Does Blink XT2 work with Echo Show 8?


Is Blink XT2 or Echo Show 8 compatible with Alexa? Does Blink XT2 work with Echo Show 8? With the all new Blink XT2 camera, you can protect your home. Get peace of mind with this versatile indoor/outdoor wire-free camera that features 2-year battery life, 2-way audio, customization motion detection, and live-view recording. You can beep up your home security to another level if you link this with Amazon Echo Show 8. The great thing about getting an Amazon Echo Show is not only it’s video functionality, built in Amazon Alexa, and full smart home functionality the Amazon Alexa devices are known for. The Echo Show also has a built in smart home hub. Allowing you to control your lighting, smart thermostats, and lock with the Amazon Echo Show. Both devices have tens of thousands of skills with new skills being added each day. Does Blink XT2 work with Echo Show 8?

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Technical specifications

Blink XT2 Camera

  • Field of view: 110 degrees diagonal
  • Camera resolution: record and view in up to 1080p HD video during the day and with infrared HD night vision after dark
  • Camera frame rate: up to 30fps
  • Security features: PIR sensor, motion alerts, customisable motion zones
  • Audio: speaker output and two-way audio recording
  • Storage: free Cloud storage (no additional monthly fees or service contract required)
  • Processor: Immedia proprietary – AC1002B, 4 cores / 200MHz
  • Power source: 2 x AA 1.5v lithium metal (non-rechargeable) batteries; micro USB – however camera is no longer weather resistant when USB cover is open
  • Battery life: up to 2 years. Based on typical use of Live View, motion-activated recording, and two-way talk. Battery life will vary based on device settings, use, and environmental factors. Use of two-way talk will reduce battery life
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi
  • Compatibility: iOS (10.3), Android (5.0) or Fire OS (5.1)
  • Works with: Amazon Alexa, IFTTT
  • Blink XT2 security camera: (h x w x d): 7cm x 7cm x 3.4cm (2.8″ x 2.8″ x 1.4″)
  • Weight: 89g


  • Micro USB

Echo Show 8

  • Display: 8″ touch screen
  • Camera: 1 MP camera with 720p HD video recording and built-in cover
  • Audio: 5cm (2″) neodymium speakers with passive bass radiator
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth; dual-band Wi-Fi supports 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi networks
  • System requirements for the Alexa App: compatible with Fire OS, Android and iOS devices, also accessible via a web browser. Certain skills and services are subject to change, may not be available in all areas and may require separate subscriptions or other fees.
  • Works with: Amazon Alexa, Samsung Smart Things, Philips Hue, TP-Link, WeMo, Netatmo, Hive
  • Power source: main electrical three-pin plug
  • Echo Show 8 (h x w x d): 20cm x 13.5cm x 10cm (8″ x 5.3″ x 4″)
  • Weight: 1.037 kg


  • 1 x 3.5mm audio jack

Does Blink XT2 work with Echo Show 8?

It is most commonly asked question and even reviewer highlighted this – does Blink XT2 work with Echo Show 8? You can now use your Echo Show and Echo Spot with Blink! You can use your voice to not only arm and disarm your cameras but also to see your Blink cameras. All you have to do is ask.

You will need two Alexa skills for Blink. The first one that has already been released is the Blink for Home skill. The skill that has most recently been released is the Blink Smarthome skill for video use.

How To connect Blink XT2 to Echo Show 8?

Does Blink XT2 work with Echo Show 8?
Does Blink XT2 work with Echo Show 8?

To get the Blink video feed on your Amazon Alexa Spot or Amazon Alexa Show you need to do the following. 

1. Install your Blink Camera and complete the set up through the nest app. 

2. Open the Amazon Alexa app on your phone. 

3. Click the menu on the top left of the screen. 

4. The menu will have several different options. Click on the “skills” tab in the menu. 

5. This will take to you the Alexa skills store, Alexa skills are like “apps” for your Amazon Alexa devices. At the top of the screen there is a search bar. Enter “Blink” into the search bar.  

6. Select the “Blink” Skill. 

7. Click Enable. 

8. Enter your Blink account username and password. 

9. Once you do that the skill is linked to your Blink camera. Alexa will then ask you to discover devices, just click yes. Your Blink Camera should now be connected to Amazon Alexa.

11. To view on your Amazon Alexa device just say “Alexa show me my driveway”  and it will now display on your Amazon Echo Show or Echo Spot. Use the exact name you gave your camera in the Blink App when pulling it up on the Echo Show or Echo Spot. The camera I added shows up below as “Driveway” in the Alexa app under the smart home devices tab.

Does Blink integrate with Amazon Alexa?

Currently Blink integrates with the Amazon Alexa-enabled devices: Echo, Dot, Tap, Show, Spot, FireTV, Fire TV Cube, Fire TV Stick and Fire Tablets. For more information on connecting your Blink System with Alexa you can visit our support page herePlease note that this Alexa Skill is currently only available in the US, Canada, UK, and Germany.

Blink SmartHome Skill

Blink SmartHome is an Alexa skill that allows you to integrate your Alexa enabled devices such as Echo Dot, Spot, Show, Tap, Fire TV, Stick, Cube and Tablets.** With Voice Control, you can issue commands to your Blink system without even opening the App.

Please note that this Alexa Skill is currently only available in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain.

Below is the list of Alexa devices that are currently compatible with the Blink SmartHome skill. Depending on the Alexa enabled device you are using, there are variety of commands you can issue to your Blink System.

II. Alexa Enabled Devices

1. Supported Non-Screen Devices

  • Echo: 1st and 2nd Gen
  • Echo Dot: 2nd and 3rd Gen
  • Echo Plus: 2nd Gen
  • Echo Tap

2. Supported Screen Devices

  • Echo Show: 1st and 2nd Gen
  • Echo Show 5
  • Echo Show 8
  • Echo Spot
  • Fire Tablets: Fire HD 8, Fire HD 10, Fire 7″, Fire 8″, Fire 10″
  • Fire TV Edition: Fire TV 1st and 2nd Gen, Element 4k, Toshiba 4k, Insignia 4k, Toshiba HD, Insignia HD
  • Fire TV Stick: Fire TV Stick 4k, Fire TV with Alexa Voice Command
  • Fire TV Cube

Does Blink home security 2way talk work using Echo Show?

It does not appear to. I have a Blink XT2 and I don’t see any function via my Show 5 or Show 8 to speak through the camera. I note that was also the case with my Wyze cameras (I could hear audio, but not speak back).

How to set up video calls with Echo Show?

To make calls both audio or video you must first enable Calling and Messaging as well as enable DROP IN on your Smartphone or Tablet. Additionally with Drop In you must grant the contact you want to communicate with Permission and they must likewise grant you Permission to Drop In. Permission must be granted by both parties. If you don’t have a Smartphone not a Tablet you could use a Google Voice account to setup Calling and Messaging. Add your contacts to the Google account. Have your contacts use the GV phone number you are assigned to contact you on your Echo Show.

Can you view your google calendar with the show?

Yes, you can go to Echo Show Settings –> Alexa Preference –> Calendar & Email –> Select your profile –> Three choices (Google, Microsoft and Apple) to sync. So you don’t even required the Alexa app to set up this.

Are you able to watch netflix on echo show?

I watch YouTube using the built-in browser (Silk and Firefox). So you should be able to watch netflix too using any one of the browser unless they deliberately blocked Netflix access…

Can I use this for an in-home security camera? I want to be able to watch my pets while away.

If you use the Alexa App on your phone to DROP IN on your Echo Show you will be able to see your house. I must warn you though. The Echo Show sits at an upward angle. So unless you plan on putting this on the floor, you will not see your pets if they are on the ground and you have this on a counter.

Can I make video calls on messeager from facebook on this device?

No. This is not a tablet. You CAN make video calls from FB from a Fire tablet, but not from a Show.

What is the difference of the Show 5 and Show 8?

Really, the only difference between these 2 is really screen size. This 8 would be 3″ larger. Otherwise, it’s the same design. Has the same option stand if you want to get that. It does all the same things. It really all comes down to size.

I don’t know if I’d ever watch movies on it. 8″ is still a little small for me to do that and I have other things like a BIG old TV to do that. As a Bedside Alarm Clock. It works great for that. To show me the weather, current temp, and today’s news, nice also

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