 TB
Cloud Storage1GB free10 GB free

What are the differences – Reolink vs Lorex ?


Reolink Argus 2 security camera measures 8.53 x 6.25 x 6.09 inches with weight of 1.2 pounds. Lorex 4K camera package dimension is 8.53 x 6.25 x 6.09 inches, which weighs around 15.75 pounds.

Viewing angle

Lorex security camera

The 1080p full HD cameras offer a broad 140° field of view and are equipped with rechargeable battery power packs that can be taken out without disassembling the complete camera. It also has the capacity to record audio and video.

Reolink Camera

The RLC-423 from Reolink is the recommended choice. It includes a 90-degree tilt and a 360-degree infinite pan. This aids in removing any potential security system blind spots.

Night vision

Lorex security camera system is our top recommendation for those of you seeking for a reliable system with long-distance night vision because it has a fantastic night vision range of 150 feet.


Reolink Lumus’ spotlight camera can only provide spotlights with light intensities of up to 180 lumens. Compare it to Lorex, which has two floodlights made of white LED arrays and has a light output of 2000 lumens per square foot.

Email alerts

Reolink has the ability to run independently. Without an NVR or PC, it can capture images, record motion-activated clips, send email alerts, and push notifications to the Reolink app on mobile devices. The Lorex cannot accomplish any of this on its own; an appropriate Lorex NVR must be purchased.

Solar panels

Reolink’s solar panels can power your cameras to help
cut down on energy costs, while also helping the planet. Lorex security camera does not have such option.


The system’s included 1 TB NVR is where the Lorex cameras store their video recordings. Although it may seem like a lot of storage, the four cameras we used only stored a few weeks’ worth of video for us, even though they were all recording in 4K HD. Fortunately, the NVR can be expanded up to 8 TB, and we already have extra hard drives.

Local storage on the Reolink Argus PT, however, comes in the form of a micro-SD card, which, regrettably, was not included. We had to use a 64 GB micro-SD card that was left over from earlier experiments. The 64 GB card, however, was more than enough because the Argus PT only stores motion-triggered recordings.


The outdoor nature of the Lorex and Reolink cameras makes them waterproof (although you can use them both indoors and outdoors). The Reolink camera has an IP rating of 64 compared to the IP 67 of the Lorex cameras. These ratings indicate what is underneath.

CameraSolid resistanceLiquid resistance
LorexNo ingress of dustSafe to immerse up to 1 meter deep
ReolinkNo ingress of dustSafe from water splashes coming from any direction

So, while both cameras are waterproof, the Lorex is better for extreme conditions, like heavy rain or flooding.

What are the similarities – Reolink vs Lorex ?


The ONVIF/RTSP support, integrated NVR functionality, and the advanced motion detection features that assist eliminate false alerts are the three software features that constitute an excellent IP camera. ONVIF & RTSP are supported by both the Reolink & Lorex.


The audio equipment used by Reolink and Lorex is industry-standard. In case you need it for evidence, you can record audio to go along with your video. Additionally, you can communicate with people through the apps provided by each organisation.

Alternate of Reolink vs Lorex

Wyze Home Monitoring

Wyze, like SimpliSafe, enables you to create a personalised security system for your home’s requirements. Starting at $10 per month ($100 yearly), a home monitoring subscription also comes with the necessary Wyze Sense Hub for free.

From there, you may incorporate cameras, keypads, video doorbells, motion sensors, and more. Alternatively, you may choose the Home Security package from Amazon, which costs less than $150 and comes with a v3 camera, two door/window sensors, a motion detector, a keypad, and the Sense Hub. It also includes a six-month monitoring subscription. The one serious flaw is that Wyze lacks cellular backup in the event of a power or internet interruption.


SimpliSafe’s simple-to-install, simple-to-use DIY system is a terrific choice if all you’re looking for is home security, without all the added Wi-Fi and smart home connections of the Ring Alarm Pro. It provides a wide range of features, such as security tools like security cameras and a very good selection of battery-operated motion detection sensors, all of which consistently delivered good results.

Starter kits start at about $250, or you can create your own custom alarm system with the precise combination of gadgets you choose. The professional monitoring plan offered by the security company starts at $15 per month, but you’ll almost certainly want to spend an extra $25 per month for the monitoring service plan, which adds features like mobile app controls and voice support for Alexa and Google Assistant for smart home security systems.

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