What are cheap air freshener refills in 2020?


Air fresheners create an enjoyable atmosphere. But while air fresheners that diffuse scented oil may be a delight to own, they are anything but a delight to refill. Some refill packages cost more than $8.00 each in retail stores. Fortunately, there are better and cheaper ways to keep the scent going. By choosing an air freshener that uses refillable scented oil containers, you can enjoy long-lasting freshness and fragrance varieties at an unbeatable price. What are cheap air freshener refills in 2020?

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What are types of air fresheners?

  • Air Fresheners – Everyone enjoys a bright, clean-smelling environment and Dollar General carries a variety of air fresheners great for any room in your house. For those areas that routinely suffer from unpleasant odors, we stock an assortment of instant action air fresheners from Lysol, Febreeze, Glade and more. A simple spray is all it takes and is among several quick ideas to make your home more attractive. To maintain a longer-lasting pleasant scent elsewhere, Dollar General has continuous action air fresheners offering a great finishing touch to any room’s décor.
  • Air Wick Refills – Scented oils offer a pleasant scent that can complement any room in your home and Dollar General stocks a full assortment of Air Wick refills. No matter whether you’re looking for refills for freshmatic units or oil warmers, we have a variety of inviting scents that everyone will enjoy. Infuse your home with the scent of lavender and chamomile, or create a traditional warming scent with apples and cinnamon.
  • Glade Plugins – A favorite of many homeowners, Glade Plugins create an enjoyable, long-lasting scent and Dollar General has them at discount prices. Create a fresh, clean environment with scents like Clean Linen or Hawaiian Breeze in any room of your house without spending too much. And better yet, Glade Plugins allow you to adjust the level of scent; strong or subtle, these air fresheners can be tailored to your preference. Whether you’d prefer to try each scent or buy them in bulk, Dollar General has Glade Plugins available at budget prices.

Cheap air freshener refills – comparing Oil-Diffusing Air Fresheners

BrandMode of OperationPercent Savings (Home Refill Vs. Factory Refill)Notes
Glade WispBattery-operated vibrator93%No heat-related safety issues
Air Wick Scented Oil WarmerOil warmer70%Flimsy wick
Febreze NOTICEablesOil warmer (two scent canisters)82%Long-lasting wick, two scents

How to do cheap air freshener refills

Many scented oil warmers and diffusers use glass or plastic refill containers (cheap air freshener refills in 2020), which are very simple to refill. Before you begin, you will need a fragrance canister for your air freshener; you may want to stock up on refill canisters before refilling them yourself.

  1. If you have already refilled the canister once, discard it. The scented oil wicks are not designed to be used more than once, so refill only if you have understood the risks.
  2. Remove the empty oil container from the device, allowing time for the wick to cool if it is hot.
  3. Cover your work surface with a paper towel or cloth to absorb any spilled oil. It’s a good idea to wear latex gloves while refilling to avoid contact with the strong fragrances.
  4. Use your fingers or a small screwdriver to remove the plastic cap. You will need to apply force to pry it off. Do not pull on the wick.
  5. Carefully remove the plastic cap, but do not touch the wick.
  6. (Optional) Insert a small funnel (usually less than 1/2″ in diameter) into the refill canister.
  7. Pour in the fragrance oil and be careful to not overfill. Leave enough free volume for the wick, plus some air space to avoid over-saturation.
  8. Carefully re-insert the wick and plastic cap. The refill must be discarded if the wick is damaged in any way. Never rinse the wick in water. If the wick swells or breaks open, the air freshener could leak; such wicks must be discarded immediately.
  9. Write the name of the fragrance on a piece of masking tape and label the refill canister so that you won’t forget which scent it is.
  10. Watch the air freshener daily for signs of damage to the wick. If the wick begins to expand the refill must be discarded immediately.

If your air freshener refill does not have a removable cap, do not attempt to refill it. Never attempt to refill a metal canister, gel pack, or other canister without a removable lid. These types of air freshener refills must be purchased from the manufacturer.

What are cheap air freshener refills in 2020?

1. 5 Refills – air wick scented oil refills bulk

cheap air freshener refills
Air Wick cheap air freshener refills

The Air Wick Plugin Scented Oil refills come in a pack of 5. These scent oil refills are affordable and easy to use. They can be used in a bedroom, living room, bathroom, or other area of your home.

This set of 5 Air Wick refills are compatible with most plugin air fresheners from Air Wick. The Summer Delights scent has notes of vanilla, white flowers, and melon.

Product Features

  • scented oil is infused with natural essential oils
  • each refill can last up to 45 days
  • includes 5 refills, each contains .67 ounces of scented oil


  • easy to use and remove when empty
  • pleasant smell can work in nearly any setting
  • pack of 5 can last for up to 225 days


  • when used on the highest setting, the refills don’t last as long
  • you may need more than one plugin unit when used in a large space

This set of 5 scented oil refills from Air Wick comes in the Summer Delights scent. The refills are compatible with most Air Wick plugins and they simply click into the plugin unit after you remove the lid.

2. 2 Refills – Air Wick plug in Scented Oil

cheap air freshener refills

The Air Wick Plugin Scented Oil set of 2 refills features a cozy fall-themed scent with notes of pumpkin spice. These scented oil refills are affordable and can work easily with nearly any plugin air freshener from Air Wick.

This set of 2 Pumpkin Spice scented oil refills is designed to provide up to 90 total days of warm fall fragrance in your home or business. Each refill contains 0.67 ounces of scented oil.

Product Features

  • can be used with Air Wick plugins that have the adjustable strength feature
  • scented oil contains essential oils for a powerful smell throughout the room
  • refills have lids to prevent spillage during storage


  • easy to install in most Air Wick plugins
  • one of the best selling plugin scents on the market
  • smell is inviting and perfect for use in the fall months


  • may be overpowering if used in a small space like a bathroom
  • those with sensitivities to strong smells may have issues when using these refills

This set of 2 Pumpkin Spice refills from Air Wick are compatible with most Air Wick plugin units. These have a nice smell that’s ideal for use in your home or office during the entire autumn season.

3. Air Wick plug in Scented Oil 5 Refills

cheap air freshener refills

The Air Wick Plugin Scented Oil refill set includes 5 individual refills that are compatible with most Air Wick plugin units. These particular refills have the Hawaii scent.

This set of 5 refills from Air Wick are budget-friendly and simple to use. You just remove the lid and click the refill into your Air Wick plugin air freshener.

Product Features

  • scent features notes of papaya and hibiscus flower
  • 5 refills can last up to 225 total days
  • contains natural essential oils for a lasting fragrance


  • each refill can last up to 45 days
  • these can be used in the adjustable Air Wick plugins which have 5 levels of scent strength
  • exotic scent works well in any room


  • refills won’t last as long when used on the highest warmer setting
  • may be overpowering if used in small rooms

This set of 5 Air Wick plugin refills in the Hawaii scent can last around 225 days total when used on the low setting. They feature the Hawaii scent which has tropical notes and can work well in a bedroom, living room, or other space in your home.

4. Febreze refills – Plug in Air Freshener Scented Oil

cheap air freshener refills

This set of plugin refills from Febreze feature the Linen & Sky scent. They come in a set of 3 which means they can last up to 1200 hours total when used on the lowest setting.

The Febreze plugins Linen & Sky refills have a fresh smell that’s pleasing to most people. They can be used in a commercial setting at your business or in your home.

Product Features

  • works to clean odors rather than mask them
  • refills are compatible with all Febreze plugins
  • have two complimentary scents that switch automatically


  • can be used in most rooms of your home
  • 3 pack can last up to 135 days when used on the lowest setting
  • refills are easy to change once they’re empty


  • smell may be too powerful for use in small rooms
  • when used on the high setting they last significantly less time

This set of 3 Febreze refills come in the popular Linen & Sky scent. They can last around 1200 hours total when the plugin is on the low setting. These refills are easy to use and can be put in most rooms for a clean and fresh scent.

5. Febreze Plug In Air Freshener

This set from Febreze includes a plugin with one refill. The included scent is designed to smell like Gain Original laundry detergent to add a clean and fresh fragrance to your space.

This set comes with one oil refill that’s 0.87 ounces in size. The included plugin can work on any standard outlet. Nearly all Febreze plugin refills are compatible with this plugin unit.

Product Features

  • uses OdorClean Technology to remove odors from the air
  • can work for up to 45 days
  • uses 2 alternating scents to keep your rooms smelling fresh


  • complete set of plugin and refill can be plugged up and ready to use in minutes
  • scent is versatile and can be used nearly anywhere
  • you can adjust the strength of the scent on the plugin


  • scent may be too strong for some
  • refill will only last a few weeks when used on the highest setting

This set from Febreze includes a plugin and a refill with the Gain Original scent. The plugin works in any standard outlet as long as you can turn it upright to prevent leakage. It lasts around 45 days on the lowest setting.

6. Glade PlugIns Scented Oil Refill Clean Linen

The Glade Plugins Scented Oil Refill in the Clean Linen scent comes in a pack of 3. These refills are very cost effective when compared to those from some of the other brands on the market.

This set of 3 plugin refills have a classic scent that can work in most spaces. The refills are easy to insert and remove once empty. They have a cap on top to prevent spillage before use.

Product Features

  • scent is designed to provide a crisp and clean smell in your home or office
  • refills are compatible with several Glade plugins
  • scents can be adjusted for strength


  • each refill can last up to 50 days
  • easily spreads the smell throughout rooms of all sizes
  • can be used in a bedroom, living room, bathroom, or other space


  • not compatible with some of the older plugin units
  • shouldn’t be used in confined pet areas without ventilation

This set of 3 Glade plugin refills feature the popular Clean Linen scent. These refills work with many Glade plugin units. They’re affordable and easy to use.

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