Coredy R750 Pro robot vacuum and mop combo reviews


Who should invest in Coredy R750 Pro robot vacuum and mop combo?  This is ideal for those who are busy and desire a little easier living. This vacuum has a powerful suction, a long battery life, and is highly thorough. The Coredy R750 Pro is a really amazing hybrid robot vacuum and mop that offers both noteworthy mopping performance and deep cleaning capacity. It has a reliable 1600Pa suction force, which rises to an amazing 2000Pa when Boost-Intellect is turned on. The movie lasts for two hours. Reveal more in Coredy R750 Pro robot vacuum and mop combo reviews.

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Pros & Cons


  • Large dust container
  • Adjustable speed, and simplicity of setup
  • Effective mopping and vacuuming capabilities
  • Extended battery life
  • User-friendly app
  • Automatic suction boost when a carpet is detected


  • No room-by-room cleaning or floor mapping
  • Mopping skills are not that impressive.
  • The software does not display the data logs for each run.

Coredy R750 Pro Specs

  • Model: Coredy R750 Pro Robotic Vacuum
  • Product Dimensions: 12.6′′L x 12.6′′W x 2.95′′H
  • Weight of Item: 7.56 Pounds
  • Recommended Surfaces: Medium Thick Carpet (No Fringe or Tassel), Tile, Hardwood Floors
  • Special Function: Ultrasonic carpet detection, self-emptying, logical navigation, non-stop suction, and Boost-Intellect technology
  • Type of Controller: Voice Control, App Control, Button Control
  • Ultra High Efficiency Filter Filters
  • Battery Life: One Hour
  • Lithium Ion battery cell composition
  • 350 milliliters in size
  • Battery-powered as a power source

Coredy R750 Pro Price

It costs USD 177.20 at major retailers and has the following features: Non-Stop Suction, Logical Navigation, Ultrasonic Carpet Detection, Self-Emptying, and Boost-Intellect Technology.

Coredy R750 Pro robot vacuum and mop combo reviews


The R750 Pro robot vacuum cleaner is a ground-breaking improvement over the R750. It features intelligent dynamic navigation and a new Pioneer AI Max chipset. The item has the following measurements: 12.6″L x 12.6″W x 2.95″H and weighs approximately 7.56 Pounds.

Coredy R750 Pro Accessories

It includes functional add-ons. It contains a remote control, a charging station, an AC power adapter, four side brushes, two boundary strips, an extra HEPA filter, and a cleaning tool.

  • Robot vacuum, Coredy R750 Pro
  • Magnetic boundary strips, 2 x 2 meters (6’6 feet).
  • side brushes, four
  • HEPA filter backup
  • The remote control comes with batteries.
  • charging station with an AC adapter
  • cleaning device
  • Owner’s guide


The vacuum piece’s roller brush is simple to clean. Pet hair, pine needles, and tiny beads from craft projects are all collected by it. It comes with a small brush, which I assume is for cleaning the crevices. Additionally, there are 2 additional little sweeping brushes that click onto the front of the unit to assist in removing trash, particularly from the perimeter of your home. Since the device is circular, it would be difficult for it to maneuver around walls on its own.


What a step up from paper filters are the included air/dust filters, which are constructed of a hard plastic that is “breathable” and can be cleaned and reused. Since it collects small dust particles rather than releasing them into the air, the HEPA filter is removable and washable, which is perfect for allergy sufferers.

Coredy R750 Pro Suction

2000 Pa suction power is included. When moving from hard flooring to carpeting, it instantly raises its suction power, going from a noticeable 1600Pa of suction to a potent 2000Pa of force to thoroughly clean every surface in your house.

Coredy R750 Pro robot vacuum and mop combo Cleaning performance reviews

Both low- and medium-pile carpets as well as hard floors can be cleaned with the vacuum. The robot itself has numerous modes, including: (1) AUTO, which employs a back-and-forth pattern (perhaps zigzag), a random pattern, and then edges. (2) Using tight spirals that extend outward for about 3 feet and then turn inward to return to their starting point, SPOT cleans a small area. (3) EDGE cleans around furniture legs and along walls. (4) CLEAN A SINGLE [SMALL] ROOM; stays at the job for around 30 minutes before returning to base.

Coredy R750 Pro Mopping

The mopping feature is fantastic! I really appreciate that you can regulate how much water is delivered by utilizing an electrical air pump to force the water out.It keeps your floors immaculate and prevents spills. To do this, it uses sensors to automatically determine the surface’s humidity and dryness.

Battery life & Noise

It has a 2 hour 10 minute runtime on the normal setting. Minor noise is there; at Max level, it becomes slightly louder. After operating for around 1.5 hours, the device softly returns to the docking station. It merely keeps moving randomly until it gets close to the station, at which point it magically starts to focus.

Coredy R750 Pro Apps

The app is also entirely adequate. Along with the additional advantages of creating personalized schedules and operating the robot when away from home, it enables you to control it just like the remote control that comes with it. Additionally, it links the app to Alexa or Google Home for voice control; however, only simple requests like start and stop are supported. Using the magnetic boundary strips that are included, you may create no-go areas.. Coredy app


It was simple to set up: attach the side brushes, turn on, and you’re ready to clean the house. My apartment is nicely cleaned by it. Every time, it returns with a bin overflowing with dust. I typically empty the bin every two days because it is a large container and it runs every day.

Coredy R750 Pro robot vacuum and mop combo Consumer reviews

I had the Coredy 550 for 3 years and loved it. Was excited to see Coredy had an vacuum and mop combo now. It came with the cardboard quick setup guide, which made getting started very easy. It does a much better job going in straight lines and hitting all the areas, as well as better going around corners and edges, very happy so far. I have a mix of hardwood and rugs and it can tell the difference. Super helpful with a messy toddler and newborn. I love how much dust it sucks up too, which helps with my allergies. Having the app with the remote too is another upgrade from the last one we had. It is quiet enough to run during nap. Loving it

By OrganicAmy at COREDY

Coredy R750 Pro robot vacuum and mop combo alternative

iRobot Roomba 694 Robot Vacuum

Despite lacking some of the newest smart technologies available, this vacuum has a HEPA filter that helps capture all of the dust that may readily gather in confined, compact places. You’ll discover that its filter prevents dust from returning to the air in your house.

The iRobot Roomba 694 Robot Vacuum is a dependable and reasonably priced robot vacuum type for apartments and smaller households where advanced floor mapping and small item avoidance aren’t as crucial.

Our lab tester appreciated that the robot vacuum was simple to assemble and empty and that it delivered on its promise to pick up dirt quite effectively. Before using it in your space, make sure your floors are free of any little objects because it didn’t prevent things like socks. Additionally, it is a little louder than some other versions, so prepare to increase the TV’s volume or transfer your discussion to another room while it cleans.

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