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Best Levoit air purifiers for home large room bedroom up to 1110 ft2

Best Levoit air purifiers for home large room bedroom up to 1110 ft2

Is Levoit air purifiers for home large room bedroom up to 1110 ft2 good? With WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities, the Core 600S air purifier can be easily integrated into a smart home network. It can also be easily handled from a distance with ease thanks to its compatibility with voice control and the Vesync app.

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When it detects a dark room, the integrated light sensor switches off the display lights and refrains from using high or turbo fan speeds. When in sleep mode, the purifier runs at a fan speed that is much lower than it is during the day. The display also totally shuts out.

Levoit air purifiers for home large room bedroom up to 1110 ft2 review on YouTube video

Pros & Cons


  • Excellent work
  • Simple to operate via an app
  • Two more modes and four fan speeds
  • Effective even at a medium setting
  • Creates gentle cooling breeze close-up


  • Big unit
  • Less successful in removing fat and fumes

Levoit air purifiers for home large room bedroom Specs

  • Dimensions: H 23.6 in, W 12.3 in, D 12.3 in
  • Weight: 13.7 lbs
  • Filters: True HEPA 3-stage filter
  • Max noise: 55dB
  • Max power use: 49 watts
  • Coverage: 1,588 sq ft
  • Modes: 4, plus sleep mode and auto mode
  • Warranty: 2-year limited
  • Energy Star Certified: Yes
  • Smart features: App and voice control


The Levoit 600S costs £299 (about $360, AU$574) on Amazon UK. There’s an active £50 discount voucher, which drops the price to £249. Even though you won’t need a new filter right away, you may get ahead of the game by adding this consumable, which costs £69.99, or a pet allergy version, which costs £101, to your online shopping basket.

Compare Best Levoit air purifiers for home large room bedroom

LEVOIT Air Purifiers for Home Large Room Control, Core600S/Core 600S-P, WhiteLEVOIT Air Purifiers for Home Large Room Up to 1980 Ft², Core 400S, Black
Filter Type3-In-1 Filtration3-In-1 Filtration
Floor Area3175 square feet1980 square feet
Control Methodvoiceapplication
Power SourceDCAC
Particle Retention Size0.3 micron0.3 micron
Noise Level26 decibels24 decibels
Is any good in Best Levoit air purifiers for home large room bedroom up to 1110 ft2?

Up to 99.97% of PM2.5 particles (particulate matter less than 2.5 micrometers in diameter) are expected to be filtered by the Levoit 600S. This includes road traffic pollution, pollen, and pet hair in addition to fine dust and pollen. All of them have the potential to irritate, harm, and eventually impair the lungs and respiratory system. We were happy to see that the current levels in the first of the two houses where we tested the air purifier were already below the recommended threshold of 12μg/m3, which should not cause any health problems.

Reviews: Best Levoit air purifiers for home large room bedroom up to 1110 ft2


Even with its comparatively huge measurements of 12.3 x 12.3 x 23.6 inches (31 x 31 x 60 cm), it nonetheless has a sleek, unobtrusive design that lets it function silently without drawing attention to itself. Unlike some of Levoit’s rounder versions, including our all-time favorite Core 400S, the Levoit Core 600S has a classic rectangular box form.


The three-stage filtration technology of the Core 600S model collects and eliminates dangerous airborne particles like dust, mold spores, allergies, and germs to provide a complete air cleaning. It has an activated carbon filter that captures common odor-causing particles like fumes, smoke, and volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. Levoit’s unique composition breaks down trapped molecules within the filter to help prolong its life.


Easily accessible on top of the device, the touch-sensitive control panel is housed in a stylish ‘wheel’ design. It has an auto mode, fan speed adjustments, a display lock, and a clearly visible power button. You can view settings like as fan speed, WiFi connectivity, filter status, and real-time air quality through indicator lights that display vibrant LED colors. In addition to timer settings, the digital display provides numerical PM2.5 readings.


Along with a useful PM2.5 display that indicates particulate levels, the Core 600S model also includes a clever sensor that automatically modifies fan speed based on its own air quality readings.

VortexAir system

The sophisticated VortexAir technology of the Levoit Core 600S air purifier can clean the air five times an hour in rooms up to 635 square feet (59 square meters), and it also has an AirSight Plus smart sensor that continuously monitors the surrounding air for impurities. When in Auto Mode, readings of the air quality are used to automatically alter the fan speed.

The Core 600S comes with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands and a dedicated app for hands-free control. 

VeSync app

The top-mounted on/off button of the 600S allows for direct operation, but the VeSync app offers much more control. It displays the current PMS levels and shows how the quality of the air is gradually getting better while the fan’s four speeds force everything through carbon and HEPA filters to eliminate airborne pollutants. The app and the LED on top of the device both provide one-touch fan adjustments and real-time PMS readings. The app is perfect for using in a bedroom where the fan will automatically turn down so you can fall asleep because it adds scheduling and light-sensing features.

Best Levoit air purifiers for home large room bedroom up to 1110 ft2 performance

We discovered that the Core 600S lowered 2.5-micron and 0.3-micron particles by 77.4% and 84.5%, respectively, after 15 minutes of auto mode operation. Better yet, it reduced both particle groupings by more than 99% at the 30-minute mark.

When the Core 600S was set to Auto Mode, its sophisticated sensors went into overdrive, removing 99.1% of 2.5-micron and 99.9% of 10-micron particles in a few fifteen minutes.


With a silent decibel rating of less than 40 on the slowest speed setting and no more than 64dB when it reaches its top speed rating, it hums along smoothly, eventually settling at about 52dB. Prior to turning on the air purifier, the ambient background noise in the room was 38dB, so it hardly disturbs the peace.


The process of setting up an air purifier entails unscrewing the top and bottom sections of the device, taking out the included filter, and taking off the packing before replacing it. The unit’s top has a bright yellow sticker reminding you to do this before using it. After that, the unit’s two halves click to join. Whichever side the top half faces, it doesn’t matter as long as the corners line up with the matching corners on the bottom half. This is a rather easy technique to accomplish.

The Levoit 600S requires room to function in order to prevent overheating, even though it is a freestanding machine without any external moving parts. As a result, it should be positioned around 40 centimeters away from the closest walls. There is sufficient length in the power cable—more than one meter—to meet this need.The Levoit 600S can be operated manually with the controls on top or through the VeSync app after it is turned on. Touching any of the on-device controls will cause them to light up, and pressing them repeatedly will change the fan speed.

Best Levoit air purifiers for home large room bedroom up to 1110 ft2 consumer reviews

Awesome product!

I use it for my apartment that’s approx. 1000 sq ft. I have it in the middle of my living room and whenever I start cooking, the purifier can detect the change in air in minutes. I also have the stove fan on that blows outside, not inside, and I never knew how much the air quality can change just from cooking. Air quality typically jumps from around 1-10 to 30-40 ug/m3, and will take it down around 5 to 10 minutes to previous. I bought the air purifier because we have a newborn and the wild fires from last year really impacted the air quality around our area. This has really been helpful in maintaining a good air quality for my family. Safe to say that this is one of the best purchases I’ve made. It’s been almost full year and the machine is just letting me know now to replace the filter.

Editor’s recommendations

By RandallS at Best Buy

Best Levoit air purifiers for home large room bedroom up to 1110 ft2 alternative

Levoit 300S minimized odors, dandruff, and cooking smoke in a home with four cats for more than six months. It covered 219 square feet, which is so much so that our sensitive smoke detector didn’t trigger. There are four modes on the air purifier, all as silent as a home refrigerator. Our go-to automated option allows you to operate the device with the least amount of interaction.

The Levoit Core 300S is nearly ready to use right out of the box. During setup, you can download a compatible app by scanning a QR code. This app provides you with scheduling and monitoring options, as well as the most useful indicator, the filter’s life. Although these app capabilities are helpful, you may get by without them because the digital display at the top of the device has timers and a sleep mode as well. Additionally, the digital display has a locking feature to prevent inquisitive children and boisterous pets from making unauthorized modifications.

The Levoit Core 300S is our best air purifier recommendation and our choice for most homes, coming in under $200. It is simple to use and comprehend. To change the filter, simply unscrew the bottom, insert a new one (three options are available: one for removing smoking, one for absorbing toxins, and one for pet allergies), and update the app to remove the alert.

Editor’s recommendations