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Shark HP102PK2 Clean Sense Air Purifier for Home reviews

Shark HP102PK2 Clean Sense Air Purifier for Home reviews

Does Shark air purifier really work? With its anti-allegen nanoseal HEPA technology, this Shark Air Purifier offers quick, effective, silent purification in a small package. Up to 500 square feet can be cleaned with the HP102 model. Its cleaning sense IQ automatically detects the quality of the air and makes adjustments to improve it. Results are reported in real time, with percentages and color tones displayed. More dangerous micropollutants are captured by the True HEPA plus odor lock filter, providing all-day clean air assurance. Discover details in Shark HP102PK2 Clean Sense Air Purifier for Home reviews.

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Shark HP102PK2 Clean Sense Air Purifier for Home reviews
Shark HP102PK2 Clean Sense Air Purifier for Home

Uses Pure Air Microforce to deliver fast, powerful, and quiet purification in a compact size. A HEPA filter captures 99.98% of airborne particles


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Pros & Cons


  • 4 fan speed
  • HEPA filter
  • 80dB noise


  • Small room coverage around 500 sq. feet

Shark HP102PK2 Clean Sense Air Purifier Specs

  • Brand Shark
  • Model Number HP102
  • Recommended Room Size 500 square feet
  • Air Purifier Type Tower
  • App Compatible No
  • Wireless Connectivity None
  • Air Quality Indicator Light(s) Yes
  • Ionizing No
  • Filter Type HEPA, Antimicrobial
  • Product Name : Clean Sense Air Purifier 500, Clean Sense IQ, NanoSeal True HEPA, 500 sq. ft., Filters 99.9% of allergens, Pro Odor Lock
  • Product Height 14.56 inches x Product Width 8.657 inches
  • Product Depth 8.657 inches x Product Weight 5.85 pounds
  • Voice Assistant Built-in No
  • Air Purifier Type Tower
  • Air Quality Indicator Light(s) Yes
  • Ionizing No
  • Number Of Fan Speeds 4
  • Temperature Control No
  • Programmable Timer Yes
  • Remote Control No
  • Filter Type HEPA, Antimicrobial
  • Filter Included Yes
  • Filter Model Number HE1FKBASMB
  • Filter Indicator Light(s) Yes
  • Filter Longevity 6 months
  • ENERGY STAR Certified Yes

Shark HP102PK2 Air Purifier Price

The greatest offer is for a two-pack of the popular Shark Clean Sense Air Purifier, which is available for just $249.99 (you can buy a single air purifier on for $229, so you’re practically getting two air purifiers for the price of one).

Shark HP102PK2 Clean Sense Air Purifier for Home reviews


Shark weighs about 6 lbs and has a sleek, small design. Its measurements are 14.56 inches in height, 8.657 inches in width, and 8.657 inches in depth. It is compact enough to fit on workstations and nightstands and provides effective, portable cleaning.

HEPA filter

With its Nanoseal, the Shark HP102 Clean Sense Air Purifier manages to capture slightly more than that, meaning, according to the manufacturer, it effectively captures “99.98 percent of large, small, and micro-sized particles.”The air purifier can filter out particles as small as one millimeter in size, including common allergens and pathogens, in addition to collecting dust, dander, pet hair, and smoking.

Air clean Coverage

A room up to 500 square feet can be covered by one Shark Air Purifier. Because of its small size and low weight (less than six pounds), the portable purifier is simple to transfer from room to room as needed.

Fan speed

Using the digital control panel, you may adjust the four fan speeds that the Clean Sense Air Purifier delivers. Additionally, Shark’s “Clean Sense IQ” can monitor the air quality in your room automatically and swiftly change the power and purification levels.

Air quality sensor

This shark has a high clean sense IQ, an excellent ECO MODE, a silent mode, and a filter life indicator. This Shark air purifier works by sensing the quality of the air automatically and adjusting to eliminate dust, smells, and airborne droplets that can contain bacteria and viruses.


First off, what a silent air purifier this is. It’s quite simple to set up. The user-friendly control panel shows a variety of information in real-time, including fan speed, filter life, eco mode, and air quality. After using it for approximately two weeks, I’m genuinely shocked at how much the air quality in my living room has improved. Setting it to Auto mode resulted in 100% clean air after around 15 minutes. With this configuration, it keeps track of the room’s air quality and makes necessary adjustments.


I also value the Shark HP102 Clean Sense Air Purifier’s extreme quietness, which is significantly quieter than my air conditioner and has barely noticeable noise variations between the highest and lowest fan speeds. If the TV starts to blare after supper, I don’t even need to turn it up.

Shark HP102PK2 Clean Sense Air Purifier for Home consumer reviews

Works really well and quiet most times

We bought this to see if it would help reduce the dust in our home and it definitely did. I was skeptical at first as the air quality was always 98%+…until we cooked a fragrant meal (lots of garlic) and then we heard it. The fan got louder (working harder) and the indicator was at about 60%. It took about 30 minutes after we finished cooking for it come back up to 90%+ so it confirmed for me it detected ‘stuff’ in the air. It has several touch controls including one to turn the display off at night as the lights can be bright in a dark space. A nice feature.

By VtRobo at Best Buy
When should you change Shark air purifier filter?

It is advised to replace the filter every six to twelve months. The FILTER LIFE button will blink when a new filter needs to be installed. A more frequent filter change may be beneficial if you or a family member is allergic to certain allergens. Press the FILTER LIFE button on the upper control panel to view the percentage of filter life left until a replacement is necessary. This will allow you to verify the remaining filter lifespan.

Shark HP102PK2 Clean Sense Air Purifier alternative

When we were taking down the drywall, the Coway Airmega 160 proved to be reliable. The air purifier discovered a variety of dust particles despite the area being blocked off.

We used a vacuum and moist cloth to remove the dust from the deodorization filter and the outside of the device. We could also see hair that it had recorded on the filter. We used the model’s maximum setting the entire time.

We were not bothered in the slightest by the air purifier running in a bedroom. We evaluated various models, and even though it was on a high setting—disruptive and comparable to a bulky box fan—we had no trouble watching TV or having a conversation with family members.

We actually liked that the fan sounded like a white noise machine as we slept because we’re used to the background noise. More evidence that it worked was the fact that we were considerably less crowded when we awoke the following morning.

Aside from its cleaning ability, we enjoyed this air purifier’s simpler design. Even though we’ve tested and adored a variety of different Coway models with clever features, such as the Coway Airmega IconS, we didn’t miss the app.

The 160 does not have the same functional design as other of our favorite air purifiers, such as the Clorox Large Room True HEPA Air Purifier, but it is still attractive to look at, like many of Coway’s other air purifiers.

We adore that this air purifier has a color-coded indication on the outside to give you a fast peek at your air quality, even without an app or more advanced reading, even though the replacement filters are rather pricey (the replacement set costs $50). We only needed a few seconds to complete the simple step of changing the filter.

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