Best 15 inch digital photo frame – do they support WiFI?


Does the Best 15 inch digital photo frame support WiFi? They are Wi-Fi enabled (2.4 GHz only, 5 GHz network not supported). Set up in a couple of minutes. Usually comes with 8GB internal memory (around 30,000 pictures), supports USB stick, SDHC and SDXC cards. Motion sensor automatically turns on/off the screen when you enter and exit the room. What is the Best 15 inch digital photo frame to buy in 2021?

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Pix-Star 15 Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame

The Pix-Star 15 Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame is on our list of the best digital photo frame with WiFi not only because of its huge display size, but also because it has full HD resolution.

  • High resolution screen and lots of extra features
  • Large screen
  • 8GB internal memory
  • Also compatible with SD/USB
  • Motion sensor
  • Low resolution video playback

This is a truly stunning digital frame that offers an impressive viewing experience, even if you’re quite a distance away.

One thing that we like about the Pix-Star is the decent 8 GB internal memory that comes with it. So, basically, even if you don’t plug in a MicroSD card you are able to put all your favorite images on a slideshow.

That said, there is the option to plug in a USB stick or SDHC card. Alternatively, for the tech-savvy, you can share and upload images via the mobile app. You get the freedom to add photos to your frame wherever you are in the world!

Other features include the ability to listen to web radio stations worldwide or plug in a USB stick with your favorite audio tracks to listen to while you watch the image slideshow. The frame even comes loaded with games so you’ll never be bored when you have this WiFi digital photo frame!

The Pix-Star also comes with a motion sensor that turns the display on or off depending on the presence of movement within a certain distance. This saves a considerable amount of energy when the device is not in use.

This is definitely a hit for those who want to keep all their options open when sharing images or people who want a frame that does more than just display photos.

Meural WiFi Photo Frame – The best digital photo frame

  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Dimensions: 16 x 10 x 1.68 inches
  • Touch screen: No
  • Wi-Fi: No
  • Remote: No
  • Built-in storage: 4GB
  • Motion sensor: Yes
  • Music player: No
  • Video: Yes
  • USB/SD slots: No
  • Cloud Services: No

+Stunning display+Motion gestures work well+Expansive fine art library with membership


-Gesture performance varies-Requires subscription for all features-No motion sensor or physical inputs

The Netgear Meural WiFi Photo Frame is a more compact, photo-focused version of the museum-worthy Netgear Meural Canvas II. While the Canvas II excels at bringing art from the louvre to your living room, the charcoal grey WiFi Photo Frame drops the mat framing for a homier look. 

Of course, to maintain a gorgeous 1920 x 1080-pixel display the WiFi Photo Frame is rather large compared to many of the best digital photo frames. As a result, it might not fit well on some side tables or desks. But if you have the space for this 15.6-inch full HD display, you won’t be disappointed. 

The Meural WiFi Photo Frame’s anti-glare coating holds an impressively clear picture from any angle, while responsive gesture controls let you navigate your photo albums and settings. Or you can control the frame with the Meural app, which offers both Meural’s expansive library of art and a suite for creating collaborative photo albums for your frame.  

Dragon Touch Classic 15 inch Digital Photo Frame

  • Resolution: 1280 x 800
  • Wi-Fi: Yes
  • Touch screen: Yes
  • Remote: No
  • Built-in storage: 16GB
  • Motion sensor: No
  • Music player: Yes
  • Video: Yes
  • USB/SD slots: Yes/Yes
    Cloud Services: No

+Multiple ways of adding photos and videos to the frame+Has a headphone jack+Plenty of built-in storage +Home screen has the date, time, weather, and an alarm function


-Frame case damages easily-No motion sensor-App can be glitchy

The Dragon Touch frame’s 15-inch, 16:10 touch screen lets you view everything from static images and slideshows with special effects transitions to 30-second video clips complete with a headphone jack for audio. There’s also multiple ways to input images into the frame, including an SD card, USB thumb drive, and Wi-Fi uploading.

The OurPhoto app is the easiest way to upload photos to the frame. You can also add remote users to the frame to let friends and family upload images via the app.

Image quality is top notch with bright detail and vivid colors. The Dragon Touch has some cool goodies, including video with sound, an alarm, calendar, and local weather. While there is no motion sensor to power down the frame when there’s no one in the room to view it, you can set a schedule. 

The frame casing does not seem especially durable, as the paint started to chip on our model. And many frames shipped to addresses in the U.S. arrive with European or Asian power connections that do not fit into wall sockets. I received one of those for review, but was able to use it with an adapter that I had on hand. 

Alternate of Best 15 inch digital photo frame

Facebook Portal

  • Resolution: 1280 x 900
  • Display: 10inDimensions: 10.2 x 7 x 0.8 inches
  • Touchscreen: Yes
  • Wi-Fi: Yes
  • Remote: No
  • Built-in storage: None
  • Motion sensor: Yes
  • Video: Yes
    USB: Yes
  • SD slots: Yes
  • Cloud services: Facebook, Instagram

+Reasonable price+Adjusts to lighting+Many ways to add images


-Requires account

Facebook Portal is mainly sold as a device for video calls via Facebook and Whatsapp. But it’s also one of the best digital photo frames around. 

The 10in touchscreen provides good picture quality, with a resolution of 1280 x 900 pixels and good levels of brightness and colour reproduction. As you’d expect, it can display your images from Facebook and Instagram. And you can also load images from a USB memory stick or an SD card. (Note, though, that either way you’ll need a Facebook or WhatsApp account to activate it.)

What’s more, Facebook Portal automatically adapts to ambient lighting and colour, to help make your photos look the best they can in different conditions. Plus it has Alexa built in, allowing you to play music, control your smart home, and get news and weather using your voice.

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